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Savin Bar & Kitchen also has Taco Thursday and Trivia and an art gallery showcase as well. Savin Hill Bar & Kitchen is where it's at as you begin your Redline foray into Dorchester and get the fried chicken! It's some of the best in the city/5().

Plainfield has HUGE problems with mold in many of the rooms, which is why many students and faculty have problems with shortness of breath. A devastating and lethal fire, still to which cause remains unknown, ended whatever building projects scheduled for the Island, and no one has built upon it since. With his life on the line, Stark created an armored suit which he used to escape his captors, returning home and becoming the armored superhero known as Iron Man, battling against terrorists as well as his former business partner Obadiah Stane. The stone house is still there and so is the thrown.

My carpets are downright gross much of the time, and I have really struggled with finding the time to keep those carpets clean. I am also one of the worlds biggest cheapskates and hate having to rent one of those Rug Doctor machines for shampooing.

Then of course after spending all the money you get to only have the carpet cleaner machine for 24 hours which means a whole day of non-stop-sweaty-hard work shampooing. Not fun at all. You see, I have been making this super secret recipe for homemade carpet cleaner for about 4 years now.

This formula was created by my amazing sister Tiffany — who tested many different homemade recipes and came up with this one. It works like a charm in my Bissel shampoo machine and makes your house smell amazingly awesome! AND of course, always test a small area of carpet for colorfastness before you do the whole floor.

When you stand on the rock you can notice that in front and behind you are bare and to either side of you is bare. The clearing forms a complete cross. The serial killer of the 's - left a body of the young girl he had killed behind this church.

It is said that this was the cause of the hauntings, which forced the church to shut down. No one uses the church today, yet it is said that from time to time you can see people in the windows. Burlington - Green Lady Cemetery - Covey Road - Images of green mist and the "Green Lady" formerly Elisabeth who died next to the cemetery in swampland-she drown and supposedly her husband would not or could not save her.

She is seen walking on the dirt road the cemetery is located on in a green mist. Incorrect info passed on about the Smallpox, it is haunted though. Hikers from nearby trails have seen apparitions and orbs of light.

One hiker reported seeing a man in uniform standing near a gravestone, yelled to him for the time and the man disappeared. Some people have heard moans coming from the little prison. Its not a very big place just a little stone and cement building right near the road.

Locals do not like snoopy outsiders and may call the cops. Colchester - Bacon Academy High School - The catwalk in the auditorium is haunted by the ghost of a man who fell to his death while the school was being built.

People have witnessed lights being turned on and off when no one is up there. Colchester - Camp Connecticut - in pictures taken there are many "orbs" near the main gate and near the large sign within the camp, examinations shown not be photo error or bad development.

Witnesses have seen 40 apparitions standing in front of the gate, as they walked towards them they parted, letting them though, and they walked right in between them.

After a long walk through the woods the path opens up to reveal old foundations and cellar holes from a lifetime ago. Here it is said that glowing orbs of light can be seen swirling around, and on occasion have even occurred during the day. There are many reports of odd happenings occurring to those that visit Dudley Town.

What's missing? Tell us about it.

Hearing faint drum sounds, feelings of dread and sadness, and feeling a presence all around you. Cops DO watch and will ticket even if you drive up there to the entrance. Coventry - South Street - Hale Homestead - Locals have long reported ghostly activity in and around the house. Dudley Seymour, an attorney who purchased the home in and devoted himself to the popularization of Nathan Hale, claimed to have seen the ghost of Deacon Hale, the hero's father, peering out of a window.

The ghost of a servant sometimes sweeps the upper hall. Nathan's ghost, on the other hand, may account for the sound of someone pacing the floors.

Prior to demolition, there was an automotive machine shop. The building stood at three floors. Workers would all be in the back at ground floor and they could hear a spirit walking with work boots on. Plus, you could hear the floor creaking.

This would only happen on the second floor. The third floor was very quiet. During the day, the electronic eye triggered, ringing a bell in the work area.

As you see, the door alarm goes off, the door was spring loaded, and you never heard the door slam shut.

