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Extend your experience in the unique universe of Dragon Ball Xenoverse with the Season Pass: More playable characters, additional quests, episodes, Masters, Stages, skills and many more exclusive elements included in the DLC packs.

The spin-off novel Retribution cuts off the branches for players who appointed Anderson to the Council, and in Mass Effect 3, Udina is the human councilor no matter what if Anderson was on the Council, he resigns between the games. Arena has several instances of this: Jim Neidhart — Unlock Price: In an aversion, Red has all three starters four if you include Yellow's Pikachu and Blue doesn't use his having Arcanine, Gyarados and Exeggutor on his team all at once, where in Red and Blue his starter would replace whichever one shared the same type , implying that neither one has a canon starter.

In the second gameit's revealed through one of the Sunken Scrolls scattered throughout the game's campaign that Agent 3 is canonically female, with the " Octo Expansion " revealing that green-tentacled Inkling shown in the first game's promotional material is her canonical appearance.

However, you can customize the appearance of Agent 3, who later shows up. Averted with Star Fox Command. Despite the game having 9 different endings, including two arguably good ones one where the Status Quo is more or less restored with some newcomers to the team, and one where Fox and Krystal have a son named Marcus who creates a new, younger teamMiyamoto and Nintendo decided to "plant a new tree" and to reboot once again the franchise with Star Fox Zeroleaving the end of the old timeline undefined.

This decision was somewhat of a base-breaker Command itself being one and fans are split between those who hated the game and its plot are are glad that it was discontinued and those who would have liked to see more of Dash and Amanda, or even of Marcus' team.

If the game had been finished, Handmaiden was supposed to have joined you if you were on the light side then Visas Marr if you were on the dark side, who in the finished game joins you no matter what; presumably too the Disciple, who only joins with a female Exile in the finished game, would have joined regardless of gender or alignment. In Deus Ex , you had three endings: How to unlock additional characters?:

And even then, an interview with the developers state that should a game that considers Command canon gets made, they'd rather use the middle as the starting point. Played straight with the original Star Fox and Star Fox 64where the Golden Endings are unsurprisingly the ones used in the sequels.

The original Wario Land ended with Wario asking a genie for a castle. Depending on how many coins the player collected, he ends up with anything from a birdhouse to an entire planet. Despite the insistence of the game to try again, he apparently got the castle the penultimate dragon ball xenoverse dlc packs according to Wario Land II.

In every Mario Partyany playable character s can become the Superstar in the end by winning the game. The introduction to the second game, however, has the 6 playable characters debating who deserves to have a theme park named for them, and Wario tries to earn that privilege by reminding everyone that he was the Superstar at the end of the first game.

We're never told if this is true or not. Rescuing the Dachora and the Etecoons from Super Metroid is the canon ending as they reappeared in Metroid: Super Robot Wars Most of the Super Robot Wars games allows players to pick and choose between a variety of main character combinations usually a male and female and a choice between a Real Robot or Super Robot Super Robot Wars 4 being the first of the lotbut the games that play this trope straight are the Super Robot Wars Alpha series.

In the first installment, players have two sets of four male and female portraits, with four distinct personalities to choose from. This is somewhat resolved in Alpha 2 by making default character Kusuha Mizuha and Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield, by extension the canon protagonist s of the Alpha series, giving her the female super robot route.

In Alpha 3, Kusuha retains the super robot route and the other three routes have entirely new characters, with the bonus that the protagonists of the other non-Kusuha Alpha 2 routes reappear in the Alpha 3 routes. For example, male real robot protagonist Cobray Gordon of Alpha 3 retains Arado Balanga, the male real pilot from Alpha 2, and his version of the Alpha 2 story; however, Arado is exclusive only to Cobray.

All's well and good, right? Unfortunately, male super protagonist Sanger Zonvolt from Alpha 2 appears in all four routes in Alpha 3, which caused some heads to turn since not every character in the party has met him. Developer Banpresto handled this cleverly: In Alpha 3, if players didn't choose male super protagonist Touma Kanou, the Earth Cradle is never destroyed, thus Sanger has just woken up in Alpha 3.

Since selecting Touma guarantees Sanger's side of the Alpha 2 story, all characters have already met him in the previous game which also explains why Sanger's adept at using the DyGenGuard in contrast to the non-Touma Alpha 3 routes.

Alpha also has a complex Secret Character system where characters who should be Killed Off for Real in their respective canons, but are made recruitable in the games, still remain dead in the sequels.

In the first game, Quess ParayaElpeo Puru and Puru Two are recruitable characters who reappear alive and well in the sequels. Sara Zabiarov is not, nor is the Evangelion Unit salvaged for future use.

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Alpha Gaiden secrets are made irrelevant due to its events being considered Alternate Continuity via a Bad Future. Radora and Takeru cannot reappear in Alpha 3 by proxy of being exclusive only to Kusuha and Sanger's routes in Alpha 2, which would complicate things in Alpha 3.

