The Best Honda Accord Tires: Price vs. Performance

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Buy a tire size that fits your Honda Accord. Learn more and buy online at Buy a tire size that fits your Honda Accord. Learn more and buy online at honda accord Tires You’re almost there. Give us a little more info, and we’ll show you tires that fit your vehicle. HONDA.

To this point, Honda has stubbornly resisted the engine-downsizing movement, direct injection, as well as more sophisticated gearboxes and hybrids, instead focusing on refining existing technologies and relying on its lighter weight vehicles to keep their models' performance metrics in the hunt. The Bad Rear-seat head- and legroom takes a beating in this 2-door Accord, while neither acceleration nor braking power proves the equal of many competitors.

This is because the rubber compounds used in performance tires is of a much softer variety than regular street car tires.

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With regular street tires, generally speaking, the higher in price you go, the more miles the tire will be rated for. Popular Brands When looking for tires with your Honda Accord, there are 3 brands that usually rank the highest in popularity with all segments of the motoring public.

Honda Accord tire sizes. Find tire sizes for each Honda Accord option.

All 3 of these manufacturers offer the full range of sizes, speed ratings and tread wear ratings. These 3 most popular brands are as follows: Goodyear — The 2nd oldest tire company in the world. Arguably the most popular.

What's the proper tire pressure?

Increased risk of damage from potholes and curbs is another consideration. Besides compromising ride, shorter sidewalls provide less cushioning for wheels and tires. Our pothole test bent the plus-two and plus-three wheels on our BMW 5-Series and damaged the wheel and tire on our plus-two-equipped Honda Accord.

Don't see your color listed? Third Party Websites The Service is linked with the websites of third parties "Third Party Websites" , some of whom may have established relationships with VehicleHistory. They actually came out looking worse than bad areas. The maximum pressure listed on the tire is 44 PSI.

Get the right tire size. A car or tire dealer can tell you the proper plus sizes for your car based on its original tire size. A rule of thumb: Increase tire width by 10 millimeters and decrease sidewall height by 5 to 10 percent for each 1-inch increase in wheel diameter. And make sure speed and load rating of new tires is at least as high as on the factory originals.

How to read Honda tire and wheel air pressure info label

Also check the recommended inflation pressure when switching between a P-metric tire and Euro-metric tire size designation, since doing so may require a pressure change to maintain your tires' load-carrying capacity.

Tire makers' recommended pressures may vary from those auto makers suggest. Most plus-size wheels are aluminum or some composite.

Tires and Wheel Sizes (ALL Possibilities)

Fordged wheels are more expensive, but tend to be stronger than some cast alloy wheels. Make sure that plus-size wheels were made specifically to fit your vehicle. They should have the right lug-nut pattern so that the holes line up precisely with the holes or threaded studs on your vehicle.

Some wheels also need special nuts or bolts.

2012 Honda Accord Tire Sizes

Another wheel caveat involves offset—the distance between the wheel's hub-mounting surface and centerline, as shown in the image above. Have the retailer confirm that plus-size wheels have the correct offset for your vehicle. And be wary of spacers, which retailers often sell as a way to make wheels fit by moving them out from the hub.

How To Check Pressure And Tyres On Honda Accord

Try to buy tires and wheels as a set. Local tire stores and mail-order retailers often sell wheel-and-tire packages with the tires mounted and wheels balanced.

will 19 inch wheels fit?

Packages are an easy way to choose wheels and tires that fit your vehicle. To find out you need to compare your bolt pattern with the bolt pattern of the wheel you have on hand.


Sometimes its difficult to find out about the specific information about the rims if you only have the wheels but no stud or bold pattern information.

Then i recorded the make, model and year of the car and was looking for the wheel information about that rims. That way i was finding my car's bold pattern. Now I am quite used to recognizing the stud pattern.


Its my eyes that do the magic. Its a couple factor that really decide if a rim will fit into a car.

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