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And while custom geofilters were a fun way to waste time, we have to say the new addition of custom lenses created by people all around the world is one of our favorite features of the app thus far. I like to think of myself as an eclectic and warm person, so my personality might be shining through. I started my physical therapy job and art business around the same time, and as my business has grown, so have my dreams. We made our own shelves to take advantage of our high ceilings, compensating for our lack of square footage.

In our entryway, we framed four of our favorite album covers in a grid. Making these passions easily available to us has created a home that encourages us to continue pursuing these gifts on a daily basis. We live for art and music — and each other. What influence did their home have on how you designed your own?

My mom is an art teacher and my dad loves woodworking. They each share a love for interior design, home renovation, and creative expression. Growing up, my sister and I used to tag along with them and their friends to antique stores and help with home projects on the weekends.

These are entirely based on your current location, and work for towns and cities large and small. The community does post a ton of memes and other videos unrelated to new lenses, but by using the filter options on the right of the page, you can navigate to both 2D and 3D lenses submitted through the community. Since then, both of their houses have been on multiple walking home tours.

When they renovated their kitchen, I was ten years old and I used to sit at the dining table next to the architect and watch them draw up plans. When I was in high school, they bought a fixer upper cottage in Northern Michigan and completely gutted and renovated it themselves.

Since then, both of their houses have been on multiple walking home tours. They are my personal version of Chip and Joanna Gaines.

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Their homes are beautiful yet approachable. They invite you to land on the couch, feet in the air with a dog to pet nearby. We want you to feel like you can hop on the couch and stay awhile. We love how eclectic and warm your home is — where did you get the inspiration for this look?

Thank you for calling our home eclectic and warm! I like to think of myself as an eclectic and warm person, so my personality might be shining through.

I take note of little things I like and try to integrate them into my own style. I think northern Michigan will always show through a bit with my style sense. I spent a lot of time growing up there and the casual and natural vibes feel very true to myself.

I have a wild mind, but I like to think my disciplined eye helps keep everything cohesive. Where do you get your favorite pieces of furniture or decor accents?

The summer before I went to physical therapy school, I worked at a boutique furniture store and interior design company in northern Michigan called Betsie Bay Furniture.

The shelving unit in our living room, the pendant light in our kitchen, my wooden dresser, and many other accent pieces are from there. The frame in our kitchen and frame in our bedroom were sidewalk sale finds that we re-purposed and turned into a chalkboard and headboard. The eating nook in our kitchen is an old desk I made with my dad from reclaimed wood.

With only square feet and two people, your space could get pretty cluttered pretty quickly. How important is organization for you? Organization in small spaces is key. Everything in the containers might not be super organized, but they are an easy way to clear up the clutter, and shelves get things off the floor.

Hi Patty, You can buy a premade one (on etsy), create one using a photo manipulation program or create one on a website that makes geofilters. After that, upload the geofilter to snapchat (on a computer works best), confirm date and times for it to be available and the location for it 9at least 20, ft).

It calms my mind. Did the small space provide any surprises or challenges while you were making it your own? I mean, there are walk in closets bigger than that! A headboard and footboard would have just made the space feel more restricted. We ended up making our own bedside shelves with some pipe and wood from Home Depot.

Our DIY headboard helps define the bed without adding extra bulk. How would you define your design style?

Which part of your space reflects that most? The corner of our living room near my art studio reflects this best. This one has a bunch of options. Tap it once to get an hourly forecast for your area, and again to get a three-day forecast.

Tapping it a third time will change the unit of measurement for the temperature from fahrenheit to celsius or celsius to fahrenheit, depending on your location and the standard setting for your country as a general rule, fahrenheit for the US, celsius nearly everywhere else.

Tapping the speed filter again will change it back. You can also use emojis, stickers, and bitmojis an avatar you build with an outside app inside Snapchat, but these function less as filters and more as effects or decorations. Augmented reality has also become something of a competitor to virtual reality machines like the Oculus or Vive from HTC and Valve.

And while companies like Samsung and Google are investing in mobile virtual reality headsets, Apple is preparing to go all-in with augmented reality, announcing AR Kit at their developer conference in June for developers to take advantage of up and coming technologies in this segment of the market.

Augmented reality is actually incredibly easy to learn how to use, and just as we saw with standard filters above, there are a ton of options here for us to fool around with. Activating an AR filter is just as easy as using standard filters, but with two big differences: To preview and use these AR filters, simply slide your finger between the options along the bottom of your screen, with each filter represented by a circle icon.

