2006 Honda Pilot Aux Input Buy 2, Save $100

GTA Car Kit for Honda Accord , , , and is all you need to integrate your smartphone, tablet or mp3 player with your stock car stereo system.

The system works exactly as described in the installation video and the audio quality is as good as if the factory unit actually came with Bluetooth — as good as popping a CD into the drive! All functions available as expected. It works great and took less than 20 minutes to install.

And GTA Car Kits had a step-by-step setup video for my specific car that made installation super easy.

Aux adapter,Yomikoo USB AUX in Adapter Car Stereo Digital Cd Changer mm Aux interface for Honda Accord City CRV .

Everything covered in the video was exactly as it was in my car. The Pure Bluetooth audio solution was easy to install because it attaches directly to the factory receiver using a pre-made connection block, designed specifically for the factory receiver. It literally was plug and play.

One connection, that was all. The system works exactly as described in the installation video and the audio quality is as good as if the factory unit actually came with Bluetooth — as good as popping a CD into the drive! I am absolutely satisfied with the Pure Bluetooth system and highly recommend it to others.

Received within 3 shipping days. Less then 30 minutes to put the kit in and very easy when following the video. Bluetooth connects cleanly and quickly sound is very clear.

Best thing is the steering controls work for volume and answering the phone. Thank you gta car kits. Also if you have xm radio make sure you get the extra plug wire. You wont loose ability to use your cd player with this gta car kit unlike a lot of other car kits on the market.

Next Im gonna get the Bluetooth. I prepared for a long complicated install. I watched the install video, but was a bit apprehensive. It looked too easy.

Could not have been any better! I had all my tools ready, including the magnet, which I needed. Thank You to GTA and the young man who did the install video. I gotta give a shout-out to the maker of the video as it was very easy to follow. Great product and will recommend it to everyone.

Traci Lew — September 5, This video saved me so much time, and money, as did the car kit itself. Only issue I noticed was the iPod cord came out when I was trying to put the cubby back in, and tested my iPod again.

I think altogether this took me, maybe, 30 mins to do from start to finish.

Make Aux Button work on Radio - 2005 to 2010 Honda Odyssey (shows EVERY step)

The whole thing is awesome. I usually just add washer fluid, fill the tires, and change the wiper blades, so I have no experience with this whatsoever. That being said, getting everything set up was incredibly easy and it sounds great. It works great and my son who drives the car loves it.

We followed the video with no issues. However, when we got to the part where you find the port to plug the cable in; it was not there. This car has the Satellite radio option and port is on the back of the radio.

Once you get it out you replace the plug with a white y cable. The rest should be the same. I was skeptical at first because it was so inexpensive for what I was getting, but the product is great.

It has crystal clear sound for both myself and the person on the other end of the call… the music through bluetooth works great with my iPhone 5S. I connected my iPod nano with though screen to the adapter, and it works great.

Installation only took be about 20 minutes. I watched the youtube tutorials that are provided a few times, so I had a good idea what I was doing when I got into my car. We also have a Toyota Prius that I am going to buy this kit for.

It works great and took less than 20 minutes to install. I was on the GTACarkit website today to purchase the bluetooth connection as that was not available when I purchased the kit. I had one issue that was probably caused by me or my daughter pulling the 3.

I would recommend this kit to anyone. I suggest watching the video several times after the install to learn the radio interface and what the buttons on the radio and steering wheel do.

After reconnecting the 3. The module sits under the cup holders and the 3. This allows the front storage box to close with no wires coming out of it and it moves the cords back where a person My daughter in the back seat can connect their device and control the music.

The decision to allow my daughter to control the music has been questioned several times. Traci Lew — April 16, This video saved me so much time, and money, as did the car kit itself.

Also if you have xm radio make sure you get the extra plug wire. I had to pull out the entire radio, because the port was in the back instead of just hanging down like in the video.

That being said, getting everything set up was incredibly easy. Kate — February 18, I am soo satisfied with this product. I received quickly and installed myself female and all.

Teri — August 1, I just wanted to say thanks for making such an awesome product. In about 30 minutes, I was able to remove the center pocket, hook up the kit, drill a hole in the pocket, and put everything back together.

Your kit did the job perfectly — thanks! We tried transmitters, and considered after-market radio replacement. The transmitters worked poorly, especially in urban areas, and radio replacement was expensive and ruined the factory look of the dash.

GTA Car Kits - Honda Pilot 2003-2008 install of iPhone, iPod and AUX adapter for factory

The GTA kits looked simple to install and use. Shipping was very fast. But then again, it was Christmas… Very easy installation. It took about 15 min to install. No unusual tool were required. The video was a great help both for installation, and as a way to understand the unit before purchase.

We use iPod Touch. On both cars, the cables were run to the box under the radio. Overall, it was a great experience.

2002 - 2011 Honda Factory Aux / USB Adapter Unboxing

I believe they work just as expected. These kits are a terrific value. I think I saw another product on Youtube but it looked a little cheap, so I picked you. The shipping was fine. Installation was very straightforward and was very quick.

I bought a drill and a unibit to create the opening for the cables. The installation video on Youtube was great, very to-the-point; I thought it would be a lot more difficult to install something like this, but it was actually really easy to do.

Bluetooth and iPhone/iPod/AUX Kits for Honda Accord 2003-2007

I use an Apple iPod 6th generation. I ran the cables through the top of the center cubby, pretty much like in the video. I really liked the instruction video. I also like how the iPod jack also charges the device while you use it.

Anthony comment received on Facebook wall — October 18, I love you. I watched the video on how to install the car kit like 4 times, got the car kit in 2 DAYS, and had it hooked up within 10 minutes.

I couldnt ask for it to have gone any better.

Honda Odyssey (North America)

I was super skeptical about this but decided to give it a shot, and i wasnt let down. Touring models came with a center storage compartment. This enabled this van to receive U. It was rated top pick in minivan category in Consumer Reports Annual auto issue. The EX-L and higher trims could be purchased with both navigation and rear entertainment systems, or rear entertainment system only, while the VHS-based i-VES system was dropped.

Four trim levels were available in the United States: LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring, the top-of-the-line package in the Odyssey lineup that incorporated features such as run-flat tirespower tailgate, power adjustable pedals, multi information display, memory seats and chrome tailgate trim.

Problem areas included body integrity, which includes paint wear and rusting, body hardware bumpers being loose, audio system, brakes and suspension according to the Consumer Reports issue of April According to the online edition of Consumer Reports in Junetransmission problems were better than average for models.

Crash test ratings have been five star in every test but the had a safety concern. A door opening during a side impact crash increases the likelihood of occupant ejection.

The Odyssey is the top-ranked minivan in the US News charts. All models were equipped with active front head restraints, daytime running lights, redesigned dashboard, grille and taillights.

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