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Sequim Bay is the jumping off point for excellent fishing for the inside Strait of Juan de Fuca. Wilson on the incoming tide and start over again.

Halibut can be caught anywhere along here in 70 to ft. Spend some time here and stay within 5 ft. It runs from Marrowstone Point on the east, to Point Wilson on the west. Mid Channel Bank has become one of the most popular fishing areas in Puget Sound, as it offers year round Chinook action.

Winter blackmouth are there from September to May, followed by summer Chinook starting to show up in June and peaking in July and early August.

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Be sure to check with WDFW regulations as it opens and closes to salmon fishing at slightly different times every year. All methods of salmon fishing can be productive at Mid Channel Bank. Moochers and jiggers usually fish the 60 to ft depths.

Downriggers are most productive in the 90 to ft depths.

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Because of the strong tidal flow along the edge of the bank, trollers are wasting their time trying to troll against the tide. Wilson on the incoming tide and start over again. During the brief period of slack tidal current, the salmon will scatter along the bank and can be trolled in either direction.

The most common bait in the winter and spring periods are sandlance candlefish especially when they move in to spawn. They work very well here. When the summer Chinook fishing kicks off in early summer, larger bait herring will also start to move in and mix with the always-present candlefish.

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Silver Horde 4 and 5 inch Salmon plugs with glo and rattle, fished 40 feet behind the release clip, catch some of the largest Chinook of the year. The best tide to fish Mid Channel in the summer is the outgoing tide. Moochers and Jiggers Moochers and jiggers will do well by concentrating their efforts on either tide on the Marrowstone east side of Mid Channel Bank or off the Point Wilson Lighthouse.

In both of these spots, year round the strong currents will push the bait into more shallow water. Watch for diving birds up on the bank itself.

There are holes and pockets that will hold diving birds up on the bank and they are most often over bait. This fishery takes place mainly in the vicinity of the Lighthouse.

Hands down for large blackmouth in February through the April closure you need to be on the Strait, lots of good water, plenty of bait can all lead to some fantastic blackmouth fishing. One of the most pleasurable things about this time of the year is lack of crowds.

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Many times I have fished Sekiu, to Port Angeles and had all the prime areas to fish with little or no angler pressure and plenty of hook ups. Most winter fish run pounds, but many winter blackmouth are taken into the upper teens each season near Sekiu making it worth the drive.

In Sekiu you can find some very productive angling in close to Clallam Bay. You only need to go around the corner from the boat ramp and mooch out in front of the Caves to score on some nice fish.

Winter salmon fishing is all weather dependent, there will be blackmouth out there, and the locals hammer them all winter. You just want to check the long-range weather before making the drive to save being blown off the water.

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Many large kings are taken during the July, the season is short but well worth the time. Motor mooching just off the kelp beds near the Caves have accounted for some kings in the mid pound range.

My personal favorite fishery here is to launch at Sekiu, run east to Pillar Pt. The area from Pillar Pt. Troll the ft depth line and keep your gear just off bottom.

Here you want to fish the ft. This is also a great mooching and jigging area. Back across Clallam Bay, the Caves just out front of Sekiu are of course one of the most famous spots to fish here. Many a big king and blackmouth has been taken here. The caves all the way down to the Sekiu River can provide top-notch blackmouth fishing.

Both trolling and mooching are very productive here. Work the ft depth one-hour before two hours after the tide change. Bring some Smelly Jelly to give the lures a good scent trail.

During the summer fishery the resorts will normally order in what you need the night before. Love to feed near the bottom, trolling speed 2. Watch your sonar for bait concentrations and fish them hard. You can keep one blackmouth chinook day minimums size 22 inches to retain, the season stays open until 10 April.

You can start seeing some early springers start to show in late March. Best bet is July depending on if it opens check with the local resorts, the seasons are normal out by mid April and the town will book up quick. Motor mooching herring just off the kelp beds is the number one tactic, kick the boat in and out of gear in the ft.

When the summer coho roll in, fishing can be stupendous.

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Most of the fishing takes place offshore miles, however sometimes one need not go any further then the Sekiu buoy just sound community bank port angeles the harbor.

During July the coho run pounds, later in September you will see the large hooknose fish show up, they can run in the upper teens. In many State records were broken with pound plus fish. Trolling the tide rips is the hot tactic for these fish, most are taken in the top 30 feed of water.

Bucktailing in the early morning is also very popular. Troll a bucktail fly on top of the water without any weigh fast enough to make it wake behind the boat. Coho love this and will jump clear of the water to take the fly. This makes for some great top water action.

