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The jury were not permitted to reach a manslaughter verdict, and, in fairness, the evidence they heard simply did not justify it and thus were left only with a verdict of guilty of murder. A woman was reprieved a week before Ruth died for murdering her next door neighbour with a shovel in what seemed quite as bad a crime as Ruth's. It has been said that she intended the last bullet for herself although this has never been proved. It is just not be as stupid as some might think.

Our orders are very clear. We're to establish contact with the Melkotians at all costs. True telepaths can be most formidable, and we have been warned. What previous contacts have been made with the Melkotians? If they ever ventured into space, they evidently withdrew immediately.

This is Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise, representing the United Federation of Planets. We've contacted your buoy and understand its message. We hope that you will understand that our intent is to establish peaceful relations with you. Clear on all frequencies.

Still no response, sir. I prefer being a welcomed guest, Captain, but there seems to be little choice. Mister Chekov, deflectors at full intensity. Increase speed to achieve planet fall as scheduled. Standard orbit in five minutes. The buoy does not obstruct them. Mister Spock, Mister Chekov, let's go find out what it is they're afraid of.

Captain's Log, stardate We have transported down to the Melkotian planet and have encountered conditions which are completely contrary to what we were prepared for. Spock, what is this? Sensor readings give no indication of fog like conditions in this area.

I knew it had to happen. It's a fine time for that transporter mechanism to break down. My transporter was working perfectly. Then what are we doing here? Tricorder readings, Mister Spock? Unlike Mister Scott's transporter, this unit is not functioning.

Then let's get out of here. Obviously none of our devices will function. Our warning was plain. You have disregarded it. You shall be punished. You, Captain Kirk, the disobedience was on your orders.

Yours is the responsibility. Yours shall be the pattern of your death. We come in peace, but we'll defend ourselves if necessary. The disease must be destroyed.

The Way of the Gun (2000) with Benicio Del Toro, Juliette Lewis, Ryan Phillippe movie

Your plea has been heard, and sentence has been pronounced. Where are we now, Captain? The sheriff's office is just the front of the building, no sides, back or roof.

Obviously this represents the Melkotian's concept of an American frontier town, circa It's just bits and pieces. Perhaps the Melkotians have insufficient data about this era.

The Cartridge Family

Or perhaps this is all they require to complete the pattern of our death. Whatever the Melkotians have planned for us, it won't be pleasant.

These could be useful. Just remember one thing. To individuals at close range, these could be as deadly as phasers. In the midst of what seems so unreal, the harsh reality. This is not a dream. Hell for leather, right out of history. Captain, the Melkot said you were the pattern.

The Way of the Gun - Stepping off the Chosen Path

He looked into your mind and selected what he considered the proper time and place for our punishment. Because my ancestors pioneered the American frontier.

The violence of your own heritage is to be the pattern for our execution. What's the matter with us? We're talking like we really are in Tombstone, Arizona in Precisely, in terms of what the Melkots intend for us. There's something about that date, October 26, But what was it?

The sheriff comes over, grinning. Looks like we did. I knew you wouldn't let them scare you away. They're a bunch of hot air if you ask me. Now they're going to have to fight after the way they shot off their mouths. That's what I like about you, lke.

You always see the funny side. I'm a barrel of laughs. Nobody can say Johnny Behan doesn't have a sense of humour. He called me lke, you Frank, Bones Tom, and Billy.

Captain, I pride myself on my knowledge of your Earth history. The names were known in the annals of the opening of the western sector of America. In the late nineteenth century in Arizona, two factions fought for control of the town of Tombstone.

And the Clanton gang. On October 26th, they had it out. The Clantons lost, Mister Chekov. And we are the Clantons? We are the Clantons. History cannot be changed. There's a brawl in the saloon and a window is broken. A man in black wearing a badge shoots another man.

The group run over. Things like this can't happen. Is this a dead man, Doctor? Very dead, Mister Spock. That's one thing we can be sure of.

