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How is it on the inside? It is spacious and the interior quality is top-notch. We're here with everything you need to dress to impress or increase the comfort and performance of your vehicle.

You have four-zone climate control with central and pillar vents for the rear passengers.

BMW 1 Series (F20)

In terms of equipment, the TFT screen for the instrument cluster is highlighted by two chrome rings which outline the digital dials when the display comes on. The display goes red when you put the car into sport- mode, aqua when in economy. Also, above the d, you have the heads-up display which beams the speedo as well as any other vital information that the car might want you to see right away.

How is it to drive?

Very few machines seem to have gotten it right on all fronts and the BMW d has to be one of them. That is because of this 3. With two turbochargers feeding it, the engine hammers bhp of power and a massive Nm of torque which starts kicking in right from rpm.

When you step on it, even the mm tyre tread on the inch rims finds it difficult to deal with the barrage of torque as the rear wheels spin up leaving black trails behind.

You have to be deft with the steering if you plan to keep the throttle mashed, because with the wheel-spin, you will get some sideways action. Being a typical BMW, the Dynamic Stability control will let the car scare you a bit before it comes into play. But, if you are someone who enjoys this, you are in for a treat.

Because, the steering is direct and intuitive. It does tighten up when you opt for the Sport Mode and personally, I would have loved a bit more weight, but that is me being wishful. Further, the steering provides muffled but precise feedback and you can feel the weight of the d coming into play, especially if you are braking to enter a corner.

Sheer potential of the d to go fast is huge thanks to the chassis, the suspension and the brakes that are immensely capable. The adaptive suspension works extremely well giving the d a pretty plush ride. There is always that underlying stiffness and yet the rides at both the low and high speed is pliant.

2017 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe facelift exterior design

In Sport mode, the car stays absolutely flat and you can feel it go taut when you move from Comfort, where the d feels a little bouncy in comparison. Also, Sport Mode alters the engine maps and the eight-speed ZF gearbox revs right till the rev-needle goes red to lay down all the power it can deliver.

The d holds it at the rpm red-line when you are in manual mode instead of shifting at rpm when you let the car take care of it. Furthermore, you can individually tune the engine, gearbox, steering and suspension in the Sport as well as Eco-Pro modes to suit your tastes.

All in all, the BMW d is rock solid at all speeds and with this kind of ride and handling, three digit speeds feel like two.

New 2018 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe in-depth review – Carbuyer – Sophie Fisher

The feedback is so precise that you know exactly what each of the wheels is doing. Why should I buy it?

BMW 5 Series

Like all modern BMWs, the d feels plush, rich and has that element of sportiness that car enthusiasts like us adore. It is spacious and the interior quality is top-notch.

And so is the equipment list.

We can go on about the abilities of this engine and the chassis and the suspension setup and just keep going on. It scores high on the fun-to-drive scale while not compromising on the new definitions of space and comfort.

The only downside that we can think of is that the new 5 Series is seriously big. So toll booths, traffic or tight parking spaces is where you will have to be very careful.

It does look nice, especially the sculpted sporty front bumper, but it scrapes on those towering speed humps or on steep ramps.

But then BMW has taken care of that as well.

You guessed it right. Fourth generation models appeared in sedan only before the coupe, convertible, and wagon variants joined the party a year later.

This is where the degree camera function is god sent, telling you exactly what is happening anywhere around the car. And then the smart-key fob with its remote parking feature is just the icing on the cake.

Available as a sedan, coupe, convertible, and even for a short time as a hatchback, the 3-Series also presented a smoother look than in previous years, offered more options, and revised underhood 3-Series parts.

At the bottom of the lineup was a 1. Fourth generation models appeared in sedan only before the coupe, convertible, and wagon variants joined the party a year later.

BMW 1 Series

Designed with a more aerodynamic body shape, stiffer suspension, and improved steering, the 3-Series was lauded right away by critics and drivers alike.

Initially, the i versions were given a 2. But bythe i punched in with a 2. The biggest of the bunch was the i's 3.

The 1 Series (F52) is a four-door sedan that began production in in China for the Chinese market. It is made by BMW Brilliance, a joint venture between BMW and Brilliance F52 uses the front-wheel drive UKL platform shared with the X1 (F48) and Mini Hatch.

When the fifth generation debuted in as the E90, it was once again presented in two trims — i and i, just like the end of the previous generation.

This time around, the i showed off horsepower, an increase of 30 horsepower from the original output. Ina d diesel version made its way into the fold and xDrive became the nomenclature used for all-wheel drive models.

How do you define luxury? The truth is, there are many words that drivers use to define the word luxury, but there are only a few cars that truly put meaning behind it and BMW's well-received 3-Series is the one that holds this distinction. Superior technology and engineering, as well as advanced BMW 3-Series parts are just two reasons this model has catapulted into the spotlight.

Lavish interior comfort combined with a sleek outside appearance which give the essence of elegance have made the 3-Series what it truly is - a Hall of Famer. We're here with everything you need to dress to impress or increase the comfort and performance of your vehicle.

We work side by side with every major manufacturer in the business to ensure that all of our BMW 3-Series accessories and parts, including BMW E46 parts, are crafted with the kind of expert professionalism you deserve.

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