August 27 Extra Pack 3 coming on August 28th! The Extra Pack 3 for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will release on August 28th The DLC features new characters Kefla and Super Baby Vegeta plus 5 new Parallel Quests, 8 additional skills, 4 costumes and 2 super $

Played with regarding Super Robot Wars Z: If players are to assume Z: Special Disc is truly an Interquel between Z and the Second Z, then Rand and Setsuko were indeed part of ZEUTH, which wouldn't cause continuity conflicts from the first game since both characters' routes in Z occurred at the same time.

Unfortunately, because the Second Z explicitly states they ARE a part of ZEUTH, this becomes impossible, as the one not selected to be the Z protagonist turns into a Non-Player Character assisting from behind-the-scenes, nor does the plot guarantee their respective Sphere and partner s are alive.

The fact the Second Z carries the friendships Rand and Setsuko formed from the first game in their individual routes shouldn't be possible if one of them is considered a stranger to ZEUTH.

Given the nature of the Z series regarding the merging of multiple dimensions into one think Super Robot Wars meets Crisis on Infinite Earthsit's possible this trope isn't meant to be played thoroughly for Z and its sequels.

Super Robot Wars Original Generation tends to run into this when the original characters and storylines from the various games in the SRW franchise appear. Sometimes, Banpresto chooses one over the other, but more often than not, they Take a Third Option: The first game, which came out between Alpha and Alpha 2, established Kusuha and Bullet's personalities and portraits for the rest of the Alpha series, as well as for the other six of the eight possible Alpha default characters via Divergent Character Evolution.

In the game, any of the four characters can make the sacrifice, but the tie-in comic, the Left 4 Dead 2 campaign "The Passing" that this one is a prequel to, and the fact that there is an achievement specifically for Bill sacrificing himself, shows that Bill is officially the one. From background dialogue, it's suggested that Arytom went Renegade rather than Paragon at least a few times i. In an aversion, Red has all three starters four if you include Yellow's Pikachu and Blue doesn't use his having Arcanine, Gyarados and Exeggutor on his team all at once, where in Red and Blue his starter would replace whichever one shared the same type , implying that neither one has a canon starter. Also a No Yay , considering who these two are

The first installment also possessed a minor example: Although their respective first halves of the story are separate, the game treats both as canon since they're fighting the same war, but on different fronts.

The second half is shared, with slight differences, but Original Generation 2 states Ryusei's version of the second half occurred, making Kyosuke's latter half Canon Discontinuity.

Back in Advance, players had the choice of Axel Almer or Lamia Loveless; whoever isn't selected as the protagonist becomes The Rival for the game, minus a quirk they suffer when chosen Laser-Guided Amnesia and Speech Impedimentrespectively.

In Original Generation 2, Lamia's chosen and much demand for the return of an amnesiac Axel ensued, due to Flanderization by turning him into a bigger Jerkass than he was in Lamia's Advance route. Endless Frontier finishes the job with Axel getting hit with a bout of amnesia and taking up the personality he gets if he's selected as the Advance protagonist.

In Deus Ex , you had three endings: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 , another game published by Bandai Namco , has a dub for both languages only added more insult to the injury. This is particularly notable since Mewtwo, as a manmade creation , is unquestionably one of a kind. Pre-order bonus or buy the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Action Adventure Played with in Dark Souls 2. It is revealed that any of the first game's endings could be canon, it does not matter. Such a long time has passed since then that it has faded into obscurity, and the ages shift in a neverending cycle. If the player chose the "Link the fire" ending, eventually, they would have died and another undead would have replaced them or left the bonfire to die, starting an Age of Dark.

If the player chose the "Dark Lord" ending, another undead would eventually throw his soul on the fire, starting a new Age of Fire anyway.

The cycle will keep rolling. Dark Souls 3 plays with this as well with its Final Boss. The Soul of Cinder can backflip in is Scimitar form, which in Dark Souls 1 required the Dark Wood Grain Ring, and also has spells only used by the player in either of the earlier games.

That said, it doesn't specifically preclude the player starting an Age of Dark in neither, either, or both. So much time has passed that countless Ages of Fire and Dark have passed.

In Deus Exyou had three endings: In the sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible Warall three happened: JC merges with Helios and destroys Area 51, destroying the world's communications and leaving a void for the Illuminati to rise to power.

Additionally, it was possible for the protagonist's brother to die in the first game, but in the sequel he canonically lives. Mankind Divided effectively turned the tree into one big trunk, because none of the endings from Human Revolution are canon to it.

Warrior Within has two possible endings - one where Kaileena is defeated, and the other where The Prince manages to kill the Dahaka, saving himself and Kaileena.

The latter is acknowledged as canon in the opening narration for the Prince of Persia: While left somewhat unclear, Overlord II suggests that the previous Evil Overlord was something of a Noble Demon who at the very least saved the Elves from extinction.

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The game also goes on to say that Rose was the canonical choice for Mistress. Though the debris from the Tower are in Velvet's style. The Neverhood has two endings- one in which Klaymen takes Klogg's offer and turns into a freak like him, and another, better ending in which he restores Hoborg to being king, and Hoborg then revives both Willie Trombone and Big Robot Bil- while Klogg is shot off of the Neverhood by his own cannon.