Ike, Frank, hiya, boys. I didn't think I'd see you again. Oh, you knew that? She takes him to a table while the man in black walks slowly past the group. Maybe you shouldn't have. And pass up an opportunity to see you? It's taking crazy chances with Morgan Earp right in the same room.

The man in black. The man who kills on sight. Captain, since we have seen that death is the one reality in this situation, I seriously suggest you reseat yourself immediately.

Without moving a muscle of either hand. If I remember correctly, that would involve you in what was called the fast draw. It initiated unfortunate events.

You boys want your usual? Half a gallon of scotch. You know we ain't got nothing but bourbon, unless you want corn whiskey. I wish it was all over.

I saw Virgil out patrolling this morning. We can always count on him. They've been blowing off all over town about how they chased the Clantons out. I guess you'll show them now, won't you? Morgan walks over to Sylvia, who is massaging Chekov's shoulders.

I don't think we're going to have any choice. You'll dirty yourself with this scum. Get your hands off her. All right, all right, all right. We don't want any trouble.

If you don't want any trouble, what are you doing in my town? Just leave us alone, Mister Earp. That's all we ask. You'd like me to draw, wouldn't you? All right, I will.

I believe he was actually trying to provoke a dispute with Mister Chekov. Lucky there wasn't two of them. They've been bad-mouthing something fierce all over town.

You boys watch it. I assure you, sir, we shall watch it, and everything, extremely closely. Billy, you were wonderful.

Local News

What can I do, Captain? You know we're always supposed to maintain good relations with the natives. I'd like to talk to Mister, to Billy alone, if you don't mind.

Billy Claiborne, you be careful. Mister Chekov, you be careful. Mister Spock, except for our hand guns, we haven't changed, not even our clothing, yet these people see and hear us as the Clantons.

I don't think that's such a bad thing, Captain.

Opening Scenes: An Overview

The day is still young, Ensign. All right, what have we got? We're here in Tombstone, Arizona, October 26, The day of the gunfight at OK Corral. And we're the Clantons, and Morgan Earp has just gone to tell his brothers we're here.

And if this is indeed some sort of replay of history, the Earps will kill the Clantons at the OK Corral at five o'clock this afternoon. Well, we're not going to be at the OK Corral at five o'clock this afternoon.

You, er, you claim you know us. I ain't making no big claims about you to nobody.

Range, forty three thousand kilometres and closing. That night, Homer hosts an NRA meeting at his house, but the other members kick him out of the association after seeing how recklessly he uses his pistol.

Take a close look at me. Who do you think I am? Who do you think you are? I know this is hard to understand, but I'm Captain James T.

Kirk of the spaceship Enterprise. These men are part of my crew. Che phones McGarrett on a special batphone which is Stuntman Chuck Couch is the cop who spots two of the P.

McGarrett says he wants pictures of the P. He then threatens to cause an eruption which will result in lava pouring all over Hilo unless the Governor comes up with half a million bucks ransom to help pay off Brown's debts. The Governor just happens to be visiting Kona.

He's staying first at the Kona Surf, then at the Naniloa Surf. The "psychotically desperate" Brown lives in a fancy house with a Mercedes convertible and a shrill blonde wife Doris Sheree Northwho is fed up with his get-rich-quick lifestyle.

When Vince Bonner Felice Orlandia bagman for loan sharks, shows up at their house, she sees Bonner as her ticket away from her husband there is a suggestion that they "do it". Danno is suddenly a munitions expert, telling how an explosion can be made by combining thanatine nitrate fertilizer with diesel fuel and dynamite shades of Oklahoma City.

Brown has to bite his tongue as he listens to this explanation, since this is exactly what he has done. The ending of this show is stupid. Bonner way of the gun opening scene Doris make their way to the drop-off point for the ransom money, but neither McGarrett, Brown nor Danno who is observing from a helicopter see their car.

Why doesn't Danno shoot at Vince on the ground? Or, for that matter, why doesn't Vince shoot at the helicopter? I'm surprised that the helicopter doesn't decapitate him!

