Rick And Morty Season 3 Episode 8 – Morty’s Mind Blowers

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Let's go ho- oh Is she remembering everything detail-for-detail, or are some events e. You say "Now that that is handled" like you just beat us up on the school yard, When in reality all you did was show your ignorance while trying to prove someone else is stupid

You say "Now that that is handled" like you just beat us up on the school yard, When in reality all you did was show your ignorance while trying to prove someone else is stupid Once again you are showing your lack of reading comprehension and you are assuming things about a single sentence.

Everyone with their backs turned on him, Herb's dismissal came from the passivity of his friend BoJack due to his continued friendship with him threatening the show and his job. I do applaud you though, with attempting to keep up the facade that you're actually intelligent. Also both characters are used by the writers as stand-ins for feminist ideals.

You do know what they say about assuming things don't you? Simply put, now that that is handled was nothing more than saying that it was over with that particular person. I am not responsible for you reading more than what was said.

Anime has crossed the line!

So, now you're not only ignorant but sexist as well? This is an ignorant attempt at an insult.

Rick and Morty - Season 3

You don't know a thing about me and you have no basis to make that statement. Sorry, just because a person doesn't want feminist agenda crammed down their throat doesn't make them sexist.

Saying that the show you're defending has too much "feminist agenda".

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You only see it lasting one season because of reasons you don't care for? And again you show that lack of reading comprehension.

I never defended the show.

The President takes a shrinking pill to meet the new species while Rick gets chased off by some pirates. You telling them not to watch it is just stupidity. Well, Diane and our beloved coke-bottle glasses crusader have a lot in common. Not that it has helped her much or caused her nothing but trouble which as she sadly comments might be the form she prefers it.

My exact statement to you was "That's a stupid comment. Some people like to give a show a chance to see if it gets better despite not liking it at first.

Rick and Morty

A person is allowed to say they do not like the show and that the original was better it was, a lot better and still give the show a chance to see if it will get better. You telling them not to watch it is just stupidity. It is addressing your stupidity in saying to someone "then don't watch it".

As well as you're now speaking for everyone that watches the show saying that "most people don't want to see repetitive references and ruins the story" I would love to keep proving my points on how ignorant you are and handing you you're ass, but that would take all day I am speaking by the numbers.

You can look it up, the show has consistently lost viewers every single episode.

'Rick And Morty' Finale Live Recap: "The Rickchurian Mortydate"

I am also speaking by people that I know that have watched the show and their opinions on it, including my own sister who happens to be a feminist and agree's that there is way too much of it in the show and why she stopped watching it even though she loved the original Charmed and was excited when they announced a remake.

At no point did I say anything about "everyone" but I know that you have trouble reading so I will again show what I actually said. Do try to keep up. Plus, I need to go google what the word "continue's" means This is just funny, you have nothing to prove your point so you pick out a typo to make a huge mountain out of.

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It's ok, I know with your lack of reading comprehension and your lack of understanding empirical data you have to find something to try and gain a foothold. I do applaud you though, with attempting to keep up the facade that you're actually intelligent.

Lastly, regarding my ability to count sentences, perhaps you never passed Language Arts class in high school. Here's some reference for you and your "3 sentence paragraph" Can a paragraph be 3 sentences?

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The important key to take away from this answer is that it's a rule-of-thumb. A paragraph can consist of a single sentence, and since a single word can be a sentence, you can literally have a paragraph that consists of a single word The funny thing is, you think you actually proved something when in fact you did not.

Simple fact, my original comment was only one paragraph that consisted of four sentences. Perhaps you should go back to your "language arts" classes and study what a paragraph consists of.

But his punishments are so harsh and with such long-term consequences that it's increasingly hard to see his flaws as the only thing keeping him down with his environment, upbringing and constant misunderstandings making him a worse perso—ehmm, horseman than he truly is. The Character Development strongly hinted at really starts to get delved into after episode 4, the show really gallops out of the gates. Unlike the vast majority of the cast, he's just fine with who he is, doesn't have many hang-ups, and attracts all kinds of weirdness. In "The Shot", Mr.

If you actually had taken your "language arts" classes you would know that a paragraph consists of a group of sentences supporting one main idea. Exactly what my one paragraph did. But hey, you go ahead and keep insisting on my original post being two paragraphs if it makes you feel good to be factually wrong.

Meanwhile, the President gets beaten to the secret miniature society by Rick and Morty.

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He's already banned them from returning to U. The President doesn't appreciate their antics because he is a petty man. The standoff gets intense with a few Secret Service agents getting murdered, and Rick straight up calls out crappy YouTube theories. The fight in the White House heats up with Rick meeting a man who may have more resources than he does.

[Rick and Morty] Jessica, Jacqueline and Morty

After a cameo from the set of the moon landing, the battle spills to the White House lawn where Rick gets the President in a head lock. The President yields to a selfie, but Morty has ditched them.

The family decides to return home, and Rick wipes the slate clean with the President by pretending to be Fly Fishing Rick, a new Rick from a parallel universe where he has a penchant for fly fishing.

The series ends with Beth commenting how much the show will be like Season One now, so all you ungrateful fans better pipe down. We finally get an appearance from Mr.

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