How to fix Iphone? Black screen with a white spinning circle?

I Dropped My Iphone And The Screen Is Black Primary Sidebar

Feb 10,  · Hi All, I dropped my iPhone this morning and now it won't turn on. It was fully charged. Originally, I could see that when I pressed the buttons the screen would light up faintly (although nothing was showing on the screen).

The software will repair system automatically, please make sure do not do anything to your iPhone during the process. Contact app Support or Genius Bar at Nearest Apple store You also get repair options only when you are under warranty, and there is no physical or liquid damage, and it will probably take no charge otherwise it may be expensive. As our expert team, following hint will help you for still and for the future so please read carefully:

I've tried holding down those two buttons at the same time that people say to hold down--but nothing--the circle just keeps spinning.

Connect iPhone to computer and run iTunes. What is this spinning circle next to the 3G icon on my iphone? And I can't go and fix it cuz I just got my glass fixed from when I dropped it. The result is a completely functioning iPhone with zero water damage.

So I just want to know--how would you be able to fix this problem without having to hold down those 2 buttons at the same time? New York Inc Download tinyumbrella and use kick out of recovery mode.

My iPhone X Won’t Turn On and Black Screen or Won’t Charge: Here’s The Fix This issue

Guest volume down and power button worked for me as well. Your awesome… Many thanks! Guest omg that worked thanks so much Guest It worked for me also! What is this spinning circle next to the 3G icon on my iphone?

And is this why I'm using so much data.

To survive your iPhone X against water damage, you should wrap it into the Waterproof case — you can get here the list of the Best iPhone X Waterproof Cases. Choose "Repair Operating System" on the main interface, download firmware online or import firmware manually and click Next button. Lets we see here what you steps you should follow to turn your water-resistance not waterproof iPhone X ON after knowingly or accidentally dropped your phone in the swimming pool.

I'm visting Seattle been here for 5 days now and that spinning circle keeps spinning. But please my main question is what is that spinning circle next to the 3G icon on my iphone.

If your iPhone display stopped working after you dropped it, your screen is probably black because the LCD cable (display data connector) has become dislodged from the logic board. If your iPhone display stopped working after it got wet, your screen is probably black because the LCD is broken and needs to be replaced.

I accidentally put a little water onto my phone and when I wiped it off there was a small circle on it. I touched it and it sort of became bigger. After accidentally dropping my iPhone for a swim into a pool of water where it was fully submerged, I had the unfortunate opportunity to test out the iPhone-in-a-rice-bag hypothesis, and I have good news; it actually works!

Here is exactly what I did, and what I learned from the process of saving an iPhone from extensive water exposure with the good old rice bag trick.

But if these failed, you can choose the following ways. It will detect the iPhone in recovery mode and will give you the option to restore it. If the iPhone has dried out, suffered water damage, and warranty service is fruitless, the four things most likely to go wrong are the following:

The result is a completely functioning iPhone with zero water damage. Drop everything and do this first, before putting it in rice: Remove from water as soon as humanly possible obvious, right?

Dropped an iPhone in Water? Here’s How to Save It from Water Damage

Wipe down the screen, sides, and back. Pay special attention to the power button, volume buttons, mute switch, speakers and microphones, and the audio output jack, try and get all visible moisture soaked up Use a Q-Tip if possible to try and soak up extra water from the audio output jack and in small crevices.

Instead most of us have rice, and rice works. Here are the basic requirements: Any type of rice works, but try to avoid enriched rice, the reason being that whatever enriches it leaves a lot of white residual powder in the bag and it will also get into the ports and buttons on the iPhone.

How to fix black and unresponsive iPhone screen: 6/6+/6s/6s+

The patience part is the hardest, and generally the longer you wait the better the likely outcome because you want all water inside the device to be completely absorbed by the rice before trying to power it on again. Any less may work but it also could be inadequate, so therefore longer is better.

If you suspect the iPhone has any residual moisture left in it at all, do not power it on.

iPhone 4 is working but screen is black?
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