The "gimmick" in this show is the remote control used to stop the timer on the detonator -- McGarrett has a brainstorm about this when using the remote on a TV in his hotel room. He rushes back to Brown's house where he tossed the remote from the garage door into the Mercedes when Chin and he were previously at Brown's house trying to find him.

But Brown was shown starting the timer with another remote which was in his yellow Mazda pickup license number 1H Why would the supposedly clever Brown use the remote control for his garage door in this manner, and why would he leave one of these remotes in the car outside his garage?

McGarrett is taking an awful big chance assuming that both of these remotes are able to stop the explosion and of course the one he grabs from the Mercedes does. Seth Sakai appears as volcano expert Dr. There is an above-average score by Morton Stevens which ranges from low brass to dissonant woodwind writing.

In Brown's garage is a box from Hilo Soda Works; this company's phone number is It is seen raining heavily at the beginning and end of the show. He is described by English-accented psychiatrist Dr. Judith Patrick Linda Ann Ryan as a "desperate paranoid schizophrenic" whose victims are "agents for his delusions.

At one point he refers to McGarrett as "Super-Cop. When asked by his boss, bookstore owner "Mister" Harry Beecham Ivor Francis if the reason he is acting weird is because he is on drugs, Eddie yells: Only filth and scum put rotten things in their bodies! That what you think I am, Harry?

Eddie listens to classical music like Mozart second movement of the Sonata No. Eddie's final attempt at crime is to try and duplicate the murder of a prostitute which happened on July 15, When caught in the act by McGarrett, he screams "You can't win!

The sequence in a hospital room where nurses and interns try to revive a cop that Eddie shot is lifted from season five's Pig in a Blanketincluding Seth Sakai unbilled as the doctor in charge. The hospital staff who rush into the room at the beginning with the equipment are nowhere to be seen as the attempts at revival proceed.

When McGarrett pulls up to the hospital to check on the shot cop, a closeup of the Park Lane suggests that it is in serious need of a trip to the car wash! The workaholic McGarrett has no time, I am sure Leonard, mentioned in this show by Che Fong as a graphologist at the University of Hawaii.

Joe Geremia is a security guard at the yacht club. Eddie's car has the unusual license number C When the Five-O team arrives at the hooker's low-budget hotel, you can see crowds on the street in the background watching the filming. Harry Geller's imaginative and dissonant score contains Bernard Herrmann-like ostinatos and a harpsichord.

Che Fong gets impressions of Harry's shoes from the scene where a wino is left murdered, similar to the Bernie Fortuna slaying, saying "They match the walking picture found nearby.

When Eddie leaves the store angrily after finding Mr.

Gun barrel sequence

Beecham has hired Sheila Young Lydia Kayahara to take his place, one of the books at the top of the rack on the right of the screen is Bashful Way of the gun opening scene, a biography of Howard Hughes by Albert B. When Five-0 pulls up to the Empire Hotel, where the murder of the prostitute took place years before, McGarrett brakes his car and swerves so hard, he almost drives over the sidewalk.

They break in to the hooker's room, catching Eddie in the act of strangling her. They pull him off her, but the hooker tries to get free and attack Eddie, saying "You bastard!

Almost everywhere he is seen, Colby is accompanied by some hot-looking woman. Five-O gets suspicious when a federal agent who's investigating Colby's operation on the mainland is murdered and stuffed in a fridge serial number XN that is later fished out of Honolulu harbour.

The agent's body seems to be in pretty good shape after all that it's gone through. Larry Swift Casey Kasembuyer for a local department store, gets involved with Colby and purchases several of the fridges that were in the same shipment. Swift's Uncle Charlie Jacques Aubuchon buys swimwear from Colby and when he realizes what he has gotten into, tries to escape from Five-O, driving off a dock.

Colby uses some kind of a special phone into which he inserts pre-programmed punch cards to dial numbers. I wonder what the advantage of these cards is, since he still has to look up the "subject" on the top of the card. Is Larry Wilcox, Mike from the Young Assassins, the red-jacketed waiter in the restaurant at the beginning of this show?

