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E Tue Oct 30 9: In the pilot, after Barry awakens from his 9-month coma and discovers he can move fast, he finds out that there is another metahuman out there, Clyde Mardon. Essentially a complete inversion of how he starts out, as part of his Character Development and possibly the game directors desire to push players towards getting better.

Also, while Superman was depowered substantially following Crisis on Infinite Earthsthat nerfing has largely stuck. Everyone always seems to forget Every Kryptonian and Daxamite is equal to him in power and some even greater.

Supergirl is notably faster but comparatively less tough. She also was a Red Lantern for a while during which was one of the most dangerous beings in the universe. Power Girla slightly-older Supergirl from a parallel universe, has Supergirl's powers plus a few years' yellow-sun exposure.

General Zod has Superman's powers and Lex Luthor 's megalomania all rolled into one. He's basically a stand-in for Superboy or Supergirlor a backup when either are present in the 30th Century.

Alternate-Universe Kryptonians are often even more powerful than primary-universe Kryptonians: Bizarro, the Earth-0 Superman or a clone, depending on the continuityis an exact copy of Superman, but with less control. Meaning they can move planets, take hydrogen bombs to the face, and calculate their league of legends ranked decay by how many times faster than the speed of light they travel.

Ultramanthe Earth-3 Superman, is equal in power to the primary Superman, but not only gains a Power-Up from Kryptonite, he also completely lacks his moral compass, meaning he doesn't hold back at all.

Several New Gods like Darkseid and Orion. DC's acquisitions of other companies caused those labels' Alternate Company Equivalent characters to cause even more dilution when they were folded into the main Universe: Captain Marvel always was his equal in everything, lacking his weaknesses, and has access to magical lightning, which completely bypasses Kryptonians' Damage Reduction.

Since the 's when he was then published by Fawcett ComicsCaptain Marvel has been the go-to heroic counter to Superman whenever there's been a major Let's You and Him Fight moment. Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel's sister, is a counterpart for Supergirlmeaning she's just as powerful as both the Big Blue Boyscout and the Big Red Cheese with a few different powers, since her powers derive from female figures, rather than male.

Black Adambeing an evil counterpart to Shazamis even more of a threat to Superman Same powers, looser morals. Icon originally from Milestone Comicsis a total match for Superman, so much so that in the Young Justice cartoon, they lampshade this by noting that Superman initially thought he was a Kryptonian and wanted him to join the League purely for that reason.

While Superman remains one of the strongest members of the Justice League of Americain the grand scheme of things, he ends up not only being un-unique, but barely in the middle of the Power Levels of beings in the DCU, so much so that he had to gain a new Kamehame Hadoken -like power in based on his laser vision just to stay unique.

As a meta example, Superman was originally the first more or less, at least of the now standard Superhero characters.

He was unique not only in his setting, but in real life, too. In DaredevilMatt Murdock's radar sense was originally a super power, the freak result of the accident that blinded him. Later, Frank Miller introduced a mentor character and revealed that anyone could learn to "see" without their eyes the way that Matt does.

In the original run, the Green Lantern Ring was a big deal. Just having it made an Earthling one of the most powerful beings in-continuity.

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Then Continuity Drift happened, and there were hundreds of Green Lanterns, and calling the human who had one "The Green Lantern" seemed rather silly. Then, there were several humans who had one, at the same time, in direct conflict with the established distribution method.

Then we found out that there were other Lantern Corps of various colors. Slowly, the Green Lantern Ring was necessary to be even marginally effective in related conflicts, and some characters who have them still can't hold their own.

Hal's joining the Green Lantern Corps is treated in some stories as ground-breaking, with him being the first human to join them A common complaint about the Darker and Edgier treatment of previously lighthearted characters: Batman is cool, but that doesn't mean every character should be Batman.

You know, just to name a few. Worth noting, however, is that except for brief stints with The Worf Effectthe Hulk hasn't been unseated as World's Strongest Man by any of them, mostly due to his uniquely-unstable mentality, which gamma power feeds from. The most established of these being Thunderstrike, followed by Jane Foster.

Thanks to years of clones, alternate-reality versions, distaff counterparts, future children, and alternate-reality successors, the number of spider-themed characters has increased league of legends ranked decay.

Those still in publication by the year include: And that's not including any symbiote, nor all the other spider-people we saw running around in Spider-Verse. First, there was just Knuckles.

