How Tall Is Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley Biography - Affair, Married, Husband, Ethnicity, Nationality, Salary, Net Worth, Height | Who is Cat Deeley? Cat Deeley is an English television presenter, actress, singer, and model. Her real name is Catherine Elizabeth but is well known by Cat Deeley .

Everyone has different taste. If the avg male really was 5.

Because all the male dancers look like dwarfs next to her!!

Cat Deeley Height Weight Body Statistics

One of the reasons she dwarfs people on shows like "So you think you can dance? Agreed with many comments that she is odd looking and somewhat goofy facially. Also, she does have bony locked knees She wears massive heels and besides, dancers aren't that tall normally.

I think she's gorgeous though: Even with 4" heels shes no more than cm. In north europe thats the avarage height for guys in their twenties She must be taller! Plus 5'11 at least!

Im and thought she would be way taller than me coz I dont look that tall next to so many people. Man now I feel like a giant, if thats what I would look like next to all them dancers This site is very good.

Cat Deeley

She's always so supportive of the contestants and has such a great bubbly personality. She's just not ridiculously plastic. I never thought she looked ridiculously tall she looks 5'9" on the dotbut she does look around 6'1" in those 5" heels of hers. Most of the women are in the 5' and sub 5' range, whereas many of the men are around 5'5".

To say she is ugly is plain moronic.

How tall is Cat Deeley

Must be 6'1" in heels because she looks 2 inches shorter than 6'3" Matt, who I think was barefoot. The short guys must be 5'5"-5'6" and the girls 5'2". It's also said that Courtney and Gev are the shortest couple. I saw on some myspaces that Twitch is 6'0" and Comfort is 5'3".

Cat is taller then lynd by a near 2 inches, both in pretty big heels. Its impossible for he to be getting 5 inches of height from the shoes she was wearing. What ambulance did you fall out of? She modelled on several TV shows and reached the final of' The Clothes Show' modelling contest thing.

She has hosted several high profile events,she also seems like the nicest person in the world. British people do not all look the same, know how I know?

Because I am british.

Cat Deeley - The Story Of Craig's Broken Finger - 4/6 Visits In Chron. Order [720-1080p]

Cat looks great, and guess what! She use to be a model, in fact she use to share the same agency as Kate Moss. Heard of her retards? Biggest fashion model, who is god help us british to. As far as peole saying she has a crooked nose etc.

What you don't think there are as many Americans born with crooked noses? Credit to her for not giving in to the pressures of having surgery, and still looking good on it.

She might be a bit bony, but Newsflash, so are most of the world's famous actresses and models, and she looks good in whatever she wears. Bony looks better than chunky any day. She does seem 5'9 but no more and don't forget that in 4 inch heels she will be over 6 feet tall.

But she is one weird looking chick Need to eat a burger sister. Seems like America is not fond of her.

How tall is Cat Deeley? Cat Deeley’s height is 5ft 9in ( cm). How much does Cat Deeley weight? She weights lbs (56 kg). When was Cat Deeley born? Her birthday’s on October 23, How old is Cat Deeley? She is

Also, I would have to agree with the comments re: That guy cant possible be 5 ft 2 or so, his body is too long.

I thought she was taller.

Drinking champagne with Cat Deeley - Gordon Ramsay

Cat looks far from great. She is very odd looking from her nose, to her eyes, to her chop sticks legs. She is quite tall though 5'8 on the dot. I met her in London at a charity event two yearsd ago and she is weird looking with no breast or hips either.

Cat looks great and is not the usual 'plastic fantastic'! Sorry but Americans don't have the monopoly on good looking people. I've been there, so I should be able to judge.

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She is one of the ugliest and dumbest people on TV. Cool site though Ed.

And then i was thinking about your heels. So i guess the dancers are just real short! There are also quite a number of chat sites that complain about her useless presentation skills, and which also claim 5''9 range among other info.

Her height seems more like 5'8.

Cat Deeley swears on TV

I would've believed 6'1"! I swear, I was watching an episode last night where the judges were teasing her for it and Deeley said she was six foot. Then again, I was vacuuming at the same time.

Anyway, I guess the dancers are in the five and a half feet range, because the height different is generally inches. I read an article can't remeber where talking about the Brits coming to town, and she was mentioned. It was broadcast in the United Kingdom. Not only that she has built her career in acting.

Deeley was again seen in an interview with Kylie Minogue.

British people do not all look the same, know how I know? I used to date a woman her size and that's my estimate. Retrieved 2 August

The event was huge enough and was watched by more than million people at the Wembley Stadium. She has always been the host of the show. She has also hosted one of the dating game show named The Choice in the UK.

It was premiered on 7 June and ended on 12 July Description to Body Measurements Deeley has got slim body standing with the height of 5 feet 9 inches tall.

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She weighs 58 kg. She has blonde colored hair and likewise, hazel colored eyes.

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