People would visit and you could hear the door shut. Danbury - Western Connecticut State University - Fairfield Hall - 3rd floor haunted by soul of savin hill bar and kitchen girl who had committed suicide in the tower on the top of the hall. She is know for apparitions in windows n mirrors She is known for making mirrors become never ending Derby savin hill bar and kitchen Derby High School - It's not known of any deaths in the school or around, but when alone in one of the art rooms witnesses report a noise as if someone had come into the room, and yet the door was closed and there was no one inside besides themselves, a muffled voice whispered "Don't go", and the apparition of a girl.

Wood who had it built in memory of their son Harcourt Wood. Harcourt died when he was 11 years old after a bout with meningitis, after which the entire school was quarantined. A woman and her son approached the library one snowy evening after hours to drop books in the book drop.

Her son saw a light in the window and peered in. His mother said he came sliding down the steep steps on the bank of the library so fast and was so scared because he saw the figure of a young boy in the foyer of the library.

Employees have also spoken of mysterious happenings in the library, such as lights turning on and off, doors closing on their own and other incidents.

Derby - Green Cemetery - If you walk in the cemetery at night you will see a green light coming from the cabin if you dare to come closer you will find a "Green Lady making dinner.

If she turns around a and sees you prepare for her company. It is said she will appear right behind you. Derby - Irving School - People have been known to see a little girl and a teenage boy wondering the halls and auditorium of this school.

Cold flashes and spots are some of the effects to the persons investigating the school. Several police and fire fighters have also witnessed these encounters. Derby - Lincoln School Old Derby High School - basement of the building believed that a staff worker used to work there died in the school.

It became a prison to hold Tories and loyalists in the Revolutionary war. It also held confederates in the civil war and is now a tourist attraction. In one area in the mine, a man's face is seen in the rock because the ceiling collapsed on top of him.

The last man to be killed there was trying to escape through the well by climbing up the rope. On his way up, the rope snapped. He was either killed by impact or drowning. East Haddam - Devils Hopyard - Have been numerous reports of strange sightings and occurrences over the years.

Many locals have seen and heard apparitions. East Hartford - Huguenot House - Haunted by a woman dressed in blue after the building was moved. East Haven - Dear Run School - walking though the north hall you can some times hear voices and see blood coming down form the walls no one is sure who haunts this building East Haven - Ferrara School - In the middle of the night you can see shadowy figures and hear strange noises.

In the woods there you can hear scrabbling noises, like someone running though the bushes watching you or trying to catch you. Often also, you can hear like a screaming in the woods or possible crying.

East Windsor - Pasco's restaurant - movement of objects, closing doors, cold spots, etc. Easton - Union Cemetery - Haunted by the ghost of a young woman known by locals as the "White Lady" no one knows of her past yet. Firemen and Police Officers have seen her on different occasions.

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It's one of the most haunted places in the country. Another haunting is "Redeyes" is also a well-known haunt. As the stories go, a man was walking along a road next to union cemetery when he noticed a pair of red eyes staring at him through the darkness.

Upon this observation, he turned and ran and heard footsteps following him. The Warrens have done extensive research of the area. This site is patrolled by police and will arrest you if you do not have the proper permission to do an investigation. Enfield - green manor skate park - seen lights disappear and then light bulb falls.

Fairfield - Greenfield Hill Mental institution - in the small Connecticut town of Newtown lies an enormous field containing more than large abandoned buildings that once housed more than crazy people.

Featured as the location on what is said to be the most scary episode of MTV's fear Ghostwatcherz. The institution had a history of unauthorized lobotomies and mysterious deaths. The unique thing about Fairfield Hills is that it has an interconnected system of underground tunnels connecting most of the buildings to each other.

Although it has been abandoned since the mid's, proceed with EXTREME caution as there is almost always a cop or two there and at least 4 squad cars are guarding the location around Halloween.

November Update - there are 4 heavily armed police cars circling the buildings. They attempted to interrogate any intruders and have been known to nearly arrest them. They even said that they caught people in the underground tunnels. There is one story which probably isn't true, but you never know of a nun who was raped by a priest, got pregnant and hung herself.

More recently, a student died in one of the rooms and the room is no longer occupied due to uncontrollable temperature changes.

Loud and unexplainable bangs awaken and frighten students between midnight and 4AM in rooms,andyet no other rooms in that hallway can hear the noises at all. A student that lived in the infamous Dolanreports while they didn't hear any banging, they COULD hear people moving furniture above them.