Then, we're introduced to his uncle, the power-mad Enerjak, and learn that Knux's father, Locke, was alive.

Then, there's Athair, a former Guardian-turned-mystic. Then, we're introduced to the Dark Legion right before Echidnaopolis reappears with an entire city of Echidnas. Then, we learn that Athair is leading an entire tribe of echidnas to a mystical city of Echidnas.

Before the Time Skipwe had Echidnas coming out of the woodwork. The time skip culled them down and the Continuity Reboot reset it back to how it was. In The Flashthere's the act of leaving the Speed Force.

Mark Waid, who introduced the Speed Force, had it so Wally West is the first person to ever leave it because of his love for Linda Park. However, he establishes that it's a near-impossible thing to do, and that a being can't exist in the Speed Force for too long without just merging with it.

It's established as a truly dangerous threat not to be taken lightly. Wally initially is the first person to ever leave it, when he goes too fast when trying to stop Kobra. Wally does it one more time in Waid's run, when he gets stuck in the Speed Force after Abra Kadabra retcons Linda from existence and, again, he's forced to go too fast.

Being in the Speed Force, spanning multiple realities, allowed Wally to see what had happened and he appears to Linda again in the alternate reality she became stranded in. Then Geoff Johns came along, and being "lost to the Speed Force" keeps everyone perfectly intact, so we have Barry Allen popping out of it to help Bart after 20 years of being stuck inside it.

Johns' JSA run had the Rival, a speedster last seen in the 40s, somehow escape it without explanation. In Johns' Legion of Three Worlds, Brainiac 5 is somehow able to bring Bart back, and his personality and body were intact.

Later, in Johns' The Flash: Rebirth, we see that Max Mercury and Johnny Quick, lost to the Speed Force over a decade earlier, were also intact and Max was able to return by basically holding Barry's hand while Barry was holding Wally's, when Wally went in to pull Barry out.

This is all a far cry from the huge threat of the Speed Force removing someone's individuality and the undying, true love required to escape it. He somewhat fixes things in DC Universe: Rebirth 1, where Wally is barely able to escape thanks to Barry's friendship He does this again when his cousin goes into the Speed Force to save Deathstroke, managing to pull both out.

By this point, the Speed Force is basically where speedsters go for a nap. Speaking of The Flash, there's the entire concept of the Reverse-Flash, who are supposed to be the Evil Counterpart speedsters to whatever Flash they're fighting. While all but Inertia and the Black Flash who wasn't so much a person as a force of nature and the embodiment of death, meaning he wasn't used much anyway were done away with, and Geoff Johns gave Wally a true evil counterpart in the second official Reverse-Flash, Hunter Zolomon.

He also introduced us to Hot Pursuit later on once Barry Allen returned. Because the number of evil speedsters now far surpasses that of the number of Reverse-Flashes, their place as the evil speedsters doesn't mean much, and it's other things that make them stand out — Eobard killed Iris West, then later Barry's mother which led to Flashpoint; while Hunter is established as being the fastest being in existence, and causing Linda Park's miscarriage.

In Sonic the Comic hedgehogs are spiky and brown. Sonic turned blue in the same accident that gave him superspeed.

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Amy is pink furred but it wasn't initially explained why though her fashion-savvy nature might suggest she dyes her fur. The story "Amy's Secret Past" finally gave a reason: Amy already a tomboyish Freedom Fighter despite it being too early for that caught wind of it and stopped him.

Amy was thrown into the machine, which fused her quills and turned her pink. Fan Works Soul Eater: While this aspect is never seen as a big deal in the manga, the anime finale made it a point of interest that Maka is the child of a Meister and a Weapon.

Likely because of that, the story goes the manga route and never brings it up. Justified that it has been fifty years since the events of Twilight Princess, giving enough time for another male to be born. By the end of the movie, he has managed to mate with Jewel and produce three offspring, with Tiago being male.

Then the sequel comes along, revealing that there is a lost flock of macaws hidden in the Amazon rainforest, with Jewel's father Eduardo among them. Though it gradually introduces a number of knock-off Iron Man suits, including Stane's giant version in the first film and Vanko's various suits in the second filmthese are all inferior to Tony's designs.

And even in the third filmwhere Stark himself has a virtual army of his own Iron Man suits zipping around without his direct control, he's the only one with control over them, and is most effective when piloting one himself. The only other person to get a complete Iron Man suit of his own is James Rhodes, Tony's best friend, who has Tony's blessing to use one of his suits as War Machine.

