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In biblical times, the young shepherd David uses a slingshot, a stone and faith in God to save his people by defeating the fearsome giant Goliath. Watch trailers & learn more.

Because they knew the industry so well, Alan and Aileen decided to do something about it. First, it is difficult to even find quality movies for Christian on Netflix or other mainstream networks. How much time do you or your family spend watching tv?

In , Avery was convicted again — this time for the murder of local photographer Teresa Halbach. Try us out for 30 days, and if for any reason, you decide not to continue with us, simply cancel your membership on the website or send us an email at contactus crossflix. However, those who follow the teachings of the Bible are actually on the rise!

They searched the best Christian movies on Netflix and looked at Pure Flix movies, but still felt there needed to be something more. Because they knew the industry so well, Alan and Aileen decided to do something about it.

Why not start a channel dedicated to videos? With the help of their inner circle of family and friends who shared the same desire for more Christian movies new releases, and videos for kids, families, and adults, Alan and Aileen launched Crossflix.

List of Movies and TV Shows on Netflix

Our primary purpose is to be an online resource for the best Christian family movies online, new Christian movies, and programming for adults and children.

Get access to thousands of free Christian movies online right now with your day trial. And you can cancel anytime, no questions asked, by visiting our website or emailing us at contactus crossflix.

How much time do you or your family spend watching tv? According to the US Department of Labor, the average person between ages 15 and 44 watches two hours a tv per day.

And those over 65 watch four hours on average. What if you could use those hours to strengthen your walk with Christ rather than filling your mind with negative news and explicit content?

5 Must-See Netflix Movies that are Based on a True Story

What kind of impact could Christian videos have on your family? With Crossflix, we want to educate you and your family as well as entertain you. Once the 30 days have passed, you will be charged a small monthly fee for continued access to our video library full of Christian movies. According to a report by Focus on the Family, membership in mainline Protestant churches that have come to accept many of the secular beliefs of the world is in decline.

10 Best Christian Movies on Netflix Right Now

However, those who follow the teachings of the Bible are actually on the rise! In a world ofinstant availability to all kinds of information, people need more resources and access to truth and the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

They are hungry for it!

Based on A True Story ★ A Season for Miracles ★ lifetime movies 2017 Full HD

Sign up today for access to the best Christian movies online. Christian streaming television promotes the gospel in an entertaining way that those young and old can relate to, without changing the message.

When you support Crossflix, we are able to license Christian films, which helps Christian actors, filmmakers, and distributors spread the message about the teachings of Christ.

Since its launch last year, Crossflix is now recognized as a leader in Christian streaming, providing the best movies on the market.

Top 25 Gay and Lesbian Movies on Netflix

However, maintaining this momentum requires ongoing support. Creating high-quality, Christian videos is expensive.

Crossflix provides your family with thousands of Christian Movies, Documentaries and Educational Videos all in one calltally.infolix is the best alternative to mainstream Television. Mainstream Television has indecent sexual images, offensive language and socially negative behavior in much of its movies and television shows.

Like secular programming, there are licensing fees, staff, rent, marketing, and numerous other costs involved. Unlike secular programming, when you subscribe to a Christian tv channel, you are supporting and empowering Christian filmmakers and other Christians involved in the industry.

Lifetime movies on Netflix 2017 Δ Blind Faith ( Mini series) ★ Based on True Stories 2017

You can by becoming a Crossflix donor. Your subscriptions and donations enable Christian filmmakers to continue making quality programming that feeds the hearts and souls of our families rather than exposing them to sex, violence, and negative shows and movies. With your support, we can continue to grow and become a real alternative to secular streaming movie channels.

If it is your children watching, what else will they be exposed to on these channels? This strategy has been a profitable one and has led to Netflix boasting almost million subscribers worldwide.

Today, Netflix subscribers pay for the service in order to watch Netflix originals, such as hugely popular series Orange Is the New Black and Stranger Things.

Netflix's original movies are succeeding as well, and its recent action movie, Bright, starring Will Smith, has already become one of the most watched Netflix originals ever.

Here are some Netflix originals that you may want to watch: Now, 20 years later, BoJack is a self-loathing alcoholic who lives in Los Angeles and complains about everything.

Grace and Frankie Two women, proper Grace and eccentric Frankie, begin to bond after their husbands announce that they are in love and intend to marry. Both couples have adult children who are equally knocked out by the news. Making a Murderer This documentary series explores the story of Steven Avery, a man who was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder of Penny Beerntsen but exonerated by DNA evidence 18 years later in InAvery was convicted again — this time for the murder of local photographer Teresa Halbach.

He struggles to make decisions concerning his professional and romantic life. Narcos Seasons 1 and 2 are based on the story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar —who became a multibillionaire and the wealthiest criminal in history by selling cocaine.

Orange Is the New Black A privileged New Yorker is sentenced to a year and a half in a women's prison for an old crime of carrying a bag of drug money from the United States to Belgium.

Stranger Things A disappearance of a young boy leads residents of a small town to uncover a mystery involving secret experiments and supernatural forces. Things become even weirder when a little girl with a shaved head comes into the story.

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