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Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon are the first set of Generation VII Pokémon games, released for the Nintendo 3DS worldwide in These games contain the addition of Chinese to the languages bringing the total of languages playable in it to 9.

However, this generation also garnered some criticism for leaving out several gameplay features, including the day-and-night system introduced in the previous generation. Interact with the rock to get a notification that it is covered in moss. On the beach in Poni Wilds on Poni Island, locate the final trainer the Dancer and walk directly left.

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Every Pokemon has its own unique QR code. After getting those points, scan one of the four islands for a rare Pokemon. There is a different Pokemon available each day of the week. Additionally, once a QR code is scanned, you will gain an entry in the Pokedex.

Only ten QR codes can be scanned per day, and you will only have one chance at catching the rare Pokemon that spawned from the QR codes used. Go to the vendor lady in red that sells Poke Balls and buy them in 10 increments. For each purchase of 10 Poke Balls, you will get a free Premier Ball.

Once you are out of Poke Dollars, sell all the Poke Balls to get all your money back with the help of the coupon you acquired earlier.

You will still get to keep the Premier Balls you obtained, even after selling the Poke Balls. To make the process quicker, press Right on the D-pad to auto select 11 Poke Balls.

Easy money The Amulet Coin is a special held item that doubles the amount of money earned after each battle. Happy Hour is a special move that also doubles the amount of money earned after a battle.

Combine the two to get 4x the normal amount of coins. Start at the Nursery building and walk directly right. Look behind the red truck to find the Amulet Coin.

Stamp 5 - Poni Trial Completion: Remove one of the Pokemon from the nursery to stop eggs from spawning.

To get the Happy Hour move, select the "Mystery Gift" option at the main menu and connect to the internet to get a Munchlax with Happy Hour already memorized. The Mystery Gift ends January 11, Equip the Amulet Coin and use the Happy Hour move at any point during a battle to get quadruple the prize money.

Trade all of your Pokemon away and then back again with someone you can trust to get an instant increase in XP. Use the Rainbow Beans and feed them to your star Pokemon.

Depending on your Pokemon, you may gain multiple hearts with a single Rainbow Bean. Successfully complete the game by defeating the Elite Four and becoming Alola Champion. Then, return to Route 1 and visit Professor Kukui's Lab on the beach. Make sure both TMs can be learned by the Pokemon you want to increase the Happiness.

Replace one move with a TM. Select a move you do not mind losing for now —- you can relearn the abilities afterwards. Use the second TM to replace the first TM. Replace the second TM with the first TM. Keep repeating this for minutes to max out Happiness.

You can use this exploit to easily evolve a Pokemon with the Happiness evolution requirement. Easily prevent evolutions Most Pokemon evolve once they reach a certain level requirement.

However, to prevent a Pokemon from evolving, during the Evolution animation, hold B to stop the evolution. Normally, Everstones which are rare were the only way to stop an evolution in previous Pokemon games. For example, you can get one by defeating Ilima in his house in Hau'oli City.

Use the following steps to pre-generate a Shiny Pokemon. You will first need the following Pokemon and items: Hacked Pokemon will not work for this method. Any Magikarp will work. They are common in any body of water in Alola. The "Goal" Pokemon is the species you want to generate a shiny for, which can be any Pokemon.

The foreign Ditto is the most important part of this process. You must have a foreign, un-hacked Ditto. There are other ways to do this method, but using a foreign Ditto is by far the easiest.

Equip it on the foreign Ditto. Equip on the "Goal" Pokemon. It is given by Ilima after re-battling him in the large house in Hau'oli City. It is only needed if you do not use a foreign Ditto. Then, go to the Hatchery, wait outside at the ranch, and use the following steps to breed a Shiny Pokemon: Run in circles to generate eggs.

Enter the enclosed fence across the path from the nursery entrance, and spin while riding Tauros to quickly generate eggs. You can generate as many as desired. It is recommended to generate at least 30 to improve your chances of finding a Shiny. Remove one of the Pokemon from the nursery to stop eggs from spawning.

This is just a safety precaution. Hatch all of the eggs you just collected. Spin with Tauros in the fence area to quickly begin hatching.

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If you found a Shiny, continue to the next step. If you did not, repeat steps Take note of the egg that hatched into a Shiny. For example, Egg 21 since your last save hatched into a Shiny Pokemon.

Reset your 3DS without saving. This is very important. Return to the Nursery and deposit Ditto and your "Goal" Pokemon. Collect eggs up to the number where you hatched a Shiny with Magikarp, which is Egg 21 in our example. For example, for a genderless or single-gender Pokemon, hatch Egg 22 instead of Finally, hatch the egg for example, Egg 21 to get the desired Shiny Pokemon.

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When breeding Pokemon, simply refuse the eggs from the Nursery you do not want until you get the right egg with the Shiny Pokemon. Enter the fenced area across from the mall. Walk around in that grass until you run into a Pichu.

