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I have a female british shorthair for sale. She is loving & will make a great family pet. She is litter trained, all vaccinations up to date & is netu.

Smoth Mini Dachshunds have tendencies to be closer to one person than to their entire family not to say they do not enjoy their complete "pack" wholeheartedly! Veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. Appearance With arrestingly large blue eyes, large ears, and a body type and head shape identical to the Siamese, at first glance the Colorpoint Shorthair looks like a Siamese, except for its different point colorations.

The Scottish Renaissance of the early 20th century brought modernism to Scottish literature as well as an interest in new forms in the literatures of Scottish Gaelic and Scots.

IDOL British Shorthair cat: ATTACK OF LOVE HD

The English novel developed in the 20th century into much greater variety and it remains today the dominant English literary form. WodehouseMartin AmisJ.

IDOL British Shorthair cat: ATTACK OF LOVE HD

BallardBeatrix PotterA. Important British poets of the 20th century include Rudyard KiplingW. EliotJohn Betjeman and Dylan Thomas. Rowling is the UK's best selling author of the 21st century Created inthe Man Booker Prize is the highest profile British literary award.

In July , a board was set up to supervise construction of a National Theatre in London, and a separate board was constituted to run a National Theatre Company and lease the Old Vic theatre. There were 4 kittens born:

It is awarded each year in early October for the best original novel, written in English and published in the UK. Rowling making up the top five on the list. British children's literature was celebrated in the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games during the sequence called " Second to the right and straight on till morning " which saw over thirty Mary Poppins' descend with umbrellas to fight and defeat the villains Queen of HeartsCaptain HookCruella de Vil and Lord Voldemort who were haunting children's dreams.

The UK has remained among the largest publishers of books. As of [update]six firms in the United Kingdom rank among the world's biggest publishers of books in terms of revenue: Theatre of the United Kingdom From its formation inthe United Kingdom has had a vibrant tradition of theatre, much of it inherited from England and Scotland.

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The West End is the main theatre district in the UK. These Italian Greyhound siblings have been bred and raised within busy family household with three kids, they are extremely well socialised.


Jacky has been observed to be somewhat of a dominant, confident girl while her brother Nerone is more of a shy, curious boy. We have endless supply of parents and family photos, breeder info and parents background details are available.

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Please read how we do it. The puppies have just arrived from Malpensa with Emirates airline a few days ago, and now are at our store, available to go home. The breeder of Ratatouille is a practicing vet based in Pavia, north of Italy, who is very passionate about her puppies and parents dogs.

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Needless to say the puppies are in perfect health and shape: Since it is a recessive gene that controls color restriction to a pointed configuration, most of the cats of Siam were solid-colored.

Oriental breeders met with initial resentment from Siamese breeders who were resistant at best to the idea of another Siamese-type hybrid, but, since the way had already been paved by breeders of the Colorpoint Shorthair which gained CFA acceptance inthe opposition didn't stop Oriental aficionados from moving forward.

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Inthe CFA recognized the bicolor oriental shorthair. The bicolor is any one of the accepted oriental shorthair color patterns with the addition of white to the belly, face, legs and paws.

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Oriental Shorthairs, like all members of the Siamese breed, have distinctive almond-shaped eyes. Oriental Shorthair cats are sinewy yet muscular, but much stronger than their slender build suggests.

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The longhaired version of the Oriental Shorthair, the Oriental Longhair, simply carries a pair of recessive genes which affect hair length, resulting in an exquisitely flowing, long-haired coat.

The personality of the Oriental cat is as unique as its multicolored exterior. They are natural entertainers, full of enthusiasm, haughty and regal one minute, energetic and full of mischief the next.

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