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The sleep mode or sleep state is a low-power state available in Windows operating system, including Windows This low power sleep mode comes in handy, especially for notebook and tablet users to extend the battery life.

However, you might be able to fix the problem simply by creating a new user account. But, as is not unusual, I again managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

The Creators Update adds the ability to specify a custom color instead of being forced to pick one of Microsoft's presets.

Themes are now controlled within the Settings app, not a separate Control Panel. Apps has moved from being part of System to its own top-level category. Game Bar configuration is now handled in Settings, rather than the Xbox app. Game DVR configuration has similarly moved to settings.

Beam broadcasting doesn't offer a ton of options or control, but it's enough for casual streaming. Game mode has to be enabled system-wide where it's on by default and then for each individual game. This troubleshooting section is new. On the edge of being good The biggest recipient of visible changes is probably the Edge browser.

In a nod to the Windows 8 immersive browser, the tab bar can be expanded to show nice little previews of all your open tabs, and there's a new "set aside" feature that lets you stash away all the current tabs as a group, and then load them all up again later.

For people who like to use tabs as if they were bookmarks—and I know I do—this is almost a really neat feature. The set aside tabs aren't persistent; if you un-set-aside them, they're no longer stored in the set aside area. Close the window and they're gone forever.

I would like to, for example, have a bunch of tabs that I use for when I file expenses, so that I can simultaneously open our expense system, instructions for our expense system, Uber for retrieving receiptsand the American Express website.

But I can't create a set of persistent set-aside tabs for "expenses. Edge is now an e-book reader. Edge has a new pane for managing your library, and there are a number of options for controlling the display of those books.

Unfortunately, e-books don't support one of Edge's other features: Since its release, Edge has supported creating annotated Web pages with a pen. In truth I've never found this particularly valuable; while I imagine it could prove very useful in, for example, Web development and design—just have a client mark up all the parts of the page where they want the font larger, or a QA person circle bugs for a developer to fix—the appeal to a general audience seems limited.

Windows 10 game development guide

But the ability to mark up e-books seems more attractive and generally useful. Unfortunately, inking isn't supported in e-books.

Microsoft told me this is for copyright reasons, which may be true, but feels like a missed opportunity in any case. Under the hood, the new Edge includes the usual array of standards improvements, including support for WebRTC 1.

When you take out your PC and turn it back on, it turns on instantly. If you choose to use the recommended settings, the troubleshooter will test the app using a previous version of Windows so you can see if that resolves the issue. But I'm not feeling anything from having Game Mode enabled, nor am I seeing any big change in processor activity. However I found this alternative Win 8 workaround which I can confirm works equally well in Windows

It also includes a preview of WebAssembly support off by default. Microsoft is also working to make Edge a more secure browser. The Edge sandbox is now stricter, with its access prohibited to a wide range of Windows APIs—meaning that even if an attacker gets malicious code to run within the browser, that code now has far fewer opportunities to break out of the browser process and attack the system.

Microsoft has also changed how Edge's "Chakra" JavaScript engine works. The JavaScript engines in all modern browsers are JIT "just in time" compilers, meaning that they compile the JavaScript into executable x86 code on-the-fly to reduce the overhead of running scripts.

Every browser also respects and uses non-execute protection: This means that the browser has to have access to the API that marks data in memory as executable.

That's a problem, because that API is equally useful to attackers, so that they can mark their malicious data as being executable. In the new Edge, access to this API is now prohibited; the process that handles potentially malicious Web content can no longer mark data as being executable.

Chakra's JIT compilation has been moved to a separate process, and this separate process is responsible for making memory in the sandboxed browser process executable on an as-needed basis. Edge is on the cusp of being a really great browser, but it's still not there yet.

Chrome is very forgiving if you close a window accidentally; ctrl-shift-T brings the window back, with all its tabs intact. Chrome similarly lets you close all windows simultaneously, preserving all their tabs, so that when you reopen it, you're back exactly where you left off, with multiple windows and multiple tabs all in the place you left them.