McGarrett wants "every store in Hawaii that handles appliances checked for these serial numbers [of the fridges]. Danno is reading Retailers Weekly when he is watching Colby in a bar schmoozing with some of his clients, prior to bringing him in for questioning.

There is a detailed chart of goods, warehouses and dates drawn up on McGarrett's blackboard as Five-O analyzes the case. Asiam Air Cargo trucks are used to transport goods near the end of the show. The company signs are made out of paper and stuck to the side of the trucks, rather than being painted on.

At the end, when McGarrett confronts Colby with a tape of his "confession," the tape is rewound awful quickly. Could this recording be used as evidence on court? Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got the Bomb?

Instead, at the beginning of the show, the bomb he plants in his car unintentionally blows up his secretary Midge Evans Lynne Ellen Hollinger. Landis' car is pursued by a cop played by Chuck Couch uncreditedso this is a case of one Five-O stuntman chasing another.

He then pushes the "Emergency Stop" button, which causes an alarm to ring. From the hotel roof, McGarrett descends to the top of the elevator to convince Henderson to give up the bomb he is carrying in a radio. The long shots of McGarrett are obviously a stunt man. Electra Gailas Fair as a woman in the elevator with Henderson comes forth with a particularly loud scream when she hears about the bomb.

Geoffrey Thorpe, who played kidnap victims in 35, The Devil and Mr. Frog and 54, The Ransom, appears briefly uncredited in a flashback scene as the young Henderson.

Margaret Dukore, who played "Anita Richfield," the mental patient with two different personalities, and became a published novelist Margaret Mitchell Dukore sent along some interesting comments on her role in this show: I was thrilled with this, because the scene where I'm "normal" was the last shot of the episode, so -- because I was in SAG -- they had to pay me for the entire week.

I didn't live far from the studio, so I went down there every day with a doggie bag I was poor then for lunch. Finally, they had shot every scene but that one, and the screaming film hadn't come back from the mainland, so they made me stand behind the camera and scream for I don't know how many takes, so Jack Lord could get, "Amazing It was hard for Jim MacArthur and me to keep from laughing.

I believe the script said something like 'She has an insane screaming fit and says something about 'The Resurrection'. The Senator's house number is The secretary's body is taken away in the coroner's station wagon which has a huge dent on the side.

When McGarrett wants Che Fong to compare the sound of two tapes featuring what he figures are both Henderson's voice, he mispronounces the word "case-sette. Near the end, Henderson parks his car and puts money in a parking meter, which is numbered Obviously he is oblivious to wanting to kill himself if he puts money in the meter!

Phillip Leonard from the criminology department at the University of Hawaii. He uses graphology the study and analysis of handwriting to make some observations about Henderson's assassin which turns out to be Henderson himself.

I am skeptical that a criminology department would be interested in this kind of analysis, since graphology is regarded by many as a "pseudoscience. In some shots, the top of the elevator lines up with the bottom floor of the restaurant level on top of the hotel; in others, it is lined up two floors below that.

The score by Jerold Immel has some interesting moments, with some electronic sounds as a member of the HPD bomb squad defuses a suitcase full of dynamite. Marc Singer plays Randy Stelf, Henderson's son-in-law. He is supposedly estranged from his wife, Henderson's daughter, who still lives with her father.

If so, what is Stelf doing running around in his pyjamas with his wife and father-in-law when the cops are called to the senator's house after a bomb threat? During a conversation with Che Fong in the lab, the shadow of the boom mike can be seen briefly on the wall thanks to Keith Bailey for this observation.

Why is it that when McGarrett wants to trace a call like when Henderson calls, threatening himself with his other personalityDanno or whoeverusing another phone, always tells the operator to do this with a voice that is so loud the person talking to McGarrett can quite likely hear the call is being traced?

Hobart, recently returned to Hawaii from a prison term on the mainland, will stop at nothing, even murder, to achieve his ends. The body of this robber, which Lyman buried in a grave, has recently been discovered by workers at a cemetery which is having its coffins dug up, perhaps to be relocated.