The rancor beast from Return of the Jedi was originally described in the novelization as a mysterious, possibly mutated creature: Its huge screeching mouth was asymmetrical in its head, its fangs and claws set all out of proportion. It was clearly a mutant, and wild as all unreason.

Later the novel novel The Courtship of Princess Leia introduced the previously undiscovered planet of Dathomir, to which the rancors are native.

Main Characters

And it turns out that Jabba's rancor in Return of the Jedi was actually a small example of the species. Dathomir itself then propagated in the EU, to the point that the novel Ruins of Dantooine included Dathomirian beasts, a common biologist with detailed knowledge of Dathomir's ecosystem, and other characters who'd apparently been to the planet Grand Admiral Thrawn was initially presented as a member of an unknown species, established after 8 years OOU and 10 IU timeline years as the heretofore reclusive Chiss species from the Unknown Regions.

After this, of course, Chiss proliferated in the EU, most recently and egregiously in the novel Darth Bane: Path of Destruction a full years before the species was supposed to have been known to the galaxy at large. The Old Republicthe Chiss are running around over 3, years before they're officially supposed to be known although there was a galactic dark age shortly after this era so the records could have just been lost.

Of course, it didn't take long for the Expanded Universe authors to start creating their own survivors who went into hiding or were mysteriously overlooked.

Not to mention the hundreds of Sith all over the place. At first, it was a very rare power only the most veteran and skilled Sith had, which was a testament of their power. In the EU, either be books, comics or especially video games, every Sith or just a Darksider can use Force Lightning, and thus becoming so common that it replaced the Force Choke as the signature ability of the Dark Side.

Taken to a ridiculous degree in some works where Jedi can use it was well. Luke himself uses a variant of it in New Jedi Order that is instantly lethal. This could mean that Force Lightning is something that any sufficiently powerful Force-user could wield, but the Jedi generally refuse to because it's basically made only to cause extreme pain.


This is actually discussed about the Sith in the Darth Bane trilogy of books. Bane realizes that having more than two Sith Lords at any one time spreads the dark side of the Force too thinly, and the Sith as a whole are weakened because the Sith crave power to the point that they're willing to jeopardize their plans for galactic domination just to get a leg up on their rivals and thus leave the Sith vulnerable.

Given how many times Sith empires had collapsed for precisely this reason, Bane clearly had a point. The line of reasoning behind the Rule of Two that there should only be one master and one apprentice is that there is one Sith to embody power, and a second to crave it.

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Specifically related to the Legends continuity: Originally introduced as a rare mineral that was difficult to work with, impractical for armor due to its weight and softnessand with the specific power to merely turn off lightsabers and even then, they can cause it small amounts of damageCortosis was eventually woven sorry into the rest of the EU as part of something called "Cortosis weave", a process that allows weapons and armor to resist lightsabers.

The Old Republic games in particular treat Cortosis as one of the most common materials in the universe, judging by how well standard swords and armor stand up against it. Originallythe Kaiburr crystal was a single unique gem that could enhance one's connection to the Force.

Eventually, someone made the connection that lightsabers have crystals, so why not take part of the Kaiburr crystal and make a lightsaber out of it? By the time of the reboot, "Kyber" had become a kind of crystal, one of many that was suitable for lightsaber construction.

As of the new continuityKyber has become the kind of crystal that lightsabers and, ultimately, the Death Star are made with.

In the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secretsthe creation of a Polyjuice Potion is stated to be a very difficult and time consuming process, needing a full month to prepare.

Vandal Savage

That Hermione managed to prepare it in her second year at Hogwarts is treated as something extraordinary. After the second book, however, the potion becomes one of the most commonly used potions throughout the series, playing a part in four of the seven books.

Yet many characters are shown with them, and by the end of the fifth book Harry has taught it to a bunch of his classmates. The power of the Patronus varied greatly between characters though. And Harry states when he's training his classmates that it's a lot harder to produce a Patronus when you're facing down a Dementor.

This gets demonstrated in the seventh book. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: It is many times mentioned how few Greek half bloods there are, even before Luke starts recruiting them. Yet in the Heroes of Olympus series, a whole new Roman camp is revealed, with not only more demigods, but children of demigods, and children of children of demigods.

Justified Tropeeveryone who knew both camps all swore upon the river Styx to never speak of it and the Gods tried their hardest to keep them separated.

