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A Jeep Wrangler lift kit is one of the first upgrades that many Jeep owners consider. A quality lift kit will allow you to fit bigger tires, and the added clearance will help you get over rocks, and through mud and water.

Jeep with 50 cal. The Army set a seemingly impossible deadline of 49 days to supply a working prototype. The resulting Ford "Pygmy" and Willys "Quad" prototypes looked very similar to the Bantam BRC prototype, and Spicer supplied very similar four-wheel drivetrain components to all three manufacturers.

A 6-speed manual transmission comes standard, but you can get an 8-speed automatic if you prefer the automatic is the only choice on the turbo 4-cylinder models.

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If you choose the Rubicon, it features a more trail-ready 4: Interior Style and Features Jeep allows you to choose either black or tan seats, while the rest of the interior is black with a few silver highlights. Fortunately, those buttons and knobs are large enough to find and use them without much difficulty.

Also, the system can be slow to respond when you tap on options. That, combined with flatter and less comfortable seats, makes transporting adults in the rear problematic.

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Some are even constructed from stainless steel. Ford's M of which the latest is the Humvee.

On February 1,contract N8ss was approved for 1, units "especially adapted for general reconnaissance or command communications" and "constructed for short period underwater operation such as encountered in landing and fording operations. It had heavier full-floating axles and a foldable, vertical, flat windshield.

Today, it serves other countries, and is still being produced by Kia under license. Jeep etymology See also: Joe Frazer, Willys-Overland President from toclaimed to have coined the word jeep by slurring the initials G.

Lee Ermey on his television series Mail Calldisputes this "slurred GP" origin, saying that the vehicle was designed for specific duties, and was never referred to as "General Purpose" and it is highly unlikely that the average jeep-driving GI would have been familiar with this designation.

Jeep Wrangler JK Leveling Kit vs 2.5" vs 3.5" vs 4" - How To Select The Best Jeep Lift Kit

Ermey suggests that soldiers at the time were so impressed with the new vehicles that they informally named it after Eugene the Jeepa character in the Thimble Theatre comic strip and cartoons created by E. Segaras early as mid-March Eugene the Jeep was Popeye's "jungle pet" and was "small, able to move between dimensions and could solve seemingly impossible problems.

A precursor of the Boeing B Flying Fortress was also referred to as the jeep. Sanders, a dictionary of military slang, published inin the library at The Pentagon gives this definition: A four-wheel drive vehicle of one-half- to one-and-one-half-ton capacity for reconnaissance or other army duty.

A term applied to the bantam-cars, and occasionally to other motor vehicles U.

Jeep Wrangler Rough Country 4" Lift Kit w/ Shocks (2007-2016 JK) Review

Also referred to as "any small plane, helicopter, or gadget. Early inWillys-Overland demonstrated the vehicle's off-road capability by having it drive up the steps of the United States Capitoldriven by Willys test driver Irving "Red" Hausmann, who had recently heard soldiers at Fort Holabird calling it a "jeep.

Soldiers in the rear seat for gunners were unperturbed. Although the term was also military slang for vehicles that were untried or untested, this exposure caused all other jeep references to fade, leaving the 4x4 with the name. Brand, trademarks and image Willys wartime advertisement promoting its Jeeps' contribution to the war effort The "Jeep" brand has gone through many owners, starting with Willys-Overlandwhich filed the original trademark application for the "Jeep" brand-name in February The Federal Trade Commission initially ruled in favor of Bantam in Maylargely ignoring Minneapolis-Moline's claim, and continued to scold Willys-Overland after the war for its advertising.

Jeep Wrangler JK Leveling Kit vs 2.5" vs 3.5" vs 4" - How To Select The Best Jeep Lift Kit

The original 9-slot grille associated with all World War II jeeps was designed by Ford for their GPW, and because it weighed less than the original "Slat Grille" of Willys an arrangement of flat barswas incorporated into the "standardized jeep" design.

Chrysler Jeep claims it has the exclusive rights to use the seven vertical slits since it is the sole remaining assignee of the various companies since Willys gave their postwar jeeps seven slots instead of Ford's nine-slot design for the Jeep.

The Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee are built in the city currently, in separate facilities, not far from the site of the original Willys-Overland plant. The Bantam Car Company had only a skeleton staff left on the payroll and solicited Karl Probst , a talented freelance designer from Detroit. The Army set a seemingly impossible deadline of 49 days to supply a working prototype.

Off-road abilities Jeep Wrangler off-roading. Jeep advertising has always emphasized the brand's vehicles' off-road capabilities. These axles are known for their durability, strength, and articulation. New Wranglers come with a Dana 44 rear differential and a Dana 30 front differential.

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The upgraded Rubicon model of the JK Wrangler is equipped with electronically activated locking differentials, Dana 44 axles front and rear with 4.

Another benefit of solid axle vehicles is they tend to be easier and cheaper to "lift" with aftermarket suspension systems.

This increases the distance between the axle and chassis of the vehicle. By increasing this distance, larger tires can be installed, which will increase the ground clearanceallowing it to traverse even larger and more difficult obstacles.

Technical Details

In addition to higher ground clearance, many owners aim to increase suspension articulation or "flex" to give their Jeeps greatly improved off-road capabilities. Good suspension articulation keeps all four wheels in contact with the ground and maintains traction.

Useful features of the smaller Jeeps are their short wheelbases, narrow frames, and ample approachbreakoverand departure angles, allowing them to fit into places where full-size four-wheel drives have difficulty. Company history and ownership After the war, Willys did not resume production of its passenger-car models, choosing instead to concentrate on Jeeps and Jeep-branded vehicles, launching the Jeep Station Wagon inthe Jeep Truck inand the Jeepster in By the end ofKaiser-Frazer had dropped the Willys Aero, as well as its own passenger cars to sell Jeeps exclusively.

In Jeep introduced the CJ-7, replacing the CJ-6 in North America, as well as crossingcivilian units in annual global sales for the first time. Bythe automobile markets had changed and Renault itself was experiencing financial troubles.

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