Lou And Lou Safety Patrol My Life In Key West

Policeman Lou And Policewoman Sue [Lisa Desimini] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Artist Lisa Desimini presents the daily activities and special friendship between two police officers. Just the right mix of lively pictures.

Barbara Eden plays Kathy Rabies Writer: Sanchez on March 22,

The assaulter, said to be equipped with a rifle, a pistol, and a surly attitude, fled on foot with the threat that pursuers would be shot. Set upon by darkness, the search was suspended for the night.

The next morning about 8: Squires skirted the hill to approach from the rear, while Stacey and the others returned fire from the front.

Stacey was wounded by three bullets, but the desperado fired sparingly, as if to conserve ammunition.

He knows her much better than I. John not at liberty to tell me what he did.

Both opened fire at once; Squires with his revolver, and the bandit with a Winchester I saw Bob pitch forward. Al Prather or Prater was shot in the head, and blacksmith William Culver went down with a bullet to the knee; his leg later was amputated.

Prater died of his wounds a month later. Dad took a shot because he thought this guy was up a tree. Everybody was shooting at something. The popping of rifles and pistols, it was said, could even be heard in El Toro, four miles west. The gunfire from atop the ridge stopped, the desperado went out of sight.

Of the hundreds of rounds fired, he had been hit only once—in the head. Nobody knew who the shooter was. Some said it was Sam Burke, the former local football hero.

Osterman suspected a suicide. But could the posse have fired hundreds of rounds, all missing?

This also applies to people who learn about or come into information about a shooting. Richards does not know if this was local or repeater traffic.

Bob Squires is honored today as the first Orange County Sheriff's Department officer to die in the line of duty. The investigation into the Battle of Tomato Springs appears to have been cursory at best, leaving numerous questions and inconsistencies which are pondered even now.

Was Myrtle Huff raped, as the posse believed? Did anybody ask her? An examining physician said later that not only was Huff not raped, she was not injured in any manner.

Questions to ponder at this late date; questions not to be answered. The suicide theory seems not to have been seriously pondered until reconsideration of the case fifty years later, and today it is not discounted.

Swift Justice It might appear surprising in today's snail-paced jurisprudence climate, but in times past, justice could move quickly. Borthwick, in his Three Years in Californiawrote about a woman who, in the forenoon, apparently without provocation and with many witnesses, stabbed a miner in the heart.

Within two hours, she was formally tried by a jury of twelve, found guilty, and hanged from the Downieville bridge before sunset.

Underwent his preliminary hearing at 5 AM. Pleaded guilty at 8 AM. Was on his way to San Quentin by noon. On September 24, Gibson became the first person in California executed on order of an Orange County court.

Orange County's fifth sheriff, Charles E. Ruddockis third from left, front row, with his staff in Enjoyed my diet prime rib.

Sitting at the bar next to me were Kristina and John. A vacationing couple from Mays Landing, New Jersey. A very enjoyable couple. We talked of many things. From the beauty of Jersey beaches and their bikini clad women to whatever. Both at with the FAA.

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Kristina a research manager with drones. John not at liberty to tell me what he did. They return home this morning.

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Now back to Aqua and Dueling bartenders. Terri the guest artist.

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Two weeks ago, Terri received favorable news from her cancer hospital in Tampa. She is in remission. Her singing last night exhibited a gusto I attribute to the news.

She also danced and pranced about. Terri was a Broadway hoofer as well as singer. She was singing a love song. Came over and threw her arm around me in what was intended as a hug.

Clint Eastwood

My face became imbedded in her left breast. I could not breathe. She did not know. Bear at Aqua also. Only 10 weeks old. What a good boy!

Tom and Clare new residents to Key West. Items sought—the older the better—include: Guaranteed you will enjoy. Richards took a digital camera because he wanted to document any seizure.

Sat under a chair and ignored everyone. Probably scared seeing all the people. A never before event for him.

The film follows an American mercenary, who gets mixed up with a prostitute disguised as a nun, and ends up helping a group of Juarista rebels during the reign of Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico.

Kelly's Heroes was the last film Eastwood appeared in that was not produced by his own Malpaso Productions. When Dave ends their relationship, the unhinged Evelyn becomes a murderous stalker.

But, being as this is a.

Although a number of critics praised Eastwood's performance as Dirty Harry, such as Jay Cocks of Time magazine who described him as " During filming, Eastwood suffered symptoms of a bronchial infection and several panic attacks. The film had a moral and supernatural theme, later emulated in Pale Rider.

The plot follows a mysterious stranger Eastwood who arrives in a brooding Western town where the people hire him to protect them against three soon-to-be-released felons. There remains confusion during the film as to whether the stranger is the brother of the deputy, whom the felons lynched and murdered, or his ghost.

Holes in the plot were filled with black humor and allegoryinfluenced by Leone. A number of critics thought Eastwood's directing was "as derivative as it was expressive," with Arthur Knight of the Saturday Review remarking that Eastwood had " During casting for the film Eastwood met Sondra Locke for the first time, an actress who would play major roles in six of his films over the next ten years and would become an important figure in his life.

Eastwood reportedly fumed at the lack of Academy Award recognition for him and swore that he would never work for United Artists again. Eastwood plays Jonathan Hemlock in a role originally intended for Paul Newmanan assassin turned college art professor who decides to return to his former profession for one last "sanction" in return for a rare Pissarro painting.

In the process he must climb the north face of the Eiger in Switzerland under perilous conditions. Mike Hoover taught Eastwood how to climb during several weeks of preparation at Yosemite in the summer of before filming commenced in GrindelwaldSwitzerland on August 12, The supporting cast included Locke as his love interest and Chief Dan George as an elderly Cherokee who strikes up a friendship with Wales.

Invited to the screening were a number of esteemed film critics, including Jay Cocks and Arthur Knight; directors such as King VidorWilliam Wylerand Howard Hawks ; and a number of academics.

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