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1999 Ford Explorer Fuel Pump Budget-friendly Décor

of results for "fuel pump ford explorer" Showing selected results. See all results for fuel pump ford explorer. Fuel Pump for Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer w/Sending Unit fits ES XL2Z9HAK XL2Z9HAJ XL2Z9HAJ. by Parts Galaxy. $ $ 46 99 Prime.

For vehicles that require fuel pump assembly replacement, go to Step For more info on this test, go to:

For vehicles that can be serviced with a kit go to Step 4. For vehicles that require fuel pump assembly replacement, go to Step Detach electrical connector from fuel pump housing Fig.

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Remove wiring harness from the fuel pump assembly flange by depressing the retaining fingers on the harness connector at bottom of flange and pushing upward out of flange Fig. Install new wiring harness by feeding wires through flange hole and inserting harness connector into flange until an audible click is heard.

Check for proper retention.

How To Remove Ford Fuel Line Fittings Without Fancy Tools! Quick Disconnect DIY

Reattach electrical connector harness to fuel pump housing. Prior to making the connection, place one loop in the pump wires away from the convoluted feed tube Fig.

Reattach the signal wire yellow on the harness to the signal wire yellow on the replacement fuel level sensor assembly per WSM, Section Fig. When replacing the fuel pump, use genuine Motorcraft only.

97 ford explorer fuel pump change

I went through 3 different fuel pumps before I got the Motorcraft one. The reason is that because these vehicle have gotten older, many of the aftermarket choices have gone away, so most of the aftermarket ones out there are all actually the same thing, and that is the one made by the low bidder.

Then they slap some brand name on it and call it good. You can also get good name brands for only a few bucks more without having to get stuck buying the whole assembly. There could have been multiple reasons that the 3 pumps failed on you. I look at this this way, many manufacturers have simular pumps because the fuel injectors have simular requirements when it comes to pressure and volume.

Fuel pump secondary circuit failure

The failure problems are simular in all manufacturers so why would a Motorcraft pump be superior to a Carter or a Bosch? This fuel pressure gauge result let's you know that the fuel pump is working and delivering enough fuel to the fuel injectors.

Let it dry thoroughly. The tests I'm presenting to you here can be easily and safely done and I've done them lot's of times without any unwanted and unhappy accidents

Location Of The Schrader Valve The Schrader valve is always located on the fuel injector rail on the vehicles covered by this tutorial. Generally on the passenger side of the engine.

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Checking The Fuel Pump Inertia Switch The fuel pump inertia switch is tasked with the job of cutting power or ground to the fuel pump in case of an impact Although it's designed to activate during a severe impact cause by an automobile accident This means that it's always a good idea to check and reset the inertia switch whenever testing the fuel pump.

On the majority of the vehicles covered by this tutorial, the inertia switch is located below the right side of the instrument panel, behind the trim panel.

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Resetting the fuel pump inertia switch simply involves pushing down on the button located on top of the inertia switch till it bottoms out.

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