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Detailed features and specs for the Used Ford F Super Duty Crew Cab including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. Read reviews, browse our /5(1).

The Nite edition was available with two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive with either the 5. In a major change, the long-running 4. During the second half of , the F HD heavy duty was in the same series as the F

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F solid axle[ edit ] The Dana 50 axle featured on most F Super Dutys differs greatly from the early models. The Dana 50 started out as a Twin Traction Beam axle much like independent suspension in This lasted all the way to models.

The Super Duty models then used a solid axle version of this axle. The ring, pinion, carrier and u joints all remained the same however. The Dana 50 was phased out of the trucks inin favor of the Dana 60 and was last used in the Ford Excursion.

It added the following features to the base XL trim level: It added the following features to the mid-range XLT trim level: There were multiple special edition Super Duty models that were offered as well. The Lariat LE Limited Edition was first offered for the model year F Crew Cab 'duallie' dual-rear-wheeland featured a special Black Clear Coat with Harvest Gold Metallic two-tone paint job, exterior sun visor with clearance lamps, 16" Polished Aluminum Wheel with Bright Hub Cover, lighted running boards and front and rear leather bucket seats with special Lariat LE stitching with dual center consoles; on top of standard Lariat features.

Factory integrated fog lamps, power adjustable pedals and a reverse sensing system were added to the list of standard equipment for Forthe Lariat LE was available in two new paint colors.

Ford F Super Duty Crew Cab KBB Expert Review out of 10 Not only does the full-size heavy-duty pickup truck business continue to thrive, it is the last remaining vehicle category solely /10().

Available only as a chassis cab for commercial upfitters, both versions were fitted with dual rear wheels. The sole gasoline engine was the 6. Inthe F and F received further updates to the exterior than the rest of the Super Duty line, with an extended front bumper and front fenders; the F received a "wide-track" front axle to sharpen its turning radius.

Worldwide[ edit ] The Ford F Super Duty first generation was also assembled in Venezuela as a commercial small truck from to For this market the F featured the 5.

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Eighth generation — [ edit ] Main article: Ford F-Series eighth generation Ford F light-duty type The F-Series carried over the same body style from the seventh generation, yet sported a new rounded front clip that improved aerodynamics, as well as the softening of body lines around the rear of the bed and fender arches around the wheel wells.

The interior was also completely redesigned in The transmissions available on SuperCab models were a four-speed or five-speed manual; regular cab models were also available with automatic transmission. The Custom trim made a comeback for the eighth generation.

Inthe 4. International Navistar also increased the displacement of their 6. This was also the first year of a five-speed manual overdrive transmission, which included the Mazda M5OD in the Fs and the heavy-duty ZF5 in the Fs and Fs.

2012 Ford F350s

Four-speed manuals were discontinued as standard equipment afterbut were available as a customer-ordered option until Inthe C6 three-speed automatic was replaced as the base automatic transmission with the E4OD, a four-speed electronically controlled automatic overdrive unit, though the C6 was still available as an option, mostly in Fs and Fs, until Heavy-Duty models included Fs and Fs along with F-Super Dutys that were classified as incomplete vehicles only that were produced with no bed, but appeared as tow trucksbox trucks notably U-Haulflatbed trucks, dump trucks and other models.

Although the Fs, F HDs heavy dutyand Fs were built as a Chassis cab models only from toowners can convert the models to pickup trucks. Ninth generation — [ edit ] Main article: Ford F-Series ninth generation Ford F, with dual fuel tanks For the model year, the body-shell of the F-Series was given another major upgrade.

To further improve its aerodynamics, the forward bodywork was given a slightly lower hoodline, rounding the front fenders and grille; in addition, the changes matched the F-Series with the design of the newly introduced Explorer and redesigned E-Series and Ranger.

Along with the exterior updates, the interior received a complete redesign. Dormant sincethe FlareSide bed made its return as an option for To increase its appeal for younger buyers, the bed bodywork was redesigned, borrowing the sides of the F dual-rear wheel bed fitted to the narrower F single-wheel chassis.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the first Ford factory-produced truck the Ford Model TTFord offered a 75th anniversary package on its F-series, consisting of a stripe package, an argent colored step bumper, and special 75th anniversary logos.

Inthe Eddie Bauer trim made its return.

Ford Super Duty

All versions except severe-service received a hood redesign which enlarged the grille and moved the turn signal indicators to the outside of the front headlights. During the second half ofthe F HD heavy duty was in the same series as the F The body style stayed the same until the end of The F HD also had some minor changes in trim location, and options available.

The F HD with the 7. Following the introduction of the tenth-generation F, the F and F continued into production into the model year, becoming part of the Ford F-Series Super Duty line as they were replaced in Tenth generation — [ edit ] Main article: During the s, s, and s, buyers of pickup trucks had increasingly purchased the vehicles for the purposes of personal use over work use.

To further increase its growing market share, Ford sought to develop vehicles for both types of buyers. In its ultimate decision, the company decided to make the F as a contemporary vehicle for personal use, while the F and F would be designed more conservatively for work-based customers.