However, when the RA's went up there to tell them that it was 2AM and they were trying to sleep, they found that they TOO were sleeping and not moving furniture at all. This room is Dolan Fairfield - Fairfield University - PepsiCo Theatre - Theatre Faculty and students will attest to haunting by Minerva Farrell--who was apparently a costume designer whose spirit frequently seems to visit.

I've been alone in the PepsiCo, and have heard voices. Fairfield - Ludlow Health Center - All that has been seen so far is a picture in the dining room that rocks back and forth at night.

Farmington - Farmington Riverside Cemetery - Heard voices, smell of roses, several photographs contained multiple orbs of various colors. Area surrounding cemetery Miss Porters property watched by spirit children and other forms.

Psychic medium channeled entity on site for several minutes. It was first donated to the town of Farmington by a man by the name of Thomas Barnes back in Its first grave was marked as It sits right across the street from the famous Ms. Porters School for girls. It's a great place to capture EVP's most come out very clear.

Such as doors closing and things moving by themselves. Glastonbury - Nike site - This place is great for mountain biking or driving your car through during the day. This place is very big and takes up a section in the meshomasic state forest. The Nike site itself is an old abandon military site that lies behind several yellow gates.

This place was once used as a missile pad during the cold war era. The buildings, silo, and pad are all plowed over or demolished but many parts of it still remain.

It is believed that there is still an entrance that leads underground to tunnels of the old silo. People have already tried to find this entrance and got lost in doing so. Once night falls the Nike site turns into a very Blair witch place. Sounds of random people walking around in the woods can be heard as long with their voices.

This place has been nicknamed the insane asylum by the locals. Groton - LedgeLight Lighthouse - Story has it, that John "Ernie" Randolph and his wife lived at the LedgeLight, which sits out in the middle of the Ocean, just at the opening of the Thames River, no land around it what so ever.

When there the wife kept telling Ernie that she was unhappy there and to secluded. Ernie made no attempt to move or find another job. So one day his wife took off with a Block Island Ferry Capt. Stories have it that Ernie now haunts the lighthouse. The lighthouse was turned over to the coast guard who manned it, and cadets have reported the opening and closing of doors, the decks being swabbed when they weren't the ones who did it.

The lighthouse is now unmanned and run on a timer for when the light goes on and off. Project Oceanology of Groton has summer tours out to the lighthouse, but this is the only way anyone will be able to go there.

To honor his death the building was given his name and a portrait of him stirringly hangs on the quarterdeck. His eyes appearing to watch your every move many have experienced his presence as they tour the building during their rove of inspection.

A number of active duty Navy students have experience equal or deeper experiences. One prominent story raises among all others the night of the Rear-Admiral's Birthrate a classified number of students report seeing the Admiral's appearance while on separate levels of the building and being quick to share their sittings amongst them they quickly established that they had seen him at synchronized time periods exactly zero one hundred.

They have yet to stand watch there and say they refuse to ever. Bldg was torn down. There was confusion on a prior update.

The police would go and investigate only to walk into the school and find that the music and the lights have been turned off abruptly. Others have seen ghosts walking in offices, heard their names being called, lights going on and off, and toilets flushing when no one was using them.

Groton - Woods West of town - In the woods west of town, there is a hiking trail which winds through the woods. In these woods are numerous Indian dwellings, some still not excavated. Reports of feelings of being watched. Hamden - Sam's House - June Removed - Hoax Hamden - Sleeping Giant - At the top of the mountain where the castle is located, it is said that a man dressed in all black has been seen wandering the area.

At first he looks as if he is normal, but if you stay and watch he seems to have a white ring around his left arm. When approached, this figure slowly evaporates into the air, and those who have witnessed his appearance have only seen it once, despite efforts to find it again.

Hartford - Colt Armory - Throughout the years tenants on every floor have reported hearing a bolder drop and then roll over on floor above them Hartford - Hartford City Hall - Supposedly this ghost bangs on doors, closes doors, and opens doors that people know they've locked.

Hartford - Old State House - Built savin hill bar and kitchenthe former State Capitol building is said to be haunted by the spirits of its' glorious past. The first witch to be hanged in the New England colonies was on this site in In the late 's the Warrens found the ghost of local painter and museum keeper, Joseph Steward, to be alive and well and roaming the halls of the second floor.