Edge can't do either of these things. Although most app developers offer bit x86 versions of their apps, some only offer bit x64 apps. Games and apps that use a version of OpenGL greater than 1.

The same is true for games that rely on "anti-cheat" drivers.

Review: Windows 10 Creators Update is quite a small major update

Check with your game publisher to see if the game you want to play will work. Some apps that customize the Windows experience might have problems. Examples include some input method editors IMEsassistive technologies, and cloud storage apps. The app developer needs to update their app to work on a Windows 10 PC running on a Snapdragon processor.

What factors should someone who uses assistive technology consider before buying a Windows 10 in S mode PC running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor?

Windows 10 in S mode provides several built-in accessibility features that you can use to help you do more on your device.

The Creators Update for Windows 10 brought a whole host of new features. One of them is Game mode basically helps you have the best gaming experience on your Windows 10 PC. When you use the Game mode for a game, Windows 10 makes gaming the top priority to improve the game performance and quality.

People who use assistive technology can switch out of S mode for free to use non-Microsoft Store apps by following the steps in the Using Windows 10 in S mode with assistive technology: Please check with your preferred assistive technology vendor to find out if their application is compatible with Windows 10 running on a Snapdragon processor.

For customers who use screen readers, NVDA has updated their app to be compatible with Windows 10 on a Snapdragon processor. For more info, visit the NV Access website. Note Switching out of S mode is one-way. If you make the switch, you won't be able to go back to S mode.

To learn more, see How do I switch out of S mode? Note that if you make this switch, bit x64 apps still won't run.

My experience with the integrated Beam support brought up some issues that call to mind broader concerns about how Windows 10 is tested. Close the window and they're gone forever.

Note that switching out of S mode is one-way. If you make the switch, you won't be able to go back to S mode on that device. What do I need to get an LTE cellular data connection? Every Windows 10 PC whether or not S mode enabled running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor can connect to a cellular data network.

This lets you get online wherever you have a cellular signal.

How to switch between Tablet and Desktop mode in Windows 10 [Tip]

To learn how to get connected after that, see Cellular settings in Windows To see if your device will work, check the hardware manufacturer's website or your mobile operator's website.

You can also buy prepaid cellular data plans through the Microsoft Store. For more information about how to buy a plan, see Get online with paid cellular data. Can I update it to run in Windows 10 in S mode?

Windows 10 in S mode works exclusively with compatible apps from the Microsoft Store. Many hardware accessories and peripherals such as printers that work with Windows 10 today will work with Windows 10 in S mode, but might have limited functionality. See Windows 10 in S mode Accessory Compatibility for more info on Microsoft hardware accessories as well as links to third parties who can share compatibility information for using their accessories with Windows 10 in S mode.

Windows 10 in S mode FAQ

Right-click Windows PowerShell from the list of results and choose Run as administrator. When PowerShell starts, run the following command: Now you just need to open Microsoft Store app and download Xbox app again.

Once you download it, the problem with Game bar should be completely resolved.

How to Set Compatibility Mode for Apps in Windows 10

This is just a temporary workaround, but it might help you with this issue. To perform this solution, you need to do the following: When Settings app opens, navigate to Gaming section. Locate Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar option and disable it.

Now wait for a few moments and turn it back on again. After doing that, the Game bar should start working again. Solution 8 — Create a new user account According to users, problems with Game bar can occur if your user profile is damaged or corrupted.

However, you might be able to fix the problem simply by creating a new user account.

How To Turn On Game Mode In Windows 10

To do that, you just need to follow these simple steps: Open the Settings app and navigate to the Accounts section. In the right pane choose Add someone else to this PC.

Choose Add a user without a Microsoft account. Enter the desired user name and click on Next. After creating a new user account, switch to it and check if that solves your problem.

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