While Zeus broke the pact first, his daughter Thalia is dead by the time the series begins Bianca is promptly killed off, but the sequel series gives Thalia and Nico each a new sibling, bringing the total to five.

Justified because the central plot of the story revolves around a prophecy concerning a child of Poseidon, Zeus, or Hades, and it would be really boring if Percy was automatically it. He is it, but At first, half bloods had to pray to their parent, or focus most of their energy to use powers like lightning bolts or huge waves.

But by the final battle, Jason manages to summon a storm, and Leo enough fire, to defeat Gaia, without breaking a sweat. In The Wheel of TimeRand is the only character on the side of good who can Travel create gateways to travel to other places instantly during the fifth book.

After he explains it to Egwene in the sixth book, she discovers the female version and teaches the Aes Sedai at Salidar. He also shows it to Mazrim Taim, who teaches the weave to the Asha'man. Lifemating the full-on Mindlink Mates type is supposedly a rare thing to happen in the Liaden Universebut roughly half the adult characters in Clan Korval have ended up with one by now.

In Vampire AcademyLissa and Rose are introduced as a rare spirit user and shadow-kissed pair. They have to figure out what they are and the nature of their powers through studying the lives of Medieval predecessors Saint Vladimir and Anna.

As well as knowing an elder spirit user in teacher Sonya Karp. They are hinted to be the first spirit users in centuries. There are even some unnamed, insane spirit users incarcerated in Tarasov prison.

Suddenly Lissa does not seem so unique anymore. Making Rose less unique as well. Honor Harrington sees the Star Kingdom of Manticore develop, over many years, completely game-changing weapons and tactics, like multi-drive missiles, Ghost Rider, LAC swarms that actually work and more, to win the war in a single hammering campaign, Operation Buttercup, as their unstoppable Eighth Fleet drives hard and fast for the Haven capitol planet.

Five years later, everyone whose anyone has frantically worked to duplicate, counter or improve upon Manticore's superweapons. Which is admittedly realistic. Well, except the Solarian League. The suffix "-heart" was originally one of the rarer ones out there and was only used for particularly kindhearted and brave cats.

Over time, more and more cats have been named with it, making it lose its uniqueness. The Next Generation as a mysterious, frighteningly advanced and implacable species from beyond known space.

This does make sensethough; Starfleet learned some painful lessons from their initial run-ins with the Borg and were a lot better prepared in subsequent encounters.

These subsequent Borg encounters also reveal that all growth in Borg abilities comes from assimilating the technology of others and directly experiencing their tactics. Innovation is simply beyond their ability; the Borg are purely reactive.

This also happened with warp core breaches. Originally introduced in the episode "Contagion", it was stated as an extremely unlikely occurrence due to the numerous fail-safe systems designed specifically to keep it from happening.

Then the show's writers realized that a "warp core breach" was synonymous with "imminent danger", and they started happening with a depressing regularity, to the point that warp cores have an ejection system built into them. Apparently, all those fail-safe systems suddenly became useless.

In the early years we knew almost nothing about The Doctor's people - it was six years before we learned the name "Time Lords". Over the next decade or so, more stories featuring the corrupt, self-interested and machiavellian Time Lords were made, to the point where many fans complained that too much was being explained and the mystery had gone.

One of the objectives of the so-called "Cartmel Masterplan" was to reintroduce the mystery regarding the Doctor himself by retconning much of what we knew about him to be a lie and implying that he was a much more powerful figure than a "mere" Time Lord.

The new series managed to bring this back a bit, by having them all supposedly killed off. This means that for modern fans, any slight suggestion that there might be another one out there is incredibly exciting.

They've since come back, had their return thwartedbeen saved, lostfound, lost againand then eventually wandered back on their own as of the end of series 9.

The introduction of the Devil's Trap at the end of Season One. Apparently Sam and Dean, two of the most experienced hunters out there, not to mention their father, didn't know about a magic chalk circle which could trap demons. As soon as Bobby uses it, suddenly everyone with even basic awareness of demons can make one, and it starts appearing everywhere as a primary security measure.

This also happened with demon-killing weapons. This was shown to be due more to ulterior motives than fatherly love, as in issue three of the Secret Six miniseries it was revealed Savage wants his daughter to produce an heir with Catmanand he's been putting bounties on the Secret Six's heads as a warning of what will happen to her lover, Knockoutif she refuses him.

