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Most popular mens casual outfits ideas Find this Pin and more on Brick | Guys by cadystudios. What's Trending Now - 34 Summer Outfits Ideas - All Things Lovely In This Summer Outfit.

Gives you a cool story to tell yourself for the rest of the month, and something to talk about with your friends. I'm up to my usual groping tricks, and all-of-a-sudden she goes off! Front door cleaning service — get rid of all the stuff that gets left on your door every day before you get home A company that sells framed book covers, so that you can hang the covers of your favorite books on the wall of your office. Advertising platform that uses the web to allow local businesses to create and buy ads to be played in local traditional media channels such as television, radio, and perhaps newspapers.

So far, there have been three controllers in charge of the North Western Railway. During his time there, he seems to have struck up a friendship with William A. Stanier, a fellow apprentice. The story current at Crovan's Gate Works is that on at least one occasion, perhaps more, the future Sir Topham was able to help the future Sir William to escape the consequences of what might have been a serious scrape.

Due to his training at Swindon, he always admired things Great Western. He came to Sodor in and joined A. On the North Western Railway, he rose to be General Manager inManaging Director in and upon Nationalisation inhe was created a baronet on his appointment as Chairman of the Regional Executive.

After an Autumn gale inhe directed unemployed miners in cutting a tunnel through the ridge south of Tidmouth. Sometime after this, he was appointed a director of the Company.

When the Railway was suffering from a locomotive crisis in the early 's, he was responsible for acquiring new engines. During this time, he made one of his rare bad bargains when he purchased Henry instead of the Robinson Atlantic he wanted. No-one was better pleased than Topham Hatt when the Killdane accident occurred in Inwhen The Queen visited Sodor in Coronation year he had the honour of welcoming her to Tidmouth, having been previously presented to Her Majesty by Viscount Harwick, the Governor, who was also his son-in-law.

He retired in in favour of his son Charles, whom the Board had no hesitation in electing as his successor.

It is no exaggeration to say that the present prosperity of the Railway is almost entirely due to his initiative and resource. He died at Wellsworth in at the age of Like pre paid cell phone but for USB internet card.

Consulting services to help companies set up their own television show on UStream for internal communications purpose. Or maybe to utilize any Web 2. A superpowerful exhaust for South-Asian homes.

Tivo for the radio DeadPC Art: Amazing Race membership club that organizes trips to the various locations and to do the tasks from the show.

Members get badges for every task, Detour or Roadblock they accomplish.

Let her think how stupid she is. A touch screen digital picture frame that can be used by my grandma.

Device to brew wine in your own home One Xbox per child Consulting firm to help financial institutions fix bad mortgages portfolio. System that sends me my receipts electronically via email rather than paper copies at the store. Could either work with my credit card company or via the loyalty cards stores offer.

Compares the receipt I receive with the statement that comes later. I can see the copy immediately on my cell phone to check it there as well. Personalized Macbooks — Provide custom laser engraved artwork on the new all metal Macbooks.

Student loans collections agency that tracks ability to pay through online sleuthing. Half the seating is replaced with round bars and barstools.

A slide projector the size of a cell phone with a usb input for flash drives. A flower shop that is actually a restaurant, delivering pizzas that are shaped to look like various floral varieties.

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For example, improve the techniques of using the Internet to organize people playing capture the flag in central park or some such. Program to organize health educators in the U. Could also include a medical team for testing, etc.

Build Your Own Anime site. A site that does for intrade what Ning did for social networks; in other words, you get to make your own intrade for your organization or business, or just with your friends. A company that makes specialized dog food geared toward different breeds.

American Idol online where the user judge the you own peers and strangers, built on a karaoke format. Comes with all that you need plus a great dining room table.

A non-profit that works with town governments on writing laws that create incentives for landlords to make their homes more energy efficient. There are already best practices available for solving the principal-agent problem, they just need to be put in place at the local level.

This could be anything from down comforters to purses. Frozen razor blades online store — Store sells special cryogenically frozen razor blades that last 10 times longer than conventional ones Auto transportation service for eBay motors buyers.

You have already paid us for the car and the delivery service. Cloud computing company that allows large enterprises to do mega-scale statistical simulations on-demand or a SaaS model. Advertising platform that uses the web to allow local businesses to create and buy ads to be played in local traditional media channels such as television, radio, and perhaps newspapers.

An online service that if your wallet gets stolen, has a secure place for all the credit cards and accounts you need to cancel right in one place. Instead of having to dig and search and figure out online or in general which accounts and phone numbers you need, this website has them all in one place.