Introduced in early as a model, the F was a completely new vehicle in comparison from its predecessor. Similar to the original Ford Taurus ofthe F was developed with a radically streamlined body.

Dispensing with the traditional Twin I-Beam for a fully independent front suspension, the all-new chassis only shared the transmissions with the previous generation.

In a major change, the long-running 4. To improve rear-seat access for SuperCab models, a rear-hinged curb-side door was added to all versions.

Following its popularity, the SuperCab gained a fourth door for Inthe F became the first pickup truck in its size segment to become available with four full-size doors.

Sharing the length of a standard-bed SuperCab, the F SuperCrew was produced with a slightly shortened bed. It was distinguished by an uncommon and unique seven-lug bolt pattern for the wheels. At the same time, the F HD heavy duty was in the same series as the F same square body style as the last generation F; it was still built in South America only.

Due the Super Duty trucks never reaching Ford dealerships as for sale until the beginning ofFord produced a lighter duty F, using the same body the F had at the time as a temporarily model to By Februarythe fbased F was discontinued and the Super Duty trucks finally marketed for sale.

Ford F-Series

ForLincoln-Mercury gained its first full-size pickup truck since with the introduction of the Lincoln Blackwoodthe first Lincoln pickup. Sharing the front bodywork of the Lincoln Navigator SUV and the same cab body work as the Ford Fthe Blackwood was designed with a model-exclusive bed and was sold only in black.

Due to very poor sales, the Blackwood was discontinued after While remaining part of the F-Series, the Super Duty trucks use a different platform architecture, powertrain, and design language, primarily as they are intended for heavy-duty work use.

Eleventh generation — [ edit ] Main article: Externally, the eleventh-generation model was different from its predecessor, with sharper-edged styling; a major change was the adoption of the stepped driver's window from the Super Duty trucks.

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Regardless of cab type, all Fs were given four doors, with the rear doors on the regular cab providing access to behind-the-seat storage. Ford also introduced the Triton engines in the variants of the F Due to declining sales, the Flareside beds were dropped; this marked the first time in 56 years of F-Series production that Flareside beds were not available.

In late for the model year, the Super Duty trucks were given an all-new platform. While using the same bed and cabin as before, these are distinguished from their predecessors by an all-new interior and a much larger grille and head lamps.

Previously available only as a chassis-cab model, the F now was available as a pickup directly from Ford. Twelfth generation — [ edit ] Main article: Similar to its predecessor, these trucks are distinguished by their Super Duty-style grilles and head lamps; standard cab models again have two-doors instead of four.

A new model for included the SVT Raptor, a dedicated off-road pickup. As part of a major focus on fuel economy, the entire engine lineup for the F was updated for the model year.

Along with two new V8 engines, the F gained a new 3. An automatic transmission is the only option.

A recent study conducted by iSeeCars. Largely previewed by the Ford Atlas concept vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show, the new design marked several extensive changes to the F-Series design.

In the interest of fuel economy, Ford designers reduced curb weight of the F by nearly pounds, without physically altering its exterior footprint. To allow for such a massive weight reduction, nearly every body panel was switched from steel to aluminum with the exception of the firewall ; the frame itself remains high-strength steel.

The F was the first pickup truck with adaptive cruise controlwhich uses radar sensors on the front of the vehicle to maintain a set following distance between it and the vehicle ahead of it, decreasing speed if necessary.

Forthe F shifted from the long-running 3-bar design used on Ford trucks to the "center bar" designs that debuted on the Super Duty model line. The powertrain underwent several revisions, as the 3. Special models[ edit ] Throughout its production, variants of the Ford F-Series has been produced to attract buyers.

While these variants primarily consist of trim packages, others are high-performance versions while other variants were designed with various means of improving functionality.

Unibody F-Series [ edit ] For into part of the model year, the Ford F-Series was offered with a third body configuration, integrating the Styleside bed with the cab. With the pickup bed stampings welded directly to the cab before both assemblies were mounted to the frame, the design simplified the assembly and paint process the configuration was similar to that of the Ford Ranchero.

While a road-legal vehicle, many design modifications of the Raptor were made to improve its off-road capability, with the vehicle featuring a model-exclusive suspension with long-travel springs and shocks. In , the Special option packages were withdrawn as part of the F-Series redesign, while a number of features continued as stand-alone options; the Explorer continued as a variant of the Ranger trim through the model year. The Ranger name had been shifted onto the all-new compact pickup developed as a replacement for the Courier.

Following a poor market reception, the unibody pickup bed design was withdrawn during the model year. Specials [ edit ] From toFord offered several Special option packages for the F-Series, typically designed for owners with specific uses for their vehicles.

Forthe Camper Special option package was introduced; designed for owners of slide-in truck campersthe option package featured pre-wiring for the camper, heavy-duty transmission and engine cooling, and a larger alternator.

ForFord introduced the Contractor's Special and Farm and Ranch Special, which featured toolboxes and heavier-duty suspension. The Explorer Special was introduced as a lower-priced variant of the Ranger trim. Inthe Special option packages were withdrawn as part of the F-Series redesign, while a number of features continued as stand-alone options; the Explorer continued as a variant of the Ranger trim through the model year.

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