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First, note that iOS keypads already include an em dash key. As such, you can add an em dash to a Google Docs article with your iPad or iPhone. Press the button at the bottom left of the iOS keypad to open a new set of character keys. Then you can select em dash by lightly pressing the hyphen key and sliding finger to the right.

For SVG images you can for example use --webtex https: Marie, Ontario, to enjoy the races. From the Back of the Pack:

To substitute for unknowns The em dash has another job. It can substitute for an unknown element, like a missing word or letter.

Following the trace-based JIT principle, in addition to interpreting the majority of application code, Dalvik performs the compilation and native execution of select frequently executed code segments "traces" each time an application is launched. Options are pygments the default , kate, monochrome, breezeDark, espresso, zenburn, haddock, and tango.

Typically, two em dashes represent the absence of one or more letters in a word. Three em dashes indicate the absence of an entire word. This format is often used in bibliographies when citing multiple works by the same author.

It can also show a lack of clarity in transcripts. To give stylistic choices A lot of writers have adapted the em dash to suit their own purposes. Emily Dickinson used em dashes rather than commas in most of her poetry.

I have scars and medical bills to prove it. I need to get into Guinness to give me confidence. Or get enough Guinness into me. My list of achievements, alas, is dismal. Once they list it, I can die happy. Who cares if they make it up?

On Macs, you can use the Shift-Option-Hyphen keystroke to insert the em dash. Before I run out of room on my screen! For best results, do not make changes to this file other than modifying the styles used by pandoc: Ignore paragraphs with no content.

Someone jealous of my bucket listing is sure to give my feat the boot once they see it. How about the most bones broken in one fall? It happened the same time Marathon Don was setting his Records are made to be broken.

I just wanted to finish my first marathon.

How To Create an Em Dash in Google Docs

More than a dismay to race director dozen took part and Groundhog marathoners and half marathoners gather for the start. He won the lot of people ran on tough trails last year and a few desnow and ice to complete the distances.

His desire to capture one of the groundhog-shaped trophies carved with a chainsaw by local artist Jack Eppinga nagged at him the rest of the year and drew him back for the event. Daniel Dewulf, 37, of Grand Rapids sports the perfect hat.

That was the worst ever. It was fine for the first couple laps, then the new snow started piling up. Running in her first marathon, she persevered through the mounting snow to finish in 4: Then it got loose again.

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It was hard to keep your footing and a little slow. Who was the first American woman to break 3 hours in the marathon? Little could anybody guess what was to follow. In fall, he combined both sports through his junior year.

It was an estimable juggling act, coupled with outstanding schoolwork.

Inserting Māori macrons into Google Docs with Easy Accent

In San Diego inGrant became the second Michigan schoolboy to win the Foot Locker national championships as a junior. Just extraordinary stuff for the talented, humble young man. I found a log while looking for something else in the closet since the last installment.

It covers my sophomore year in track and junior year in cross country at Eastern Michigan University. The logs trace my running ups and downs over time, with a gradual transition into cycling in this millennium. Running was good for me so I kept chipping away, racing as well as fitness allowed before my pace slowed, interest in testing myself waned and arthritis claimed my left foot.

Thanksgiving, 2 hours, 11 minutes with Greg Henry in Jenison and Allendale. Log disappeared into ether. Apple Orchard 20K in Grand Rapids, 1: Christmas Stocking 4-mile in Flushing, 12th in a row.

Mike would bring the ChampionChip to North America 6 years later. No run, left foot sore. Started cycling a bit in summer. Brother Don walks a 5: I did little running the rest of the year.

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Cycling became my goto exercise until I resumed running late in the year. Jeff my son places 14th for Ann Arbor Pioneer in his first high school cross country regional, qualifying as an individual for the Lower Peninsula Finals.

Total of 41 miles on mountain bike once around the Great Turtle half-marathon route to touch up course marks, once around leading the race, final time around to pick up trash dropped by participants.

No two years in a row have passed quite the same and I expect future seasons to be as dissimilar.

How to Insert the Em Dash in Google Docs (Bonus Tricks Included)

The log remains a mirror. Beth Bonnner ran a 2: Then I tried out for the South High track team. The jumps and Dave Foley sprints appealed to me, but legs without spring or speed doomed my efforts there.

Then I discovered the mile. It was simply running.

Accessible Computing is for everyone regardless of nationality, gender or disability. This option only affects the docx reader. The specific requirement is that the template should contain the following four layouts as its first four layouts: This example sets the cgroupdriver to systemd:

I could do that. The cross country race was longer and I liked that even better. I became a decent runner. Ten years later the running boom arrived and I embraced it.

5 Ways to Create an Em Dash

Eighty- to mile weeks became my routine and results were good. The Michigan Adidas team put me on their roster. The expectation was you could produce sub We ran harder, always looking for something that could give us an edge.

There was blood doping, but I never knew anyone who would condone or consider trying it. Since we were running about as many miles as our bodies could handle, improvement would have to come from other practices.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before your Saturday marathon or ultrayou ate almost no carbohydrates and just a little protein; essentially you starved yourself in order to burn all your stored glycogen.

If you specify systemd and it is not available, the system errors out. If you omit the native. This example sets the cgroupdriver to systemd: Also Windows Container makes use of --exec-opt for special purpose.

Docker user can specify default container isolation technology with this, for example: If no isolation value is specified on daemon start, on Windows client, the default is hyperv, and on Windows server, the default is process.

When these images are pushed to a registry, restricted artifacts are not included.

Hyphens, En Dashes, and Em Dashes in Microsoft Word

To override this behavior for specific registries, use the --allow-nondistributable-artifacts option in one of the following forms: This option can be used multiple times. This option is useful when pushing images containing nondistributable artifacts to a registry on an air-gapped network so hosts on that network can pull the images without connecting to another server.

Nondistributable artifacts typically have restrictions on how and where they can be distributed and shared. Only use this feature to push artifacts to private registries and ensure that you are in compliance with any terms that cover redistributing nondistributable artifacts.

Insecure registries Docker considers a private registry either secure or insecure. In the rest of this section, registry is used for private registry, and myregistry: An insecure registry is either not using TLS i.

By default, Docker assumes all, but local see local registries belowregistries are secure. Communicating with an insecure registry is not possible if Docker assumes that registry is secure.

In order to communicate with an insecure registry, the Docker daemon requires --insecure-registry in one of the following two forms: The flag can be used multiple times to allow multiple registries to be marked as insecure.

If an insecure registry is not marked as insecure, docker pull, docker push, and docker search will result in an error message prompting the user to either secure or pass the --insecure-registry flag to the Docker daemon as described above.

Local registries, whose IP address falls in the It is not recommended to rely on this, as it may change in the future. However, because its use creates security vulnerabilities it should ONLY be enabled for testing purposes. Legacy Registries Starting with Docker Specifically, the daemon will not attempt push, pull and login to v1 registries.

The exception to this is search which can still be performed on v1 registries.

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