How To Make A Fake Belly Button Ring Deal Of The Day

Dec 15,  · Just a few things and steps needed and you will have a belly button ring that is % painless! =) Excuse my typo in the tutorial:p Here I will show you 2 different looks.

Pull out the top part of the navel to thin it and fix the other magnet on the top and have the other part in place. The fake navel piercings can be hoops or clip-ons that are attached to the navel.

The rings have been designed to fit any navel since they come in the same sizes as do real rings. How to Make a Fake Belly Button Piercing While there are many fake rings available, it is also possible to have a customized fake belly ring. These can be made using simple items such as jewelry wires, beads and glue.

Follow the steps given below on how to make a fake belly button ring with these simple items. Get a bead and string it into the wire.

To form a dangling partin your fake piercing, bend this into half. Get some more beads and add them into the wire.

The wire should be made long enough so it emerges from your navel.

How to Make a Fake Belly Button Piercing

Tie up the already stringed beads. Using some glue, stick the dangling part on the upper part of your inside navel and ensure it is efficiently secured. On the upper part of your navel, glue one bead. This should be around half an inch above.

If you prefer no glue you can make use of adhesive stick-ons. For the ring to look like a real piercing and stay put long enough, you have to fix it really well. In case you are wondering how to have a fake navel piercing, the trick is in the jewelry.

The fake ring has to give the illusion that you are having a pierced belly button. In case you fail to achieve this with your DIY ring, you may have to settle for clip-ons available in the stores as you learn how to do a fake.

Once you have mastered the art of making them at home, you can settle on various forms and designs to show off your fake piercing.

Clip-ons and hoop rings are also great and stay put on the navel the best. These are designed to sit comfortable on your belly button without you having to undergo the pain of a piercing. If you want a dangling jewelry, you may use a dangle earring. In case you fail to achieve this with your DIY ring, you may have to settle for clip-ons available in the stores as you learn how to do a fake.

However, depending on the material used, embellishments and design, it is possible for their cost to increase. The simplicity and the costs all make the rings a worthwhile investment as they give you a stunning look without having to stand the pain of a piercing. The variety of rings which come in different colors and designs help you to match them with the occasion and outfit.

Below are some options for types available in the market. Magnetic fake rings are a great choice for belly button piercing ring. Clip-ons and hoop rings are also great and stay put on the navel the best. People with outies have a hard time making the fake look real and are thus advised to use stick-ons.


These make use of appropriate adhesives to ensure that the rings are carefully positioned to make it look real. Jewelry replacement glues are available in beauty shops. There is a likelihood of the area hurting once the glue is removed.

Apply an ointment if this happens. Do not use superglue to stick on the ring.

In the various categories, you can get crystals with dangles, flowers, heart or even dragonfly. Other designs include hoops which could be flat, flowered, gunmetal.

You could also get belly bars. Also available are captive and reverse belly button rings. This variety helps you spot a ring suited for the type of belly button piercing you long for. In case you want to make your own fake ring, it is possible to do so with some cheap material readily available at Walmart.

When choosing these rings, there are things you should consider. First is the quality of the jewelry. To be certain about this you can check online reviews and see what other users have to say about it.

Online sites such as eBay and claires offer clients a position to review products purchased. You can check out their collection of non-pierced belly rings online before ordering.

You could also check out fake navel jewelry at hot topic. Most of these sites have stores around the UK and shipping is likely to be free. There is nothing to stop you from beautifying your midriff with these each summer.

How to Make a Fake Belly Button Ring While purchasing rings that are already made may be economical on time, they may be too expensive. It may also be hard to get a piece customized to fit your fashion needs. Where this is the case, you do not have to buy something you do not love.

There are different ways on how to make a fake belly button ring using readily available materials. The procedures are easy and end result will be according to your wants.

How To Make A Fake Belly Button Ring?

Get a metallic or plastic bead that is a size enough to fit into your navel. This can be attained by buying some beaded necklace. You could cut off an earring studs back or get a rhinestone stick on. These have adhesive on them and will therefore stick on the skin.

Place the piece above your belly.

What is the easiest way to make a fake navel piercing? There are clip-on belly button rings and fake magnetic rings in some stores.

You may use them to make your fake navel piercing look very realistic. How to use clip-on belly button rings? They work similar to clip-on earrings.

How to make a fake Belly button piercing

Pull back the hinged arm of the belly button clip to open it, place its bottom into your navel and press it to close. Can I use stick-on jewelry? You can fix it with adhesive and pair with a silver bead or substitute with the cut back of a stud earring that needs to be adhered to your skin.

What type of adhesive to use to attach jewelry? It can be anything like body glue, eye-lash or nail glue.

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