Set another Pichu or Pikachu with Static as the first member of your party to increase the odds of a Pichu appearing. This is best done in the area on Route 1 where Pichu spawns, as this does not also have a Magnemite.

Stall the battle until Pichu calls for help. Get the Pichu to low HP to increase rate of it calling for help. The Pokemon it calls for help will either be Pikachu, Pichu, or Happiny. If it is Pikachu, K.

If it is Pichu or Happiny, K. Then, visit the Game Freak building and defeat Morimoto to get the Oval Charm, which substantially boosts the rate at which eggs appear at the Pokemon Nursery.

Shiny Charm Complete the Alola Pokedex. Poke Finder upgrades Early in the game, you get the ability to take and submit photos with the Rotom Dex. You get points for each photo you submit that are used to upgrade the Poke Finder's version once you reach a milestone.

Get the indicated number of points to upgrade the Poke Finder to the corresponding version and gain the listed new feature: Get 1, points to unlock the Zoom function. Get 10, points to unlock the Zoom upgrade.

Getpoints to unlock the Final Zoom upgrade. Get 1, points to unlock an option to call Pokemon to you. A quicker method is to just catch a Diglett and evolve it into a Dugtrio.

Diglett can be found on the first island. It can be found in the cave where you do your first trial. You first have to complete the trial before you can catch any Pokemon in that cave. You can also find Diglett in the cave next to the Pokemon Lab on the island.

You need to be able to ride Taurus in order to break the rocks to enter it. After you catch Diglett, level it up. Diglett will evolve into Dugtrio at Level 26 -- so you need to use it quite a bit.

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You can also use some Rare Candies on it to level it up quicker. The "Exp All" does help level it up much quicker if you do not want to use it.

If you do not want to level up Diglett, you will have to wait until the third island. You can catch it there and on the fourth island, but that is further into the game. The only way to obtain it in Pokemon Moon is by trading for it. To get Vulpix, you have to get pretty far into the game.

Pokémon 820650802607-1 Sun and Moon Crimson Invasion Elite Trainer Box B074NCGNX2

That area is under construction until later in the game. After completing the final trial, you can return to Mount Lanakila and take the elevator up. When you reach the top, search the grass to eventually see Vulpix appear.

Vulpix is pretty common -- so you should not have to spend too much time looking for one. Once you have Vulpix, you can evolve it into Ninetails by using an Ice Stone on it.

Vulpix is just an Ice type, but Ninetails is an Ice and Fairy type. When you evolve Vulpix into Ninetails, it can also immediately learn Dazzling Gleam. Go back to the Altar Of The Sunne. Go to the platform at the top of the lake to initiate a cutscene. Cosmog will join your party.

You can only get one Cosmog per playthrough. Getting Eevee You cannot catch Eevee until you reach the second island. You will get a mission early while on the second island to go to a Pokemon Ranch. On the way to the Pokemon Ranch, you can find Eevee spawns right before the town, near the ranch.

However, it is rare for them to spawn. You can also find them on the other side of the map, on Route 5 coming down from the ranch. Eevee will often call for extra help -- so be prepared for that. You can evolve Eevee into multiple different forms. This Pokemon requires Update 1.

Scan the following QR code. Then, go to any Pokecenter to obtain Grumpig. It is also the only currently known Pokemon that can learn the Fleur Cannon special move. Start a new game and get your first Pokemon. Then, save and exit the game.

Munchlax can now be found at any Poke Center in the game. Talk to the guy next to the healing station, and he will tell you he has your gift. Munchlax will be Level 5 and can be either male or female. To evolve Munchlax, you need to max its affection with you.

Pokémon Sun

You can do this by feeding it, using it in battle, petting it pokemon sun and moon card box the groom section, and cleaning dirt or other things off it after battle.

When you max the affection, it will evolve the next time it levels up. When you get Snorlax, give it the Snorlax Z stone to give it a special ability.

Next, complete all Ultra Beast quests for the Looker. Necrozma spawns in the grassy field in the back-left corner where Rockruffs naturally appear. There is a very low chance that Necrozma will appear, but you can do the following things to increase the chances it will appear: Use Super Repel to keep low-level Rockruffs from bothering you while you try to get Necrozma to spawn.

Always keep running, or ride on Tauros and charge in circles. The faster you move, the more likely you are to enter into a random battle. Do not put Pokemon over Level 75 on your team.

Once it does, use the following tips to catch it: Necrozma is the hardest Pokemon to catch in the game. Save the Master Ball for this battle to make it much easier to catch it. If you do not have a Master Ball, buy a large quantity of Ultra Balls.

It may require over a dozen attempts, but the Ultra Ball will eventually capture Necrozma. Do not use Beast Balls. Necrozma is not an Ultra Beast. Thus, Beast Balls will actually lower your chances of catching Necrozma. Use Ground type special moves against Necrozma to weaken it.