Most filters are made to be used with the front-facing camera, but there are some alternate versions.

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Despite their sponsorships, these can sometimes be a bit fun to play around with—for example, the film 47 Meters Down, a shark attack movie, used a sponsored filter showing the area around you being attacked by swimming sharks.

Typically these include a nose change, some form of animal ears, and even virtual glasses. These can be really cute, though your mileage may vary depending on the variation chosen on the app at a specific time.

Obviously, most of these AR filters modify how your face looks, but some of them can really do a number. These can vary from animal filters to face-modifiers, but Snapchat almost always has a filter than can support two people in the shot at once.

These require you to perform some form of movement to activate an action within the filter. Typically, the reaction involves opening your mouth, raising your eyebrows, or blinking.

We love how eclectic and warm your home is — where did you get the inspiration for this look? How did you make the choice to dedicate a segment of your fairly tight square footage to these things?

Instead of using your front-facing camera, these use the world around you to put cartoon characters and other words and creative phrases into a background, similar to how Pokemon function in Pokemon Go.

You can move and resize these characters, making it easy to modify and change how your snap looks right from inside the app. There are typically two or three different animations available at a time, and you can find them in the same menu for AR filters as the rest of your content.

Finally, the standard guidelines for these lenses: Custom Geofilters Those on the hunt for new filters on Snapchat is probably a bit out-there for most users, but we think a select few will really love them. These on-demand filters allow you to create your own filter for a limited area for events, weddings, businesses, announcements and more.

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There are two separate ways to do this, and it really depends on how much energy and time you want to put into designing and creating a filter. For most users, follow our first direction to quickly and easily create a custom filter for your friends and family to use at an event, or to hype your business.

Choose your category to load a list of standard templates to pick from for geofilters. Tapping on an option will give you a sample photo of your filter, and you can do one of three things from here: By default, this gives you about a six hour window; extending it will make the filter cost more, and reducing it will cost less.

When you select the next icon, Snapchat will load into a map interface, where you can type in an address and drag a shape around the area you want to cover.

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The current cost of your filter—which rises as you expand your filter beyond the basic scope of your outreach. From here, you hit submit and then head over to payment options. Business geofilters do, and both have separate guidelines for rules that you can find in more detail here.

Overall, designing and submitting a filter is easiest from your phone, where every filter is basically guaranteed to be approved and accepted by Snapchat. Lens Studio is a new piece of software from the company that allows anyone with some spare time and a computer to download the program and create AR filters for their friends and strangers all over the world quickly and easily.

Well wonder no more.

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Adding Lens Studio lenses to your Snapchat account is as easy as adding a friend using your Snapcode; all it requires is a link to the existing AR lens and your phone running the newest version of Snapchat possible. Reddit is a fantastic source of crowdsourced content on the internet, and that goes double for finding new custom lenses made inside of Lens Studio.


SnapLenses is a subreddit that started following the release of Lens Studio to allow users to upload their Snapcodes for all of their favorite custom lenses. The community does post a ton of memes and other videos unrelated to new lenses, but by using the filter options on the right of the page, you can navigate to both 2D and 3D lenses submitted through the community.

You can also search for specific references using the search bar on the right side of the subreddit, which allows you to find specifically-named content.

This third-party site hosts dozens on dozens of options for adding to your account. The homepage on the site gives you the most-recent list of Snapcodes uploaded to the site, along with tags and descriptions.

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Snapcata is super useful, though we recommend choosing not to allow the site to send you notifications as it does once you load the page. A Twitter account linked to the subreddit we mentioned above, Snap Lenses on Twitter cuts through all of the nonsense from the subreddit page and simply shared a description of the lens with a Snapcode for you to add more on that below.

Snapcodes were traditionally used to easily add friends to your account, but you can now use these custom-QR codes to add Snap content to your device. Smaller Snapcodes might not properly scan on your device, so get as close to the screen as you can while keeping the code in focus.

Then, just snap a photo using the shutter button on the bottom of your display. Your device will vibrate, and a pop-up message will display the name of the lens, the creator of the lens, a Share icon in the upper-right hand corner, a button to unlock the lens, and the option to send to friends.

This helps you manage a one-time lens use with lenses you might want to use more, and stops your app from being overburdened with additions that stop you from being able to scroll through the list of usable lenses.

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