He actually even serves as one of its inner cabinet members. Flash and JSA[ edit ] Main article: One Year Later Savage was seen as leader of a doomsday cult. He attempted to use a device to pull an asteroid into the Earth, but was thrown into space with the asteroid itself when the Flash reversed the polarity of the device.

Power Girl

His immortality completely drained, he is still able to survive otherwise fatal wounds, but a brain tumor and a strong decay of his biological function are leading him to a fast death, with an estimated life span of eleven days. Savage tries to capture Alan Scott by baiting him with a grotesque and disguised Wesley Dodds clone, who, in fact, is his own clone.

After a failed attempt to steal Scott's DNA, Savage is left alone in the rubble of his former secret base. Realizing that his clone could be considered his own offspring, and that the blood of his descendants has always renewed his strength, Savage cooks and eats his clone, renewing his energies at least for another year.

In issue 4, after a battle with Wildcat and his newly discovered son, who is revealed to have the ability to turn into a cat-like creature at which Savage is surprised which he claims to have not been in years, Savage is defeated when hit by a fire truck.

He later reappears in Atlantis where he is revealed to have been behind the atrocities in Sub Diego and Black Manta 's occupation of the city. He claims to have puzzled out the mechanical workings of the planet and used this knowledge to locate a "safe zone" without any of the predators that roam the rest of the world.

He has placated some of the more willful of the females like Phobia and Cheetah by promising each of them that they will be his queen when he rules the planet. Ultimately, Savage escapes back to Earth along with the rest of the imprisoned villains following an attack by Parademons sent by Desaad who used the planet as a training ground.

As he says to Lex Luthor, Vandal is willing to follow Libra in exchange for his heart's desire, an end to his boredom. Revelationsthe Order of the Stone the followers of Cain comes in possession of the Spear of Destiny.

Later, a group of followers led by Sister Wrack enter Vandal Savage's tent. They plunge the Spear of Destiny into Vandal's body. Thus Cain is reborn in him, and agrees to lead the Followers into punishing the Spectre for branding him because of his ancient crime.

The Spectre, forbidden by God to kill Cain, instead sentences him to walk the Earth, unable to disguise himself, being forever reviled and persecuted by the rest of the human race and denied rest until God says otherwise the Mark of Cain.

It is ultimately revealed that the Insiders were members of Savage's tribe who were also exposed to the meteorite and gained immortality. Savage still possessing the Mark of Cain forms a temporary alliance with fellow immortal and cult leader as well as at times Mass Murderer Ra's al Ghul to thwart the group's plan.

Whether true or not, Vandal Savage has come to believe he literally is the Biblical Cain. The mark he still bears hampers his ability to do his business and thus he attempts to pass it off - to either the Question or the Huntress.

He succeeds, imparting the mark to the Question, who accepts to be branded to spare the Huntress from the disfigurement and the pain [18] despite the fact that The Question later proves how the brand could be suppressed by acknowledging the flaws, the shortcomings and the guilt of the bearer, a feat made seemingly impossible by Vandal Savage's mindset.

The Return of Bruce Wayne[ edit ] In the distant past, Bruce Wayne, an apparent amnesiac, walks out of the cave where Anthro died in the prehistoric times and is discovered by a tribe of primitives led by Vandal Savage, who attempts to kill Wayne in the belief that he is a member of the "Sky People.

When he finds from the "doctor" torturing the girl how to open the box; Savage and the doctor escape in a carriage, with the girl and the box, while Batman is busy with Vandal's thugs. Batman catches up with the carriage which eventually falls into a nearby river.

The doctor and Savage fall in but when they get out they come face to face with the Batman. Vandal, in an opium fueled delusion due to the amount of opium he had consumed for the cancersees Batman as an actual bat, compared to the girl and Alan Wayne who had been on the way to kill himself when the carriage had careened into the river whom he sees as skeletons, and remembers that night thousands of years ago when a bat-man had appeared.

He is then knocked out by Batman. He claims to be of ancient origin, his crimes sacrifices to forgotten gods. He has a daughter named Kassandra aka Kass Sagewho is a police officer. He assists Giganta and Signalman into tracking Pandora.

After Giganta was subdued, Vandal Savage steps in and the two fight, until Pandora seemingly kills him. However, Vandal Savage gets up and demands that Pandora give him the box, or else he will continue to try to find a way to kill her.

