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Bear in the Big Blue House is a television program for young children produced for the Playhouse Disney channel by Mitchell Kriegman and The Jim Henson aired from until with episodes plus a separate episode released in home media format on September 3,

Upstairs are the bathroom and Bear's bedroom. Benny the Bat performed by James Kroupa — A fruit bat living in the attic of the house.

Viewers then join Bear as he helps out his friends in the Big Blue House and joins them in fun-and-games. Tutter loves cheese and can sometimes be very opinionated and fussy, but he's also ready with a cheerful "Thank you, Bear! Ojo's a bear cub who definitely looks up to Bear.

She can be a bit shy and nervous at times, but Bear and all of her friends help her to learn new things. Whether they're hanging out at the otter pond or playing in the bathtub, these two are always ready for fun.

Treelo, a lemur, swings from vine-to-vine, but enjoys popping into the Big Blue House as well. Shadow's hard to find, but if you help Bear to sing her song "Where-o, where-o, where is Shadow? These stories are sometimes completely zany, sometimes very musical, but always great fun.

Finally, late at night, Bear always visits the attic to talk with his long-time friend, Luna. Luna and Bear reflect on the events of the day and then join each other in singing "The Goodbye Song. Tutter began attending mouse school and the characters began exploring the neighborhood of Woodland Valley more.

Ojo began riding her bike and went on journeys. Skippy - A blind red squirrel living in Woodland Valley that wears sunglasses and uses a cane. He is good friends with Treelo.

Ray the Sun operated by Peter Linz , voiced by Geoffrey Holder — A talking sun who would often rise or set at the beginning of some episodes, starting from Season Two. Benny the Bat performed by James Kroupa — A fruit bat living in the attic of the house.

She needs some help with painting but is very good at soccer. Cousin Titter performed by Sean Choi Harry the Duck performed by Eric Jacobson — A duck who has been seen several times through the show who addresses bear as "Mister Bear" and quacks repeatedly when he is upset. Bear also appeared as a celebrity in the revival of The Hollywood Squares ; he notably appeared in Whoopi Goldberg's final episode.

The Big Blue House is the main landmark, but there is also a general store, post office, mall, library, movie theater, mouse school, and many other locations. Many of these are not seen or not seen in much detail until the fourth season. Jeremiah says he's been trying to get the official spelling changed for years.

Sequoia City is a neighboring town of Woodland Valley. Located in Woodland Valley, it looks somewhat small from the outside, but large and roomy on the inside. Tutter has his mousehole in the house, while most of the other young characters only spend the day here.

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The Big Blue House is often described as warm and cozy. The Big Blue House has five rooms.

Bear in the Big Blue House

The kitchen and the living room are downstairs. Bear has his very own swing where he sometimes sits and reads in the living room.

Tutter's mousehole is in the kitchen.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls

The front-door, where Bear greets the viewers at the beginning of each episode, is also downstairs. Upstairs are the bathroom and Bear's bedroom.

Finally, Bear stores various items in the attic. There's also a landing there where Bear visits each night to talk with his friend Luna, the moon. Bear once gave the following directions on how to reach the Big Blue House: It is also home to Harry the Duck, his mom, and his sister, Hallie.

The general area of the Otter Pond is filled with plants, including bushes filled with berries.

It is managed by Otto and Etta Otter. It is located directly in the center of the town. A tree falls on the library and the entire community works together to help get it cleaned up. There is damage to the collection and so donations are made. When Ojo discovers two unnamed opossums voiced by Gilbert Gottfried and Brad Garrett living in the tree that fell, the tree itself is made into a part of the library as the Book Nook.

Plot. Bear lives in the Big Blue House with his friends Ojo, Tutter, Treelo, Pip, Pop, and Shadow. He and his friends have many adventures together.

The library is featured in the song, "Everything's Great About the Library. They tell him that there's something for everyone at the library, but the library is a place to read, so you have to keep your voices down; no disturbing allowed.

Annette is the owner of the movie theater and does all the jobs from box office to ticket taker. The screening room has three rows of seats in the auditorium and a concession stand.

Bear in the Big Blue House Episodes

The concession stand accepts dollars and cents as payment instead of clams, Woodland Valley's official currency.

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