The bullet from the skull of the bank robber's corpse matches up to bullets recovered from Hobart's robberies, so Lyman realizes that if the cops recover the gun, they can match him up to the murder of the robber.

This show makes a lot of use of the Identi-Kit to help victims of Hobart reconstruct a picture of his face. The kit is used so much, it almost seems like a case of product placement.

After Lyman, a good cop and a friend of McGarrett, has a run-in with Hobart, he is asked if he recognizes pictures that witnesses have constructed, but he can't make up his mind. When he does say that the picture looks like Hobart, he makes minor changes in the picture to try and throw Five-O off the track -- but all the pictures are practically the same and Lyman's changes are miniscule.

Lyman has an Asian wife, played by Josie Over. Che Fong is very busy in this show, not only making the comparison between the bullets used by Lyman's gun, but also managing to reconstruct an HPD badge number from the gun handle after a chip of it is broken off during one of the liquor store robberies.

Most of the story takes place in Chinatown -- there are plenty of glimpses of businesses there as well as some seedy-looking back alleys. On a couple of occasions when Five-O is on the scene, the crowd watching the filming in the background is visible.

A bum, one of Lyman's stoolies, refers to Hobart's prostitute girl friend Kelly Mitsui Carole Kaisaying "There's this 'ho,' she works out of the Glade. A taxi has a crudely-written roof sign with the phone number When Danno is looking at a list of cops, trying to track down the badge number from the gun handle, the list actually contains the names of Five-O staff members, including what seem to be their home addresses and phone numbers!

Presumably this show was filmed at the ,acre Parker Ranch, though this is not identified in the end credits. Bruce Boxleitner, flashing his teeth, appears briefly as Cam, the murdered son.

Why he's called Cam when he's identified in court as "Kenneth Andrew Faraday" is a mystery. Cam has returned to "take over," though there is no indication that the Colonel is incapable of running the ranch by himself. Cam gets seriously beaten up by the the husband of his former girl friend Carmen Elissa Dulce before she can tell him that she is now married.

When Danno gets news of Cam's death, he says it is on the "inter-island poop sheet. Considering how much rain is seen this show, I don't know how Che Fong gets blood and a fingerprint off the rock used as the murder weapon.

Richard Shores supplies an expansive score which blends the Five-O theme with elements of country and western music including even a few Morricone-like spaghetti western touches. The fact that this produces results for Jay suggests that Jay has had trouble with the law in the past. There are two "bookems" at the end of the show, one for Jay murder and the other for the Colonel kidnapping.

The history of the Farraday ranch as related by the Colonel to McGarrett has parallels with those for the Parker Ranch, which began as a result of King Kamehameha bestowing various privileges on the English sailor John Parker in the early nineteenth century.

Although he is murdered in the middle of nowhere, a kid finds his body relatively quickly. Crystal is played by Jack Lord's stunt double, John Nordlum -- it sounds like Nordlum's voice is dubbed for his few brief lines. Alan Fudge soon appears as FBI agent Paul Hamilton, yet another fed who tussles with McGarrett over jurisdiction since Crystal was actually a syndicate informer named Julio Bocher mug shot living in Hawaii as a protected witness.

Jessica Walter is Crystal's wife Carla. She seems unmoved by her husband's passing, and as she grabs a drink, she says, "Howard always said after the second drink, I got less sexy and more verbal than any woman he ever knew.

Five-O wants to pick Kemper's brains to see if the mob was involved with knocking off Crystal. Later, Kemper has more "respect" to McGarrett, telling him "you suffer from terminal honesty. As well, Danno is told to get a list of all the semipro clubs from the 'sports annual'" sounds like a very large task.

The fact that someone in Washington can identify Bocher from the photo of the Utica Grizzlies, by the way suggests that the FBI didn't do a very good job at making their protected witness totally anonymous! We learn that Ben played football after the Korean War. Keith Bailey writes about this episode: After arresting the shooter, he is bandaged by a doctor.

But the doctor bandages his arm without taking off Steve's shirt! And the bandage is wrapped around Steve's shirt! How will Steve be able to take off his shirt when he showers or undresses for bed? Actually, considering what a workaholic he is, he probably doesn't do any of those.

