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Uber From Laguardia To Times Square Which New York Airport Closer To Times Square, Manhattan Stops

Distance between Times Square and LaGuardia Airport is approx. miles ( km) with 29 min travel time. This Uber estimate from Times Square to LaGuardia Airport was updated 26 days ago.

Which airport is most suitable for me? Check both apps if the fare on one is appreciably higher as demand drives prices up. No question that the E is faster, but between Lexington Ave and Roosevelt Ave the difference is about five minutes.

Your final destination is in Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, or pretty much any other neighborhood in the borough.

Uber vs taxi in New York City

You're trying to visit a friend in upper Manhattan -- you'll spend half of your vacation on the subway. Worst thing about airport: The immigration lines sadly aren't an urban legend, and can add hours to your overall travel time as you wait to go through customs.

LGA to Times Square

Welcome to New York! Best thing about airport: Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson's Uptown Brasserie, which lets you reclaim the dignity you lost in customs.

Distance to Times Square: You're staying in Manhattan, you're doing a "Sopranos" tour, or you prefer views of the Jersey interstate and the Statue of Liberty to post-industrial Queens.

You need fancy foodie fare -- post-security, your options are limited to the likes of Dunkin' Donuts and diners.

It's in New Jersey. Again, you're looking at about 15 miles to get to Manhattan, but depending on the time of day and congestion at the Holland Tunnel, it could be much quicker than JFK, or much, much worse.

If you prefer public transit, there are regular trains from Newark to Penn Station. Northern Queens Choose it if: When you take a cab, you will need a wallet. Passengers pay for rides by swiping their card through a card reader and can see the transaction details on a monitor in the backseat.

Cab drivers also accept cash, unlike Uber drivers. Tipping is different with each service, too. The Uber app does not allow passengers to add a tip to their electronic payment.

For Terminals A, C, and D, head outside from arrivals or baggage claim. This is where Uber driver-partners at LGA meet travelers for pickup. For Terminal B, exit the from the Upper Level. Follow the Green Car Services signs to the blue covered walkway. On Level 2, .

Uber's webpage on tipping says there is no need to tip. Passengers using uberT can also go to uber.

LaGuardia Limo Service.

Tipping is customary for cab rides. You can add the tip to your credit card or pay it in cash.

Uber ride from LaGuardia Airport to Midtown

You can always calculate your own tip or decline to tip altogether for bad service. Vehicle Types Taxicabs hold either four or five passengers, depending on the vehicle model. The most common vehicle model for older taxis is the Ford Crown Victoria. InNissan NV vans became the official model for new taxis.

All taxis are painted yellow, except for taxis in boroughs other than Manhattan, which are green. If you want a fancier ride, you will need to call a traditional private car service or use Uber.

Uber policy is that all cars must be a or later model and must be easy to enter and exit so no pickup trucks or compact cars. You can also arrange a yellow cab through uberT by calling a yellow cab through the Uber app. Green boro taxis, which operate in the outer boroughs and parts of Manhattan north of certain streets, can either be prearranged or hailed on the street.

Uber is only accessible through an up-to-date smartphone. If you do not own a smartphone, your smartphone is not up to date, or you forgot your phone, you will not be able to use Uber.

New York City regulations prohibit street hails for private ride services also called livery services. Customer Service Since passengers request all Uber rides through the app, there is no waiting on the street and getting drenched trying to hail a ride in bad weather.

Nor will you find yourself standing alone on an empty street late at night trying to catch a cab.

NYC Shuttles Hilton Times Square

The app lets users know when the driver has arrived, so passengers can wait indoors. This is also true for uberT.

You can always calculate your own tip or decline to tip altogether for bad service. The airport boasts a good connection to the city center. Lack of traffic midday makes this minutes. Originally Posted by ijgordon Post Just take a taxi.

What if you have a bad experience during your ride? The taxi medallion system, which makes it incredibly expensive to operate a cab company, may cause some owners cut corners on vehicles and drivers.

Uber Airport Hacks To SAVE Money + Arriving in LaGuardia NYC

Many Uber drivers are also recent immigrants with limited English skills. If the driver pleads guilty, he will pay a fine and the case will be closed. If the driver pleads not guilty, there will be a hearing which requires you to give testimony by phone or in person.

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Uber actively seeks and reviews passenger feedback on drivers.

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