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How To Block Text Messages On Alcatel One Touch Change Text Message Ringtone Samsung Galaxy S8 Messaging Application

Change the Samsung Galaxy S8 text message ringtone with a specific application. If you find that there are not enough ringtone choices for Samsung Galaxy S8 messages, know that it is possible to utilise a specific application.

Now you don't need to auto lock every 15 seconds. Service in the People's Republic of China[ edit ] This article's factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information. How do I remove the private ID on calls?

I have cleared out all unwanted incoming texts, retaining a few taxts I wish ti keep and the speech icon is still there. How can I get it to go away, it is driving me mad! Reply How do i turn up the volume on alcatel one touch The most simple basic things.

What is the Extra Tone for on Profiles? Asked by Sharon from U.

Alcatel OneTouch 116G

Asked by Rachael from UK on 23rd Jul I am having problems texting on this phone can not find the button to space words. Reply Reply by Jo from United Kingdom on 25th Jul Use the hashtag key for spaces - took me a while to find it too! Can you get predictive text on this particular model?

Go to messages as if you were writing a message, before you enter a word, press star button, then click on 'en' and that changes it to predictive, tbh using predictive is not any faster to text as you have to confirm each word.

Skype's client uses an undocumented and proprietary protocol. Asked by Mags from England on 11th Jun To find out what your number is on the Alcatel one touch? Asked by brenda clifton from england on 13th Jun After every few calls or texts i have to charge it up again. Reply Reply by Jo from United Kingdom on 25th Jul Use the hashtag key for spaces - took me a while to find it too!

How do I remove the private ID on calls? I searched all over the cell phone but I didn't funded it. Asked by Gil from Portugal on 4th Jul When I call people with this cell phone, my number appears as "private number" on their phones. Reply Why do i have to keep charging my battery on my alcatel one touch g phone?

View and Download Alcatel ONE TOUCH ACC manual online. ONE TOUCH ACC Cell Phone pdf manual download.

Asked by brenda clifton from england on 13th Jun After every few calls or texts i have to charge it up again. Reply What is the security inbox in the messages part?

Alarm how to turn off? Asked by Mo from England on 6th Jun Set alarm without knowing I had and now have it repeating every five minutes.

View and Download Alcatel One Touch B user manual online. Alcatel Mobile Phone User Manual. One Touch B Cell Phone pdf manual download.

Have silenced it by muting the phone but of course the phone itself cannot be used. Furious at such feeble "information" sheet which just lists attributes instead of info.

How do you listen to voicemails? Asked by Anil from England on 1st Jun voicemail number unset How do I block a number on my g? So I am turning the phone off and just leaving it in the car for emergencies.

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If anyone else figures out how to do it, that would be great! How can I change language? Asked by Tina from England on 19th May Instructions Reply Reply by gary from england on 26th Jul My phone has gone on to vibrate and not ring how do i keep vibrate but also have my phone ringing? How to hide my number?

Asked by Meisha from Philippines on 31st Mar I cannot send a text message so I'm trying to locate the message center number.

How To Block A Number On Android Phones

Reply How do i find my number? Asked by luke from manchester on 29th Mar Reply Reply by cheus from uk on 8th Jun I assume you bought this phone as new. If so, the phone number is on the box. Or, it's on the credit card sized holder for the SIM card.

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How do I change from numbers to letters when writing a text? Asked by D from Uk on 27th Mar Reply Reply by Andy from UK on 11th Nov If you just want to write the occasional number, hold down the relevant key for a while - it will change to the number on that key after holding it down for a second or two.

Asked by kal from england on 27th Mar Reply How do I add a name and phone number to my phone? Asked by Jim from Great britain on 24th Mar Thanks. How can I access contacts easily?

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Asked by Rita cassidy from Northern Ireland on 20th Mar Please can you tell me how I can access contacts instantly without having to press contacts and go through a long list. I need to be able to contact certain people quickly.

Asked by emma kwarteng from england on 13th Feb Reply How do I add top up voucher number to Alcatel How do you do record answerphone message?

Asked by Ruth from UK on 2nd Feb Reply Reply by michael from england on 8th Dec i just can't send messagesevery time i try to send messages keeps saying messages failed. Write text message and try to send.

Message comes up failed. I m having the same problem. Did you manage to resolve the issue and send texts? If so, how please!!! Reply by Kerry from UK on 23rd Jun You need to check your service centre number is correct - husband has had this phone less than one month and it has already messed up twice - a few extra numbers appeared after his service centre number!

Asked by mr jack from usa on 26th Jan Reply How do i download my contacts from my sim onto this phone? Asked by caz from uk on 26th Jan have gone into tools and settings and cant seem to do it.

On Saturday it read Thursday. Asked by carole from uk on 23rd Jan Reply Reply by Richard Goodwin from Uk on 9th Feb How to set time and date on this phone Thanks Does this phone have an organizer in the calendar please?

Asked by alf from england on 3rd Jan I don't seem to be able to use the calendar as an organizer, how can I put a memo in it please? Asked by Katie from B on 28th Dec Reply Reply by Adam from Scotland on 11th Jun In the bottom right corner, there is a part that if you pull takes the back cover off.

Take the battery out and that's where your SIM is.

Alcatel One Touch 909B User Manual

Can you change the key pad lock to more than one key so can not be accidentally pressed when in your pocket? Phone unlocks easily in my pocket and has even called some contacts occasionally.

How to Block Calls on Android Phones without an App

Reply by Kitty from Netherlands on 6th Mar The standard code my Alcatel came with was In settings under security there is a possibility to 'modify phone password' If you changed it and check the box 'privacy' and add everything in the list, you can't make a pocket dial anymore because you will need to enter your new code before you are allowed to your contacts or messages!

Now you don't need to auto lock every 15 seconds. How to get predictive text to work? Asked by rebecca from uk on 14th Dec Mine seems to have about 30 words of one syllable in it.

Reply Reply by tom from uk on 2nd Mar Go to text as though you are going to write and press the star button ,gives you choice of characters to use.

Change the Text Message Ringtone on Samsung Galaxy S8

Home Screen Home screen making a Call Dial the desired number then press the key to place the call. The Status bar number you entered can be saved to Contacts by selecting "save".

You can switch the audio speech from handset to Bluetooth device when if the icon is displayed, the phone neither rings nor vibrates. Besides this, you can set up 4. Folder of all sent Emails.

ping (networking utility)

Contacts You can move from one field to another using the navigation key. Contacts available options You can access this function by selecting "Contacts" from the main menu.

From the contact list, you can access the following options: Contacts stored in phone add new

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