There exists a sequel, Skullmonkeysthat reveals that the latter ending is canonical, as Klogg ends up on another planet and Willie is still alive. In Final Fight 2, it is Cody who is shown delivering the finishing blow to Belger in the opening intro and this actually becomes an important plot point in Final Fight: Streetwise in which Father Bella is seeking revenge on Cody for killing Belger.

Fighting Game Any fighting game series will fit this. Examples include Mortal Kombat and Guilty Gear. On the other hand, there has been a recent trend to avert this.

Examples include the recent equivalents of both games listed above the new Mortal Kombat has a "story mode" that tells a single, unified version of events through the eyes of a series of protagonists, while BlazBlue builds its entire premise around deconstructing this.

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Arena has several instances of this: In Persona 4acquiring the Ultimate Persona for the members of the Investigation Team is optional, and Updated Re-release Persona 4 Golden gives the party brand new third-tier Persona; subsequently, Arena features the Investigation Team with their default Persona.

This one is actually a little odd, because the game makes numerous references to events that happened at the end of their Social Links, implying they were canonical. Even more confusingly, Persona 4: Dancing All Night has Yu using his default Persona, Izanagi, for most of the game, then switching to its ultimate evolution Izanagi-no-Okami for the final boss for no reason other than the fact it's cooler.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley — Unlock Price: Jake Roberts — Unlock Price: JBL — Unlock Price: Jim Neidhart — Unlock Price: Attire — Unlock Price: Kevin Nash — Unlock Price: Larry Zbyszko — Unlock Price: Lex Luger — Unlock Price: Lita — Unlock Price: Luke — Bushwhackers — Unlock Price: Mankind — Unlock Price: Perfect — Unlock Price: Randy Savage — Unlock Price: Razor Ramon — Unlock Price: Ric Flair — Unlock Price: Rick Rude — Unlock Price: Ricky Steamboat — Unlock Price: Rikishi — Unlock Price: Scott Hall — Unlock Price: Shawn Michaels — Unlock Price: There's something really funny about all of the memetic requests for Goku to end up in Super Smash Bros.

Ultimateof all things. This article written before the game's release about somebody unfamiliar with Dragon Ball trying to guess how good characters will be jokes that because Cell has absorbed the abilities and powers of many other members of the cast, he'll automatically be the best and there will be no reason to pick anyone else.

Come the game's release, and Cell was quickly proven to be one of the best characters in the game, single-handedly dominating competitive play. In at least one dialogue option, Frieza calls Yamcha "sensible and handsome.

Later on, a conversation between 18, 21 and Gohan about family has 21 warmly saying she'd like a family supported the way 18 supports hers, at which 18 gets embarrassed and asks her to stop swooning over her. Android 21 also gets some small moments with regards to Bulma, although they're never really shown interacting; 21 is incredibly complimentary towards Bulma's intelligence and also considers getting her a gift after accidentally eating around a hundred of Bulma's string cheeses.

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Fused Zamasu's intro shows Goku Black and Future Zamasu being ecstatic about fusing together while their crotches touch. They are way too happy about fusing.

Also a No Yayconsidering who these two are After the game's expensive Season Pass was announced, saying a lot of the game's hype was soured in many fans' eyes is a massive Understatement.

Especially in the eyes of those that were originally supporting this game over Marvel vs.

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Infinite for not doing this like that game had done to its own backlash. A minor backdraft whipped up whenever a new character trailer was released after Nappa and Ginyu's, mainly because they were so short, rushing through highlights of the character's movesets and their Super and Meteor Attacks with no room to breathe.

This would be ok if extended gameplay footage of these characters was released soon after, but Gotenks, Kid Buu, and Ultimate Gohan did not receive these. As such, you have frantically edited snippets of attack animations, as short as 12 seconds with Ultimate Gohan, leaving fans to wait for the next big con or similar event in the hopes of seeing more substantial snippets of gameplay.

Cutting Off the Branches

Reports of the game containing lootboxes were initially met with controversy and received a negative reception. The backlash died down when it was clarified that said "lootboxes" were unlockable purely through in-game currency, like the fishing mechanic in Guilty Gear Xrd, and that players cannot purchase them with real world money.

Due to the insane popularity of Dragon Ball Z and its dubs in Latin America, Latino fans aren't happy about the game not having Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese dubs despite having the text fully translated to their languages.

The fact that Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4another game published by Bandai Namcohas a dub for both languages only added more insult to the injury. This is justified since the Latino fans have been bashing the Spaniard dub for a whole decade and Bandai Namco said they don't deserve it as a punishment The Anime Music Pack DLC has been massively criticized for only featuring the shortened TV length anime openings rather than full songs, resulting in the players chosen track repeating itself up to times during a match.

To make matters worse, the music featured in the DLC pack is also the same music found in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 anime music pack, meaning that there are no unique songs found between the two, which is very disappointing for Western fans who might not have heard most of the songs.

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