Many reports of strange footsteps and ghostly assembly meetings have been reported. Kensington - Chamberlain Highway Rt. So every fall-spring in the houses around, you hear coyotes yelping in the late night hours, after about 5 minutes of this, you hear a trumpet.

Legend has it, that at Ragged Mountain off Rt. Kensington - Southington Road Cemetery - very old, very angry ghost who seems to be the keeper of this burial ground. You will have feeling of great sickness, anxiety, even feelings of complete evilness surrounding you It is said that the ghost of a young Indian maiden and warrior haunt this area.

In pre-colonial times a young warrior went to war with the rest of the warrior in his village against another tribe leaving his love behind.

Soon word was received of a great battle and the villagers were told that there were casualties, including the young warrior. The young maiden became inconsolable and wandered to the high cliffs at Nineveh where she jumped to her death.

Shortly afterwards, the young warrior, unharmed arrived home only to find that his love had committed suicide. Despondent, he went to the same area and committed suicide in the same manner to be with his love for eternity.

Killingworth - North Parker Hill Road Cemetery - The ghosts of a bride and groom have been observed crossing the road both to and from this cemetery. A number of other phenomena have been seen and experienced in this cemetery. The ghosts of a man and woman have been observed and "felt" throughout this building.

Newtown - Fairfield Hills Hospital - Fairfield Hills is a former mental institution that is not vacant. It is said to be haunted by former patients. People who have gone up there say they have seen strange apparitions. Litchfield - Camp Columbia - This old camp of stone buildings was built in the 60's or 70's with a big stone tower.

There is a very strange feeling from this place Litchfield - The Litchfield Inn - The kitchen and dining room of the Inn are said to be haunted by an old Native American woman.

Orbs can be seen in photographs.

Savin Bar + Kitchen (Dorchester)

And an image of a semi-transparent Indian woman in the background of a picture taken in the dining room. Litchfield - Old Mount Tom - On the trail of Mount Tom, there is a strangely old foundation that is boarded with creaky old stair wells and when you get to the top, you can hear moaning from the floors below.

Some people gave reported seeing strange semi transparent images though the images are not clear. The ghost is said to be a high school kid who died while on the trail.

The name is unknown, and some people have even had communications with this "ghost. So we turned on the lights, checked all around no one was in there.

Just before we turned off the lights all the stall doors were closed the minute I turned off the light both doors slammed.

The Legend has it that one man who was drunk drove his truck into the woods and died. Many people claim to have seen the driver lying helplessly in the truck. Also no one you can see around the woods in different sections has moved the truck door.

The truck is still in the woods not being moved next to the bike jumps. Also two motorcyclists have also crashed in these woods and one man and one woman have been seen scurrying around the area. Witnesses have reported hearing ear-shattering screams.

One witness reports," I woke up from a scream that I heard from a woman and after that I moved away and never went back to the house or in the woods. Part of it is apparently used for storage for old UCONN stuff but other parts have a very weird vibe to them.

Tony Stark vs Brandt & Savin

Many pictures have been taken with "orbs", especially outside and in the basement. Meriden - Hubbard Park - A young girl was said to be kidnapped and brought into some woods at Hubbard Park and now haunts the park.

She will save those being kidnapped of killed and kill the ones who are kidnapping or killing. She is said to look like a 7-year-old girl and she will laugh when she kills someone bad.

Appears as a sleek black dog, resembling a Labrador retriever, though much more menacing.

198 Savin Hill Ave, Boston MA - James Harrison - Tel 617-784-8635

The dog is said to appear extremely evil and will stare you down. If a person sees the black dog once, it is considered good luck. Seeing the Dog twice is a warning of impending death. If the dog stares you in the eye for a third time, it is said you will die very soon.

Her real name was Nancy but everyone called her Naps because they were so frightened of her, especially the local kids. Explorers went to the place where she was supposed to have died, and now is hauntingeast road in Meriden. Many people have recently sighted the legendary ghost of "Nancy.

It is said she is looking for her dog and the people who killed her. Meriden - Metal factory - There is an old metal factory in downtown Meriden. It has been closed for about 10 years now.

There is also an electrical plant that is connected to the metal factory. There are object the get thrown across the room, Noises coming from the upper floor, and sound of people climbing the ladder going up to the third level of the building, as well as orbs in the pictures taken on all three floors of the building.

