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These lyrics are a direct depiction of why this album is called "Love Yourself: Tear", meaning you don't always love just yourself. You can love other people and may end up getting hurt, hence why there's the word Tear in the album title.

Via opening all three of his mystic Eyes in harmonious vision, Agamotto at last beheld Oshtur, and the Eyes were allegedly blinded by joyful tears. That hyung practices even in his sleep. Tear, on May

Jin always happy when someone tell him handsome. Jin waking up 2 hours earlier than other members. Turns out, it was just him talking in his sleep.

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Sorcerer Supreme 72 - BTS - Based on cryptic guidance from Agamotto, Strange harnessed the magical forces he could control and returned to Earth with plans to confront Salome anew. His image before debute is the cute maknae who always listened to his parents. On a quest aided by Wong and Sofia di Cosimo, Strange gathered a trio of mystic rings, the Rings of Compulsion the existence of which was discovered by the mystics of Tsar Simeon in AD , which would allow one to command the Vishanti.

That hyung practices even in his sleep. I was the so-called mediocre student. Q Which outfit concept do u like in the Simulation Love Game? Rock band is fun the most. Q Do you have any expression that hard to try to shoot? But i like a little smile the most. I want to try walking along the pathways.

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I also want to watch movies, i want it. Jin Have a dog. The dog name is JJanggu. Jin Have Driver Lisenced.

Yinyuentai Interview I melted a bunch of Chocolate together. But i burnt them all she was really angry. If get a day off, Jin wants to have a servant. And he wants to order Suga around to be his servant. Jin wants his firstborn child to be a daughter, second to be a son.

He wants to make a noona for his son. Jin wants his son to have a noona because a noona would give him pocket money.

He said that his hyung always took his money. Jin thought of a restaurant he want to visit. The more she pondered this concept of "caring" the more she found herself longing to return to the world of her birth.

She was saddened to find her siblings, Set, Chthon and Gaea had come into conflict with one another and she might have left Earth for good, except she became fascinated with the emerging human race.

During her cosmic odyssey, Oshtur had seen nearly all there was to see, but there was something in man she had not seen before.

He realized he could not regain their support at this time nor the support of any other principalities; in fact, it was all he could do to flee and to pray, to any who might be listening, that the War of the Seven Spheres did not break its dimensional bonds and spill over into Earth's universe. Marvel Tarot fb - BTS - Oshtur voluntarily departed Earth again rather than risk weakening the spell of the Demiurge and leave her sister, Gaea, at risk.

Magic from the journals of Ian McNee fb - BTS - Oshtur's curiosity regarding mankind turned into concern when she saw Chthon's N'Garai and Set's Serpent Men using them as slaves or livestock, but Oshtur had voluntarily agreed to abide by the restrictions placed upon her brothers, so there was little she could do to help.

Marvel Tarot fb - BTS - Oshtur voluntarily departed Earth again rather than risk weakening the spell of the Demiurge and leave her sister, Gaea, at risk. Marvel Tarot fb - BTS - Oshtur, Chthon, Gaea, and Set worked together to create the Crossroads, accessible from everywhere, if you knew which door to open or what hole to crawl through.

After observing that one child -- though blind and wearing bandages over badly healed wounds over his eyes -- played and laughed with unbridled joy, Oshtur was moved to shed a single, rare tear, which spilled down her cheek. This tear contained a tiny baby boy, whom she named Agamotto.

She enjoyed watching Agamotto learn as much as he enjoyed learning; perfectly matched, the two were very happy for many, many years. When Agamotto had grown nearly as tall as the old acacia tree, Oshtur decided to leave Earth to learn about the other dimensions, and to search for "nothing and everything"; and she told Agamotto she was leaving so he could learn independently and find his own purpose.

Brushing a lock of hair from his eyes, she was gone. After Oshtur had been gone for some time, Agamotto sought to look for her. Agamotto next spent another seven years scouring the Earth for Oshtur.

Agamotto then left Earth and searched the stars. Yet again failing to find Oshtur, he nonetheless felt peace and slept. When he stopped looking Via opening all three of his mystic Eyes in harmonious vision, Agamotto at last beheld Oshtur, and the Eyes were allegedly blinded by joyful tears.

Agamotto entry - The Vishanti helped mankind prosper despite threats from Chthon and Set.

They lived in a floating cloud city dedicated to Oshtur in her guise as Ma'at, the Goddess of Truth. The Winged Lords who did not follow Varuna were led by Saraswati, a great priestess of Oshtur; filled with shame over the Asura, they vowed to shield those the Asura would harm, and they came to be known as the Seraphim.

I have really nice memories of him. Jin always happy when someone tell him handsome. Or, if you decide that you love someone else more than yourself, don't get lost in them, don't cry.