Security might be an issue here for hackers, etc. Design cell towers and wind towers as art to make them more palatable within an urban and suburban setting. Picture Organizer-A business that helps people aggregate all their family and personal photos and then makes them into customized albums.


So many people have just boxes of pictures with no way of looking through them easily. This would at least give people the initial push of getting them in order. Stand alone IP Scanner that scans directly to a web site. Would have automatic document feeder and could be used for archiving photos directly to the web.

Neighborhood concierge Blog post editing with three hour turnaround time A person or pamphlet that explains health coverage. An application that you have your friends fill out that will compare against your answers and give you a compatibility score. In addition, tips about their personality.

Mobile app to calculate quilting yardage. They only come in black and beige, if that wide a range. So have some fun with them. A company that creates cupholders for public transportation rides. The Metro North does not have cup holders and I want someone to create one so I can buy it.

I remember funny one. Is licking and salivating in a womans hair ok? Etymology[ edit ] The and that are common developments from the same Old English system.

Online tutoring videos for academic subjects or other subjects in general. Or online teaching videos where you teach someone something you know, and they do the same. Example is making direct walking paths in Grand Central Station.

Car rental service offering exclusively exotic cars and even better, one-off concept cars with waivers. A grocery auction site. How to monetize this list: We then get people to fall in love with the idea and the domain and then sell the domains for a couple thousand bucks each.

Company that helps marketers with digital promotions; especially in the form of loaded memory key drives containing coupons, special content, etc. A bobble head doll that has a motorized mouth…you set it in front of your video chat camera when you do video chats.

When you talk it moves its mouth. Maybe a web presence for people who hang out in the same place in the city each day in general, like food vendors and crazy religious people and whatnot. There are a bunch of restaurants that have one amazing thing on the menu, but everything else sucks.

Rockmeisha has the best ramen in NYC, but nothing else is especially notable. A self cleaning microphone that never smells like breath or beer. A website that aggregates gaps in our scientific knowledge that would make good research projects. Compost machine similar to a trash compactor that handles the temperature and turnover for you and opens to the outside of your house for easy shoveling into your yard.

Added charge for sending in your own inanimate object. Local tour guide for foreign tourists A company that is the Lulu Lemon for running. A travel company that takes people around to small towns in the South. A company that makes lingerie that is created with eco-friendly material. A newsletter for people laid off of their jobs.

Web-based portal for user-generated and -designed Flash games. Living through a recession or depression magazine with online properties and print.

Agency that seeds word-of-mouth campaigns through a systematized process for large consumer goods companies. A tool that you can scan barcodes of food and it will tell you the calories and aggregate them into your daily intake.

Box-like device that you stick your foot in to measure it using laser detection. Your foot shape and size are recorded into the computer, with a program to then recommend shoes for you that will actually fit.

A device that will hear words and translate for you instantly. Connect people who want to learn similar things. For example, if there are ten people who all want to learn the material from Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, introduce them all to each other.

The site could even be monetized by allowing the people to rent a conference room to work in for a week or two. The idea being that this is stuff they could learn on their own, but they will all start at the same time and help each other and whatnot.

Ivan Illych proposes this in his book Deschooling Society, which was written in Patent consulting for corporations and product developers. Animated versions of the best Ted talks, where slides come to life in Marvel Comic-like presentations. Interactive TV — remote control with ability to annotate parts of movies or shows, then friends can view with your commentary Eco-friendly furniture in traditional styles not just contemporary and modern.

Something that ties up all the cords around hard drives and tech. Mobile app with picture-based inventory of my closet. Or just that I do have something that this fabulous belt would go with.

A company that will work with an organization to come up with a lottery program to raise funds for the group. Series of programs for educators on using social media to extend the classroom.

Netflix, but for books. Same logistics as Netflix. Keep it as long as you need, etc. A sturdy, durable change purse that never breaks. Right now there are really good ways of accessing journal articles online, but really poor ways of learning what academic journals to look in.

No easy way to translate plain English questions into the keywords that are used by academics. Help communities create collective workspaces around the country. The best get built and sold on the site. On colleges, a service to put money on your college ID card for laundry, food, supplies, etc.

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Pandora for restaurants Real estate fund for acquiring under-valued properties. Multicultural Service Initiative- takes kids abroad to do service or help out local communities internationally. Online karaoke competition website powered by proprietary software, Skype, and other tools.

A program that analyses you music to create a track for aerobics instructors for their classes Custom Watch Design Store — Luxury online store where you can build your own watch with all different complications Buy a buddy a booty call business, allowing customers to hire actresses to call a friend and simulate phone love.

An industrial design firm that will redesign the look and feel of a portable room heater. Also takes boxes full of photos and organizes them into something meaningful.