Meriden - Towne and Country Market - This small local market is the scene of many spooky things. If you are the only one in the store, it is not uncommon to see things fly right off the shelf. As well as images of angry cows looking for the rest of their once full body.

If you order a half pound of german bologna, it is said that upon eating it you will perish in flames. Meriden - Undercliff Institution - Back in the early 's till the 30's and 40's near the Undercliff Institution there was a sanatorium made for sick children with diseases like rubella, mumps, German measles etc.

Most of the children were brought there to die. The old brick building still stands near the old institution. Residents say that they can hear children crying and laughing. FITCH was filmed by a moving picture company.

One of the pictures showed her smoking the timeworn briar pipe, which has been her constant companion for years and which she used until her death. One daughter, now 86 years old lives in Michigan. For some years past the aged lady has made her home in the Norfolk County Industrial Home, where she died.

He said further that if the inclusion of Hon. MORINE in cabinet was the real reason of defecting members for departing the Government, they should have resigned at the time of his appointment, instead of waiting until now, when that reason could only be regarded as an excuse for a long contemplated move.

RYAN was reluctant to discuss the situation owing to being out of touch with it. He sailed form home from here today at noon aboard the S. Both the victims were married and belong to Grand Bank.

Both of Harbor Breton; married. At the time of the accident there was no doctor to be had and Dr. He is now getting all the attention possible and will come to the hospital as soon as he is in condition to make the journey to town. During the first period of his service he was stationed in Harbor Grace and then for about 13 years at Bay Bulls.

Then he was appointed to duty in the city and promoted because of his efficiency to the rank of sergeant. About two years ago he was retired from the active list, but since had been engaged in special duty and while acting as private constable at the dock yesterday was stricken down.

Apparently in good health one moment, the next he had passed away. Tenderly the remains were conveyed by those present to his late home, Casey Street, whence the funeral takes place at 2. Funeral to the station at 12 noon to-day, from the above address.

It is believed that there is still an entrance that leads underground to tunnels of the old silo. Stafford Springs - Hamden Rd - Hamden Rd runs up a small mountain, ghosts like figures have been seen and felt walking through the woods the mountain is populated but there is large areas of uninhabited forest Stepney - Stepney Cemetery - ghost photos have been taken there for quite some time.

Union, leaving a husband, 2 sons, 4 daughters, 1 sister, 1 brother to mourn the loss of a loving mother and a kind sister. Funeral on Friday, the 4th inst. LOWE - Yesterday at 3 p. POWER will learn with regret of his early demise. Deceased was born at Dunville fifty-one years ago, entered the service of REID at Middleton at the early age of thirteen and had been railroading until stricken down with the disease, which ended his life.

It may be said of him that he commenced at the foot of the ladder but worked his way up to the responsible position of Road Master; always holding the confidence and respect of the different railway companies with whom he was associated.

In the person of the deceased the working man found a friend—found friendship measured by reality not by pretention. Amid conflicting scenes at Argentia even when his own interest was at stake, POWER was found too broad minded, too big-hearted and manly to turn a deaf ear to justice—being ever ready to render to Ceaser what was due.

It is this type of man to whom nations owe their greatness and in the passing of Mr. POWER, Newfoundland has been deprived of a good citizen; Placentia mourns a charitable neighbor, and the workman has lost a warm-hearted, sympathetic friend. To his sorrowing wife and family the writer wishes to be reckoned amongst the many extending sincere sympathy.

K Argentia, May 31st. Deceased had reached the age of fourteen years, just about the time when he would to be a help to his parents and his loss at this time is a particularly sad one.

His illness was only of short duration, about three months ago he was stricken with a cold, but his condition improved and it was thought only a matter of a few days when he would be again as well as ever. However a relapse set in and despite all that the loving care of his parents and the attention of the resident doctor could give, he passed to the reward of a brief but well spent life.

Of a lovable disposition, Matthew had endeared himself to the people in his neighborhood and his death at such a immature age will be deeply regretted.

To his sorrowing parents, two sisters and one brother the sympathy of many friends will be extended. Last fall the deceased met with an accident to his leg for which he received treatment at the Sudbury hospital and was discharged with the injured limb in plaster of paris.

The winter passed by and he neglected to come to town to have the leg attended to with the result that in the spring he found it giving much trouble and he was forced to enter the general hospital.

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After a short time in the institute he was removed to the sanatorium and had been, there a few days when death came.

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