In return, Genghis was granted knowledge of the Vishanti or perhaps Agamotto in specific. Semiramis went mad and demanded worship as a goddess.

The Vishanti were displeased and banished her from Earth, and Agamotto began to withdraw again. After Heka-Nut coerced Illyana into retrieving the Sword of Bones for him, Ashake again invoked Ma'at for aid, and Ma'at's servant the sphinx Ammut appeared before them, consuming the serpent guardians that threatened them.

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Though Ashake and Illyana were wary of the risks of giving the Sword of Bone to Heka-Nut, Ashake counseled that Ma'at was wise and they must believe she had a plan.

When they gave Heka-Nut the sword, his tainted nature caused it to revert to a simple bone as per the enchantment, allowing Illyana to disrupt his power with her Soulsword. As directed by Ma'at, Ashake captured his power within some urns and then returned the Sword of Bones to its crypt.

Mystic Arcana 1 fb - BTS - Judging that the Halls of Ma'at temple was too vulnerable on the physical plane, it was relocated to the psychic plane. The role of Sorcerer Supreme became less visible and less important as time progressed. A nameless sorcerer took up the mantle that Merlin had rejected.

This mysterious wizard was especially gifted at the art of illusion, so accounts of his or her appearance are radically different in every historical record. There is no information as to why this individual wished to keep his or her true face and identity hidden see comments.

By this point, the Vishanti had become so distant that the Ancient One actually received the Amulet of Agamotto from Eternity and had to retrieve the Book of the Vishanti from a Babylonian Griffon. Yao was able to reconnect with the Vishanti and other mystic principalities.

Season One fb - BTS - Despite having the heart for mysticism during his training in Kamar-Taj, Wong never mastered the words, and so the Vishanti never answered his calls. Strange became the Ancient One's disciple, regularly invoking the Vishanti, individually and as a collective.

Season One - BTS - Although repeated invoking the Vishanti -- individually or together -- the neophyte disciple Stephen Strange was repeatedly denied as unworthy because he primarily sought power to help himself.

On a quest aided by Wong and Sofia di Cosimo, Strange gathered a trio of mystic rings, the Rings of Compulsion the existence of which was discovered by the mystics of Tsar Simeon in ADwhich would allow one to command the Vishanti.

Season One - Attacked by angered spirits, after the Vishanti again refused his spell, Strange donned the first ring, and exclaimed, "All right Vishanti, you show yourselves, you damn sons of Oshtur stated, "Souls of the dead, spectral bane! The Vishanti command you -- begone from this plane.

You have stolen the first ring of compulsion.

K-pop star Jimin of BTS: the singer-dancer’s rise to the top and his drive for perfection

And now you have but three heartbeats left Season One - BTS - After Strange began to sacrifice of himself to help others, he began to be able to sense mystic energies.

Season One - To prevent this, Wong donned the rings and commanded the Vishanti, but he failed to tell them to defend him; as a result, Mordo mystically enslaved Wong, placing the Vishanti at his command.

When Mordo tried to strike down Strange and Sofia, however, he found her protected by a pre-existing spell from the Ancient One. As the Ancient One drew his power from the Vishanti, Mordo was able to eventually break the protective spell, but not before Sofia convinced Strange that he was now worthy and could call on the Vishanti.

He did so, and they finally answered his spell, granting him flame power, which he used to blast Mordo. Strange then physically battered Mordo into submission, and when Mordo called on Dormammu to kill Strange, Mordo lost his concentration and was caught in his own spell, which transported him away.

Strange then calmed and supported Wong until he could release the rings to Strange; finally having the power to heal himself or get whatever he wanted, Strange instead noted the rings weren't his and transported them back to the Vishanti.

Marvel Premiere 5 - Battered and weakened by Sligguth, Dr. Strange beseeched the Vishanti to prevent Sligguth's then-master Shuma-Gorath from conquering the world.

Oshtur asked who summoned the Vishanti, and Agamotto noted it to be Strange, disciple of their revered servant the Ancient One. Oshtur agreed to appear to him, but not as they truly were, as no mere mortal mind could comprehend. The Vishanti then vanished back to a remote realm but continued to speak to Strange.

Marvel Premiere 5 - BTS - Strange soon felt himself free of the weakening aura of evil, which allowed him to overpower Sligguth and his minions.

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Their images appeared before him or perhaps just in his mind? Strange, who bound their spirits to mortal hosts. At least thirteen mystics responded, including Manuel Diego, Dr.

Strange, Khalid Inshallah, Jules St. Hoggoth specified that the victor would become the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, and Agamotto added that after that mage had been identified, a boon would be granted, and lives would be changed.

Oshtur further clarified that any such changes must be of each of the attendant's doing and by their own free will:

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