Necrozma is a Psychic type, and uses Iron Defense to precisely increase its defense. Getting Sungaleo Get Cosmog, then evolve it.

Then, go to the indicated fishing spot to catch the corresponding aquatic Pokemon. Make sure to bring lots of Pokeballs when fishing. Unfortunately, these Pokeballs are not available to purchase -- so use Lure Balls wisely.

Alternatively, you can use Dive Balls which increases your catch rate versus water type Pokemon while swimming or fishing. Pokemon will only appear at fishing spots with bubbles.

You can reset the fishing spot by leaving and re-entering. Enter Seaward Cave from Melemele Meadow on Melemele Island enter the small hole south as you enter the yellow field of flowers.

Once you are inside, go left to the small pond of water. Jump onto Lapras to find the single fishing spot. Getting Whiscash is the main reason to catch this Pokemon.

On Route 13 on Ula'ula Island, enter the trailer park from Tapu Village, and proceed down the path south from the oasis in the center. Down on the coast, travel right from the old man, and right of the Trainer Tips sign, to see the fishing location.

Search for the two fishing spots on the east coast of the Akala Outskirts area on Akala Island, near a fisherman. Go to the more northern of the two fishing spots to get this Pokemon. Start from Hau'oli City beach on Melemele Island, and use Lapras to swim southeast in the Melemele Sea to a cave entrance blocked by boulders that only Sharpedo can break.

To the left of the cave entrance is a fishing hole. To easily reset the spot, simply use Sharpedo to bust into the nearby Ten Karat Hill cave.

You have to coax it from its hiding spot in Seafolk Village. Dratini is the first form of Dragonair. Dragonite is a dragon type introduced in Gen 1.

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It is a pseudo-legendary Pokemon, but it is powerful and grows in strength quickly. Just as you enter Brooklet Hill on Melemele Island, go down the ramp to the bridge.

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Jump onto Lapras and ride south to find the fishing spot that is only accessible from the water. Feebas evolves into Milotic when traded while holding a Prism Scale. This is not a fishing location. Lapras is most well known for its Swim HM ability, helping trainers easily cross water.

Lapras can still transport trainers with the Poke Ride system. This Pokemon is found in the same fishing spot as Corsola. Typically, Corsola will summon Mareanie when it calls for help. The encounter chance is unknown. On the beach in Poni Wilds on Poni Island, locate the final trainer the Dancer and walk directly left.

Ride Lapras to the first fishing spot directly left and slightly below that trainer. To get Carvanha without using Wonder Trade, breed Sharpedo.

Just as you exit the cave, use the fishing spot north near the shore. You will not need to use Lapras to reach this spot. Shellder evolves into Cloyster with a Water Stone. This Pokemon is found in the same fishing spot as Chinchou.

Wishiwashi unlocks the Schooling ability at Level In School form, Wishiwashi joins up with a horde, turning the swarm into one giant fish school body. It changes the look of the Pokemon while in its new body.

Wishiwashi does not evolve. All Eevee evolutions Complete the indicated requirement s to evolve Eevee into the corresponding form: This evolution requires you to increase Eevee's Happiness to around Evolve Eevee during daytime to get Espeon or during nighttime to get Umbreon. This evolution requires a Fire Stone.

Alternatively, one can be found in the hot rock located on the northwest edge of the Tunnel Of Diglett. Tauros is required to reach it. You can fly there to save time. Once you are inside Lush Jungle, find the frozen rock that is covered with ice and can easily freeze you. Interact with the rock to get a notification.

After you have interacted with the ice covered rock, explore until you encounter a wild Pokemon. Once you have defeated the Pokemon, your Eevee will level up a few times if it was a lower level Eeveeand you will automatically get the Glaceon Eevee evolution.

You must level up your Eevee after interacting with the ice covered rock to get the evolution.

Then, return to Route 1 and visit Professor Kukui's Lab on the beach. Reset your 3DS without saving. TM11 - Sunny Day:

You can either do that by battling wild Pokemon or using an item. This evolution requires a Thunder Stone. Alternatively, one can be found at the backside of the Fossil Restoration Center on Route 8.

Interact with the rock to get a notification that it is covered in moss. After you have interacted with the large moss covered rock, explore until you encounter a wild Pokemon. Once you have defeated the Pokemon, your Eevee will level up a few times if it was a lower level Eeveeand you will automatically get the Leafeon Eevee evolution.

You must level up your Eevee after interacting with the moss covered rock to get the evolution. This evolution requires you to teach your Eevee a Fairy type move and get it to two hearts.

Then, Eevee will evolve into Sylveon when it levels up. This evolution requires a Water Stone. Ultra Beasts can only be captured with special Beast Pokeballs, given by the Looker.

The Looker gives you ten Beast Balls after defeating his partner Anabel in a duel, then sends you to collect the next numbered Ultra Beast. Go to the indicated location to begin the corresponding Ultra Beast quest.

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