This tactic is great on overcast days or first thing in the morning before the sun comes up. Many wonderful aromatic spices for smoking the days catch. Comfortable seating with WiFi for patrons use.

Local roasted coffee and much more. Sunsets West Grocery is a member supported community store. You do not have to be a member to shop here. Sequim Sequim Bay is one of the most overlooked salmon and halibut locations in the Puget Sound area.

There are two reasons for this: The second reason has to do with the peculiar fishing regulations the Department of Fish and Wildlife has burdened upon this area. Sequim Bay is the jumping off point for excellent fishing for the inside Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Coho fishing can be spectacular in September, winter blackmouth is a good fishery November through March, and halibut is a consistently good fishery in most years May through June.

Sequim Bay is protected water with one of the best marin as in Puget Sound. John Wayne Marina offers moorage, fuel, a restaurant, public restrooms and showers. There is a bait and tackle shop at the marina, The Bosuns Locker The Bosuns Locker has tackle, boat rentals, charters and the latest up to date fishing information for that area.

They have RV parking available, a laundry facility, and 8 neatly kept housekeeping cabins that overlook the bay. There is an excellent state park nearby and the town of Sequim itself is just a few miles away. Good on all tides and protected from the wind.

There is ample parking and a washout station for cleaning your motors. A small fee is required for launching.

Motor mooching just off the kelp beds near the Caves have accounted for some kings in the mid pound range. We want to make The fishing calendar year for Sooke begins in December with the arrival of winter blackmouth. Dungeness Spit — A good area for winter blackmouth.

Four feet of water is needed to launch. Parking is often full. Salmon and Halibut Fishing Areas Area 1: Diamond Point A good year-round spot for blackmouth and, should seasons allow, summer Chinook. Sharp drop off, stay in the bottom 20 of water.

Cape George — Good blackmouth area, fairly protected on the inside. Downriggers at 80 to foot depths will do the trick. Hot Spot flashers with 48 of leader and a glow in the dark Coho Killer are good tackle to use in this area.

Dallas Bank — Good for halibut along the edges. The bottom is mostly sand and gravel. Those who troll for halibut should fish the west side on the outgoing tide and move to the east side on the incoming tide. Troll slowly from to feet deep for halibut. Moochers do the best on the northern part of Dallas Bank.

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Moochers should start in 50 feet of water and drift out until you lose bottom. The rips that form off the northern tip of Dallas Bank are a good spot for fall coho. Dungeness Bank — A good spot for halibut along the edges.

This is a place where drift fishermen do very well. Start fishing in feet of water and drift out to feet of water. The northern edge of Dungeness Bank is a good year-round Chinook area.

Be sure to check your regulations. Dungeness Spit — A good area for winter blackmouth. This area can be windy but you are only a few minutes from sheltered waters.

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Eastern Bank — Good area for lingcod and halibut. Eastern bank is a series of rocky pinnacles. Sometimes good for winter blackmouth.

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Fish the southwest side in 80 to feet of water for both blackmouth and halibut. Partridge Bank — Good for halibut on the southwest shelf. Fair for winter blackmouth on the incoming tide on the southeast corner.

Fish the southwest side on the outgoing tide in 90 to ft.

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This is a good area for lingcod and fall coho fishing. A limited winter blackmouth fishery takes place on the outgoing tide on the west side of Smith Island. Coho can be caught on either tide by following the rips that form as the water flows over Smith Island.

Very exposed to the weather and a long run to cover. Hein Bank — Hein Bank is a consistent producer of salmon and halibut. Moochers should concentrate their efforts along the northern edge of Hein Bank. Salmon trollers should troll the west side of the bank on the ebb tide and the east side of the bank on the flood tide.

Halibut can be caught primarily on the southern edge of Hein Bank in 80 to feet of water. Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Sooke offers world class salmon angling that can rival any place on the West Coast.

Sooke offers almost a twelve-month fishing opportunity, with the slowest months being October and November. Even then, chum and early blackmouth offer opportunity. The fishing calendar year for Sooke begins in December with the arrival of winter blackmouth.

These immature Chinook are attracted to this area by the schools of herring and candlefish that move in to spawn. The sports anglers in the Sooke area often catch their limit within an hour at this time of year. This fishery is usually good into May.

These are thick-bodied Chinook in the 30 to 50 pound range. Columbians were formerly thought to be Chinook from the Columbia River just dipping in to feed. However, tagging studies revealed that they are early Fraser River returns.

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