How to Charge the Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

How To Charge Samsung Watch Buy 2, Save $20

Samsung Gear 2 Smart watch like all the smart device needs constant charging as the battery drains as the usage increases, and charging the device is .

Now, there is now a stainless steel band adapter which you can buy so you can attach standard 20mm watch straps. Depending on how much you hate charging up wearables, you can choose to use only on the spot readings, like Android Wear, or between moderate or frequent readings throughout the day. But if you're out for a jog and want to save battery, this is the last thing you need as you move your arm while running. Just pair your smartwatch via Bluetooth using the Samsung Gear companion app.

Not only is this great for, well, any flights you're taking, but it also helps save some battery and help you get a few more hours out of the device as a standard watch. The Samsung watch will 'continuously' take your heart rate but how continuously you want it to read your pulse is up to you.

Wait until the battery display shows a full charge before disconnecting the main plug from the electricity supply and removing the micro USB charger from the cradle. If you are a new user, you might be finding it hard to do a few things on the Gear 2, for which you can check the Samsung Gear 2 section to learn more. Make sure that the charging terminals both on your watch and the dock are free from sweat, dust or water. How to Buy a Samsung Gear Watch and Charging Accessories on eBay If you want a handy way to monitor your smartphone without taking it out of your pocket or bag, then search the inventory on eBay for the Samsung Gear watch.

Depending on how much you hate charging up wearables, you can choose to use only on the spot readings, like Android Wear, or between moderate or frequent readings throughout the day. This is all done within the Settings for the S Health app. Set up Find My Gear If you're starting to feel like you can't live without the Gear S2 on your wrist, the last thing you'll want to do is misplace it.

But thankfully, Samsung provides you with some handy security features to avoid this. The Gear S2 comes with Wi-Fi support, meaning it will continue to run online even if it out of range of your paired smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch not fully charging

You can use Find My Gear to sound an alarm in case you can't find it. Set up a double press shortcut The wonderful thing about both physical buttons and the Gear S2's rotating bezel is that you can start to get to where you want to be without looking down at the screen.

How To Fix Your Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch If It Won't Charge! HELP!

One example of this is setting up the 'back' button the top one to act as a shortcut when you double press it. You can go to 'Add Shortcut' in 'Accessibility' in Settings to do this.

How To Charge Gear S

We set it up to open the music player, but it can also get you straight to recent apps, maps, messages, schedule or third party apps. Download Here Maps Navigator Here Maps is preloaded onto the new Gear smartwatch but if you head to Google Play and download the companion Navigator app you can get turn by turn directions too.

You can ask for directions using S Voice - which is so-so for accuracy - and view each step on screen.

How to Charge a Samsung Gear Watch

In most cases this is more useful than the cool, if fiddly, experience of viewing yourself on a tiny map in the full app. Unlock your phone If you're tethering your Gear S2 to an Android phone, you can take advantage of the Smart Lock feature.

At the bottom of the charger, you see a light when your watch is charging. If the light is red, that means your battery isn’t full and you should keep the Gear S2 connected to the charger. When the light is green, the battery is full and you can remove it from the charger.

Using Smart Lock, you can set the watch to turn off secure lock screen when it is connected to the phone. Then, as soon as your phone is left unattended, the secure lock screen is turned on again to prevent unauthorized access.

Additionally, a user should fully charge the watch before using it for the first time. Charging the Samsung Gear Watch. First, lift the cover of the charging cradle by sliding and holding the switch on the side. Identify the charging terminals on the cradle, which look like small, protruding pins.

Whatever the case, you need to know how to charge your smartwatch and how to improve its battery life. As charging is a bit non-standard in this particular watch, I decided to create a separate tutorial where you will learn how to charge Gear S correctly.

Normally, all you need is your device and a charger with a USB cable. To charge your Samsung Gear S, you need: A standard USB charger with a cable.

Sync with Android or iOS. Once you have done that take the Charging Cable and put the small end of the cable into the Multipurpose Jack on the side of the dock and connect the other end to either a wall-mounted charger. In the case of Voltage fluctuations, the Gear 2 display will stop working for some time and recover, and you must immediately disconnect the charger from the wall sockets in such cases to avoid further damage. Turn the wake-up gesture off when out running One of the things we like about the Gear S2 is how great its wake-up gesture is - we don't know what Samsung has been feeding the smartwatch's gyroscope, but it's working.

Samsung says that you need to use only Samsung-approved chargers and equipment, but I tried it with different chargers Sony and Amazon and it works perfect. However, if you have a Samsung USB cable and charger, use them.

The charging dock that comes together with your watch. This is both funny and useful.

[UNBOXING] NO.1 G2 Smart Watch How to charge samrtwacth and How to change watch bands

You can only charge your watch through the charging dock you stick the charging cable to it correctly attached to the bottom of your watch. Here is what you need to do: Match the charging terminals with each other there is one on the charging dock and on the bottom of your watch.

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They have to face each other to work.

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