To his surprise, Pandora willingly gives him the box as she thinks she needs him to open it. Vandal Savage takes the box and fails to open it, with Pandora noting that he must have some good on his conscience. Although Superman is able to regain his powers by subjecting himself to a dangerous form of 'chemotherapy' where he deliberately exposes himself to kryptonite to burn away what radiation was preventing his cells from absorbing sunlight, [27] analysis reveals that Superman is now absorbing power from kryptonite that will soon kill him.

Despite this, Superman refuses to give in, as various minor heroes assist him in confronting Savage's descendants before he takes Metallo's kryptonite heart willingly donated and charges into Savage's base. He was also endowed with meta-human regenerative capacities, although this ability is intermittently portrayed between allowing him to recover from any injuries sustained to just allowing him to survive anything that might kill him; he is even capable of getting drunk like any normal human.

The radiation also enhanced Savage's strength, stamina, and speed, and enhanced his intellect to above average levels. Savage is still vulnerable to external damage; the stories have shown him healing almost instantaneously to taking as long as a normal human.

Savage still feels pain, but over time he has developed great endurance to it. His long life span has allowed him to gain a broad range of knowledge in a variety of fields, as well as granting him a great deal of influence over the world in general and the villain community in particular.

Since a recent experience when he was trapped on an asteroid, Savage's immortality has been weakened, forcing him to cannibalize his own children and clones to try and replenish his energy.

Recent stories have revealed that Savage was suffering from cancer when he acquired his immortality. As a result, while the cancerous cells in his body naturally cannot kill him, they cause him intermittent pain throughout his life, Savage being unable to have them removed as they are considered to be as much a part of his body as his healthy tissue.

Elo rating system was used in League of Legends ranked games prior to Season Three when the League system was introduced. The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players, originally designed for two-player games such as chess. It is named after its creator.

Vandal Savage is stated to be Cainthe first murderer himself, and as such he may be as old as the entire human race. He briefly wore the Mark of Cain, a metaphysical scarring with a cross pattern disfiguring his face, until he passed it to Renee Montoya. Though the mark can be suppressed by willpower and by the recognition of one's shortcomings and flaws, Vandal Savage never realized it, instead trying to force the mark on other people.

In the DCnU story line it was revealed the irradiated meteor which gave Savage his Immortality and augmented physicality was Kryptonian in origin. Im-El, an ancestor of Kal-El's, managed to avert a cataclysmic impact event instead by sending it hurtling towards prehistoric Earth.

A meteor fragment of said asteroid was what gave Savage his bolstered physique and immortality, it also had the effect of bestowing the progeny of his family line with odd powers and abilities as well as augmenting them, his own included. The closer Savage's comet came to the planet, the more these powers bestowed by them would intensify, to the point that Savage can batter and wound a weakened Superman long before the astral body would pass.

When in full view of the celestial element, not only were all of his powers vastly augmented, to the point he could stalemate a re-powered Superman, but he could fly and emit energy as a form of comet tail.

The extent of all these new abilities bestowed to him was not fully explored, as the comet was forced away before it could be explored in greater depth. He begs Faraday to release him but it soon rebuked by Faraday. In this story, League of legends ranked decay is obsessed with recovering the meteor that gave him his immortality, believing that it will reveal why he became what he has.

Over the centuries, he finds himself opposing the members of the Wayne family, starting with medieval knight Sir Joshua of Wainwright, to contemporary Bruce Wayne Vandal saved Bruce's parents from the mugging that killed them otherwise, but killed them when Bruce was an adult to ensure they did not stop him from reacquiring the meteor, only for him and Bruce to perish when they fell to Earth after a battle in spaceto futuristic Vice President Brenda Wayne, admiring their spirit and strength of character even as he refuses to allow them to stop his efforts.

At the conclusion of this last battle, Vandal is left drifting through space on the meteor, determined to learn the purpose of his life. In the 6 issue miniseries, the crew of the USS Enterprise join forces with the Legion of Super-Heroes after they are both accidentally thrown into an alternate timeline.

In this timeline, Earth rules a galactic empire and is led by Vandal Savage. Kirk realizes Savage is also the mysterious immortal Flint. While half of the group go back in time to discover when history diverged, the rest confront "Emperor Vandar the First" in the future.

Vandar attempts to torture them with the goal of learning about the 'mistakes' in their histories so that he can 'correct' them in his timeline, but Kirk mockingly informs Vandar that his actions prove that he is nothing more than the caveman he was at the start, incapable of considering the idea that progress might be possible in any way other than beating his opponent to death.

