How To Build a Solar Power Generator

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Build Your Own PORTABLE Solar Generator. Want to build your own portable solar power generator to take with you on camping trips or for use in an emergency?

Enter the Amps that item uses. The design uses readily available parts and tools. Cobra Watt Power Inverter:

But remember, you can always add more solar panels if your charge controller and inverter are large enough.

Build Your Own PORTABLE Solar Generator

The Charge Controller I kind of explained this above, but think about your future needs when you get the charge controller. My charge controller can handle watts, if I plan on going over watts I will need to get another charge controller. The charge controller has positive and negative leads that come from the solar panel, and positive and negative leads that go out to the battery.

The main thing to keep in mind with batteries is the Amp hours. My Amp hour battery will last hours at 1 Amp, or 5 hours at 20 Amps etc. The Power Inverter A power converter takes the DC current from your battery and changes it to alternating current that household appliances use. In an emergency situation if all you had was a power inverter you could hook it up to your car battery to plug in a lamp…not very practical, but it works.

There are pure sinewave and modified sinewave convertersthis is less important than the wattage of the inverter. The wattage is what you will be able to run off that inverter.

How to Build a DIY Portable Solar Generator

If the grid goes down and you plan on running 2 lights, a heater and a small refrigerator you need to have an inverter that will handle that wattage all at once. None of these calculations factor in efficiency and loss.

DIY Portable Solar Power Generator Part 1

These are just simple equations to give you an idea how it works. The actual figures will be different…always err on the side of caution.

This stage will probably use cool groundwater pumped to the surface using power from the generator. For garden features such as small lights, water appliances, and other such small appliances, it is a great way to save money and run your garden cleanly. Cobra Watt Power Inverter: A battery box is a useful accessory to have should you be planning to use this generator in any wet environment, or should you have children or animals around.

I created the cheat sheet below to make it a little easier to make these calculations because my memory is not what it used to be, and there are a few calculations you need to know. How many watt hours is that?

DIY: How to Make Your Own Solar Power Generator!

Watt Hours are the number of watts X number of hours. Courtesy of Amy Mueller. During a stint in the Peace Corps in Lesotho in southern Africa, Matthew Orosz, an MIT graduate student advised by Harold Hemond, professor of civil and environmental engineering, learned that reflective parabolic troughs can bake bread.

Now he plans to use these same contraptions to bring power to parts of Africa baked in sun but starved for electricity. His solar generators, cobbled together from auto parts and plumbing supplies, can easily be built in a backyard.

The oil circulates through a heat exchanger, turning a refrigerant into steam, which drives a turbine that, in turn, drives a generator. The refrigerant is then cooled in two stages.

How To Build a Solar Generator

The first stage recovers heat to make hot water or, in one design, to power an absorption process chiller, like the propane-powered refrigerators in RVs.

The solar-generated heat would replace or augment the propane flame used in these devices.

Build Your Own Solar Generator 1 Important Notice Warning NEC Section Prevent Panel Power Production This is extremely important for one reason - electricity can kill you- look at the table below.

The second stage cools the refrigerant further, which improves the efficiency of the system, Orosz says. They are often found with the cigarette lighters that are used with cars, and are very simple to install.

DC input is great for powering smaller appliances such as fans, CD players, and other smaller accessories. While DC is very useful, the majority of modern appliances will run off of an AC current.

How To Build A Solar Generator (3,000 Watt) – Part 1

In order to make your generator useful for these, you will need to invest in what is called an inverter. An inverter is a device that is used to convert the energy stored in the battery — DC energy — into more usable AC power.

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In order to find the right inverter for your generator, you will need to find an inverter which has ample wattage to run the appliances you wish to run from your generator. Large appliances like washing machines, dryers and more run on AC current. The inverter will change your DC current to an AC charge that these devices will accept.

DIY Solar Generator - Builders Guide - Engineer Your Own in 13 Minutes

Check the wattage of your appliances then find a suitable inverter. A volt AC watt inverter should be adequate. Again, you can check out some deals on internet and buy the best deal. First, attach the 12 volt DC meter to the top of your battery box using a drill. Then do the same with the DC input module.

This will allow ample access to both of these when the generator is in use. Next, get some insulated wire and use it to attach the 12 volt DC meter to the two wingnut terminals found on the battery.

It is important to connect the negative pole first, before proceeding with the positive pole. You should attach the meter one wire at a time so as to avoid an electric shock. Next, connect the DC input to the battery the same way, using insulated wire and connecting it one pole at a time.

When this is complete, the circuitry should be in proper working order. As an added safety precaution, wear insulated gloves while you do this, and only use insulated wiring for the job.

Build a Solar Power Generator for Under $300
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