Resume writing website that submits jobs for bid by idle HR recruiters and professional resume writers.

A God loves You Hotline, dial a number and talk to a priest. A gym that just has exercise classes — nothing else. A store that only sells goods for trailer homes.

Magazine summary service for all the most important articles of the month in all the business magazines; similar to book summary services; paid for by memberships or subscriptions. Living through a recession or depression website and books.

Unique design-patented snowboard protector sleeves to prevent damage to snowboards and cars. A touch screen digital picture frame that can be used by my grandma. They will even read you a bedtime story. Conflict resolution service that teaches any individual or corporation how to interact harmoniously in conflict.

It will offer classes and workshops. A site that aggregates what people or companies are working on and makes it searchable. So if you have a great idea, you can see which companies and people are already trying to solve that problem or similar problems.

Consulting service for families who are helping transition their parents to an assisted living or nursing home Pandora for clothes. A service that drops off a different set of clothes for you to wear on whatever days you want each week. You get up to three vetos each day, and if you veto three wardrobes then you automatically get the fourth.

Then the clothes get delivered to your apartment. Cloth diaper delivery service. A book publisher may individual mark all their books with a serial number, creating a digital database that can be accessed by buyers.

Read the real book at home, carry your digital version of all your books on vacation or long term travel.

Sir Topham Hatt

Web portal that aggregates all government projects open for bids. A chain of theme restaurants similar to the hard rock cafe or the rainforest cafe, but where everyone eating dinner was participating in some sort of game show. Buzzers at every seat of every table, with some sort of thing in the middle for the best contestants going into the final round.

The food would cost twice as much as any other restaurant, but there would be some sort of prize for the winners. Maybe the winning contestants at each location would get together in one restaurant for a chance to win a car or something.

Not-for-profit idea — hold free exercise classes on summer mornings in different areas around town. It would focus on high school students in the content area of science and social studies.

A company that creates attention grabbing advertisements for telephone poles. Publish books for super niche markets like Internet celebrities, underwater basket weaving, dumpster diving, etc.

A business that specializes in listening-how to listen, how not to listen, how to be a more effective listener. A business that figures out solutions to weird problems on earth-i.

How to run when there is snow on the ground without falling. Portable billboards, preferably digital for ad-hoc and outdoor events.

Ning for children Web-based contract management for complex contracts that need legal counsel online. For example, but a bike messenger for a week. So for example people could make Squidoo type lenses about Second Life locations.

Currently people can create cool in-game buildings and items in second life and gain social status in game, but there is no way for users to showcase their creations to users outside the game.

Then for actual players there is a Second Life link syntax, so with one click you can teleport to that location in game. Pet Video Shows — Organize pets and make funny shows using pets as characters.

That way customers know when the down times are so it evens out the call flow, saving the company money, and at the same time makes it easy for the company to hold themselves publicly accountable for great customer service.

Sermon to podcast service for churches.

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Online dating profile consultant — Clients would receive coaching on how to improve their dating profile to attract more visitors Cemetery care — guarantee that the dearly departed always have fresh flowers and holiday appropriate accouterments on their eternal resting place — for a monthly fee.

Hygiene stations at public parks or near benches. Something that protects the back of your heels if you wear tennis shoes that dig into your heel. Tutoring program for struggling and underserved communities. A service that re-orders your prescriptions automatically auto billpaying but for medicines.

Tell if someone is lying service — Submit your recorded calls where experts will analyze whether the person is telling a lie or not.

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A company that turns pay phones into internet portals. Similar to iPhone centers that people can access the service for a fee.

High-quality food delivery service, offering a few fixed meals. Software that converts data between open-source and proprietary software. A cell phones that takes photos and automatically uploads them to satellite buckets without complicated prompts or web access. Perhaps it is a phone designed by Flickr or Picassa.

A hair straightener that does a salon-like job without the time spent…a brush that has heat and spikes as one. No cash is exchanged p2p, but Billie Joe may end up with that rubber devil duck the user bid on.


Any and all fears are acceptable and people will leave feeling empowered. Certain countries and regions the names of which derive from mountain ranges, rivers, deserts, etc.

Since the independence of Ukraine formerly sometimes called the Ukrainemost style guides have advised dropping the article [9] in some other languages there is a similar issue involving prepositions. Use of the Argentine for Argentina is considered old-fashioned. Some names include an article for historical reasons, such as the Bronxor to reproduce the native name the Hague.

Names beginning with a common noun followed by of may take the article, as in the Isle of Wight or the Isle of Portland compare Christmas Island. The same applies to names of institutions:

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