How To Make Homemade Slime with Saline Solution for Amazing Stretchy Slime!

Best Contact Solution For Slime How Do You Make Homemade Slime?

Super simple and super stretchy saline slime, ours stretched over 40 feet! With bonus recipes. Finally a slime recipe that works - no liquid starch, borax powder, or detergent.

A less sticky slime will be a firmer slime. They begin to tangle and mix until the substance is less like the liquid you started with and is thicker and rubberier like slime! For large groups we have used condiment containers as seen here. Kneading really helps to eliminate the slime and you can knead in the bowl if desired.

Neon green is a classic slime color all by itself and reminds us of the Ghostbusters! Be generous with the glitter but a little bit of color goes a long way with clear glue.

Baking soda is a thickener. You really have to give this slime a fast stir to activate the mixture. Really whip it up to mix and you will feel the slime come together!

If you have to use white glue but want rich colors, you will need a lot more food coloring! Baking soda helps to firm and form the slime.

How to Make Slime: Easy Fluffy Slime!

Read more on this below! You really have to give this slime a fast stir to activate the mixture. But the slime will form fast enough and you will notice the thickness change as you stir it.

Making slime With contact lense solution

You will also notice the volume of your mixture changes as you whip it up. This slime comes together quickly and it is so much fun to play with too.

How To Make Slime With Contact Lens Solution! 5 BASIC SLIME IDEAS! ASMR

Once you have made your batch of slime, check out the science behind the slime. Slime is awesome for tactile sensory playbut make sure to wash hands and surfaces after making and playing with slime. Make a few batches in different colors and swirl them together as show in the cover photo or below!

Think of what other color combinations your kids would enjoy. Slime making is only limited by the imagination of the hands creating it!

When you add the borate ions to the mixture, it starts to connect these long strands together. Plus our new slime making book is out just in time for summer! If you want to put together a slime kit for your kids , check that out here.

Slime is a chemistry experiment and should be treated with respect. Do not substitute slime ingredients and do not change our recipes.

If you have sensitive skin, consider wearing disposable gloves or trying a safe slime recipe instead. Here we are using clear glue for a very bright translucent style slime! Here we used about 10 drops of red food coloring and a several good shakes of glitter.

Make sure to stir well. The next two steps are important to the forming of the slime itself.

Easy Slime Recipe With Saline Solution

This helps the slime firm up a bit more and create a solid. We have been playing around with this amount! Baking soda is a thickener.

How To Make Saline Solution Slime ! DIY Contact Lens Solution Slime

Makes a fun science experiment! Then you will add one tablespoon of saline solution to the whole mixture. We have featured all our slime recipes here with some videos! This slime can also be made with liquid starch or borax slime recipes. We show more photos of the steps with our saline slime recipe page.

Homemade Slime Recipe

Add coloring and glitter! The more glitter the better.

Contact Solution Slime Recipe with Saline Solution

Start with one drop of color. It goes a long way! Add 1 TBL of solution. Again make sure that your solution contains boric acid and sodium borate. These are the slime activators.

Really whip it up to mix and you will feel the slime come together! Once you have mixed it up well, you want to knead it well! Squirt a couple drops of solution onto your hands and pull the slime out of the bowl. You will notice that it is sticky at first but the more you knead it the less sticky it gets.

Time to play and learn! Slime is science too. You can store your slime in a reusable container. We have actually been using glass containers lately but you can use plastic too.

Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly after making and playing with slime.

Add a few drops of saline solution to your hands before picking up slime and kneading! If you make a rainbow of slime , you will end up with an ugly dirty color by the end. But the slime will form fast enough and you will notice the thickness change as you stir it. Saline solution is what is commonly used to rinse your contacts.

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