The alternate timeline is undone when Spock and Brainiac 5 release Q in the past; Q's escape undoes Vandar's changes and splits Vandal and Flint back into separate entities, Flint being a Vandal Savage who turned his life towards art and science rather than conquest.

Flashpoint[ edit ] In the Elseworlds story "Flashpoint" not to be confused with the crossover story arc of the same nameSavage runs a space-exploration corporation with the help of the crippled Barry Allen. He tries to use technology stolen from J'onn J'onzz to kill humanity he wants to commit suicide in the grandest manner possiblebut is killed by Barry Allenwho sacrifices his life to stop the alien device.

This Vandal Savage is a native of Earth, a world dominated by pulp fiction villains. With a crew that includes versions of Lady Shiva and Blockbusterhe invades Earth, another pulp-inspired world with a cadre of heroes led by Doc Fate.

Savage sets his sights on Immortal Manneeding to spill immortal blood to raise the demon Niczhuotan. Immortal Man overpowers Savage and it is Savage's own blood that is spilled.

Although he dies, Savage's purpose has been fulfilled. Children[ edit ] Being immortal has not stopped Vandal Savage from procreating. Scandal Savage is his daughter and the only one of his children he considers his heir.

He has trained her in combat since she was a young child. Scandal is a member of the Secret Six and by her own admission is "damned hard to kill".

The demon Grendel from Beowulf is also one of Vandal Savage's children [32] claiming that Vandal Savage "mounted the cave beast of my mother ". He refers to Vandal as Cain, the first murderer.

Another of his children is Cliff DeWitt, the owner of the Lab, the organization that gave Resurrection Man his powers.

Within the New 52 he has another daughter named Kassandra Sage, an FBI agent who reluctantly consults her imprisoned father on a case. In other media[ edit ] Animation[ edit ] Vandal Savage is seen in several episodes of the animated series Justice Leaguevoiced by Phil Morris.

In this version, in addition to being an ageless immortal, Savage also has superhuman regenerative powers, allowing him to heal and regenerate any injuries instantly to leave no trace of damage.

His origin is the same as that of his comic book counterpart, except, as revealed in the episode "Maid of Honor" that his age is half of that in the comics - 25, years. His plans are thwarted by the Justice Leaguealong with the help of the Blackhawks and Easy Company.

He next appears in "Maid of Honor", where he claims to be his own grandson and is betrothed to Princess Audrey in order to become the ruler of Kasniaseeking command of a satellite railgun before it is destroyed by the Justice League.

The two-part episode "Hereafter" features a version of Savage from an alternate future, in which he succeeded in destroying all life on Earth. Having lived alone for 30, years, he regrets his earlier actions. Working with a time-displaced Supermanwho had been seemingly killed by the Superman Revenge Squad a few months before Vandal destroyed humanity but had been sent to this future instead, Vandal is able to reset the timeline by sending the Man of Steel back to the 20th century via his new time machine.

He couldn't do this himself as the machine prevented him going back to a time where he already existed. As a result of the timeline being reset and his destruction of life on Earth undone, the alternate future Vandal Savage quietly thanked his friend, Superman, before being erased from existence, finally at peace with his newfound redemption.

Kru'll later appears in the episode "The Malicious Mr. Mind" as a member of the Monster Society of Evil. In the show, Vandal is an ancient neanderthal and has 3 facial scars, which he got after he was mauled by a giant bear, prior to acquiring his powers of immortality and accelerated healing.

It also turns out there was never any mechanical reason for the "one slayer" rule, it was just the wizards who first created the slayer line didn't think they could control more than one at a time. Flashpoint[ edit ] In the Elseworlds story "Flashpoint" not to be confused with the crossover story arc of the same name , Savage runs a space-exploration corporation with the help of the crippled Barry Allen. She also was a Red Lantern for a while during which was one of the most dangerous beings in the universe. If we let Hank have his way, I'm sure he'd want to sign an extension at the end of his current deal at age

He is set to appear in Young Justice: His current role is unknown. Curtis Knox portrayed by Dean Cain is an immortal who has lived for centuries under various names, and has actually been historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Jack the Ripperas well as being an apparent member of the Nazi party.

The character was originally referred to as Vandal Savage in the script, but the producers were told by the studio that they couldn't use that name.

However, it is still implied that the character of Knox is just Vandal Savage using an alias.

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