Sorry..need to vent.. Chronic Pain sufferers I'm sure You can relate!

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When Bea discovers Allie has fallen back into drug addiction, Bea decides to remove Allie from Kaz's control once and for all. Meanwhile, Franky pursues Shayne in the hope of exposing Ferguson s plan to undermine her trial and secure her release from Wentworth.

Didn't have any anxiety anymore. Frequently being avoided or ridiculed by others. When we finally turn to medication for help we do not expect to have our lives turned upside down. She then put me on my back on the picnic table bent down and gave me a blow job and finished me off with a handjob.

Yes, they are fucking nu-metal and they fucking suck. Richard at September 28, 1: Terry at June 5,

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bitch im off 12 XanaX

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Hormones tell certain parts of your body to do certain things. Bo Darville 5 Jun 09 at Cheers to the CK. Peter Kimmich 13 Jul 09 at I totally get the general sentiment, and everyone that is so absurdly concerned with how much you appreciate SoaD or techno music slightly missed the point.

Personally if I had any argument I would say the broad generalization of country music kind of sucks, mostly because I totally agree and hate radio country music, but I like a lot of the older stuff, and Johnny Cash will always be a classic, plus the older blue grass sounding stuff like Old Crow Medicine Show is pretty difficult for me to shit on.

Funny Shit man, I like it. Anon 5 Jun 09 at 2: Though emo should be number 1 honestly what is with those kids? And you are right I dont mind the music but the people themselves are ungodly annoying.

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I was really beginning to agree with this article until that bit about System of a Down and Serj Tankian at the end. Lieutenant Aephie 6 Jun 09 at 2: Guitar parts that a three-year-old could have come up with, practically no rhythm section, deliberately annoying vocals, lyrics that are always about being bored and self-consciously cool, the snobbiest fans ever, and terrible fashion sense.

As for your actual choices: Music that has some country elements can be OK though in small quantities. Most bands that would have been called nu-metal 10 years ago are being called emo nowadays.

Jack 9 Jun 09 at 2: I do like a lot of types of music. But I have to throw in loathing country.

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Thats just disgusting if you do actually like it. Blank 9 Jun 09 at 2: The same goes for the people who have to work in places like the Warner Bros.

Store, where cartoons are blaring on a loop all day long. Suicide city, right there. Peter Kimmich 3 Jun 09 at Our local rave bar, which normally plays really good DnB, had a trance night, and it was amazing how many basement-dwellers were flushed out of their holes.

The place stunk of B. O and none of thm could dance. Jono 12 Jun 09 at Jeffram 13 Jun 09 at 1: Ben 13 Jun 09 at These bands are so bad that to listen to them causes me physical discomfort.

I want to shove a pitch pipe up the asses of these whiningly pretentious fucks because they really have no musical talent whatsoever. Peter Kimmich 2 Jun 09 at 8: As in, not basshunter or Jason Mraz. Myself, I hate rap and country, will listen to classical and techno, and use death metal to sleep and pork to.

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Take what you like and leave the rest. And those who listen to it. That reeeeeeally should go away. But I am laughing even harder at the comments.

Sunshine King 18 Jun 09 at 3: At least you have the ability to distinguish between different subgenres of rap. Peter Kimmich 28 May 09 at Wanted to get this off my chest first… Peter Kimmich 27 May 09 at Except country, in my opinion, is awesome.

Look at Johnny Cash!

In general, it is difficult to take too much Xanax. In fact, minor toxicity occurs at times the normal dose. Plus, because the Xanax high does not occur for many people, Xanax abuse and accompanying dangers is relatively low. In this article, we’ll look at the safe amounts of Xanax and how much Xanax it takes to overdose.

Now there is some awesome country. Hank Williams is another one of those country legends. Tom 26 Jun 09 at 4: Cloudchaser Sakonige 27 Jun 09 at SOAD never got taken seriously by most people for a reason. HelloKitty 27 Jun 09 at 2: Peter Kimmich 5 Jun 09 at So why bitch about it?

Does that go away? No help there but I remember being happy and peaceful like no time in recent history. He comes and goes as he pleases. I've been crying, not eating, lashing out people for even the littlest things and wanting to sleep all day, but can't seem to.

Nobody held a gun to your head I assume. Stop reading opinion columns if you want to wax all sanctimonious prick on everyone.

I thought the piece was funny… Get over yourself,no one wants to see your cliched arsehole either. What about Polka… missed that from your list. Silentbob 28 Jun 09 at 8: A friend of mine produces electronic music himself.

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Most of the problem with it is repetition. Jazz not supposed to be in a box. I hate Nashville Produced Country pap. If I can get to the real thing, then I can enjoy myself.

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Another Government Employee 27 Jun 09 at 8: But Serj can sing. Listen to his project with Arto Serart. But just let them alone and enjoy the good stuff by supporting the artists. Then about a week goes by and things are ok…. I go in the room further and he closes the window.

I asked him what it was. He said it was just an email. Well in when I was 6 months pregnant with our first son he walks into our house with a 6 month old little boy!! It was his son with his ex-wife!!!

Bitch Im On 12 Xanax

He lied to me!!!! I went into the bedroom crying.

Shhhh! Fucking Daughter during a sleep over

He comes and goes as he pleases.

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