McGarrett asks Danno "Where's Jenny? Near the end, when two cops are tailing Houston as part of an entrapment scheme, Carla tells him, "Forget the macho.

Houston is seen driving the same Mercedes convertible used several times this season license number 2F The FBI is referred to as "super-fuzz. When a Gauguin disappears despite an elaborate alarm system, Five-O is called in.

As Danno talks to Durkin there is a peculiar slip of the tongue when Danno says Ogdon "gives [a painting] away or has it stolen" when discussing the tax status of Ogden's art.

Danno quickly corrects himself when Durkin looks disturbed by the suggestion that the theft was arranged. Personally I find it difficult to believe that Durkin and Anderson are capable of the athletic stunts during the opening theft, not to mention cold-blooded murder later.

The gun barrel sequence is an iconic opening to every official James Bond film beginning with the first, Dr. No in The sequence is credited to Maurice Binder, a famous title designer who created the opening titles for 14 Bond films. The look of the sequence was achieved with a pin hole.

There is no indication of any co-conspirators. Jeff also refers to Chin as "Sherlock. Danno says of Jeff, "He might get a little confused around Father's Day.

The 20 Greatest Movie Opening Scenes In Film History

McGarrett picks the brains of airhead Honolulu Star-Bulletin art reporter Evvy Bernstein Way of the gun opening scene -- yes, her real name regarding Durkin's past activities. He gives her a kiss as he leaves her.

Earlier on, when Evvy interviews him, McGarrett gives her a hilarious response describing Five-O's typical procedure in high-falutin' language which is way over her head. As she looks at him with goo-goo eyes, McGarrett says "good girl.

The first, during the opening scenes, is nearly three minutes long and the accompaniment for Ogdon leading Five-O on a wild goose chase goes on for almost four and a half. During the latter, after Ogdon's car turns at a scenic viewpoint, the camera shadow can be seen on the front of Danno's car -- thanks to Keith Bailey.

The episode is directed by Jack Lord. The ending of this episode is my nominee for the saddest Five-O episode ending Ed Fernandez and what looks like Danny Kamekona the latter uncredited play Ogdon's security guards. When Durkin first meets McGarrett, he doesn't say what his relationship is to Ogdon.

I'm surprised that McGarrett doesn't ask some questions. Ogdon implies he is a friend of the Governor. George Herman as Anderson hardly says anything during the show.

Durkin addresses him mostly in French. When Anderson does speak, he has a very peculiar accent. Durkin says he wants to pick up some chemicals to test the stolen painting at Kaimuki, a neighborhood in Honolulu, but the subtitles on the DVD spell this as "Kimiecueke"! At the end, McGarrett tells Danno to book Durkin and Anderson with the murder of Jeff -- but what evidence does he have?

After the bomb goes off, McGarrett is on fire in one shot and in the next, he isn't. His office is repaired quickly. Dempster Ivor Barrythe mastermind behind the assassination, is described by McGarrett when they meet face-to-face as "kingpin of all of London's gambling, prostitution and dope.

He has a very fancy map of Oahu complete with plastic overlay. Graccianosaying she wants to co-operate with the cops. McGarrett gets chummy with her, telling her "I admire you," much to Danno's amusement at the end of their first meeting.

She kids with McGarrett about his middle name supposedly being Aloysius and the fact that he is a Capricorn, describing him as "a robot who lives and breathes police work.

Marni is really in cahoots with Savage! You would think McGarrett would clue in, based on the fact that both she and Savage have English accents. She lures McGarrett back to her place on the pretext that someone is lurking outside, and she tries to kill him. Fortunately, McGarrett was able to get the gunshop owner who sold her the pistol to give her some blanks.

At the end, there are two "bookems," one for Marni, the other for Savage and the local hoods. When the bad guys turn on the TV to see the progress of bombing McGarrett's office, it comes on immediately -- were "solid state" TVs available at this time?

A travel agency is blown up in spectacular fashion as Savage and his friends try to intimidate local businesses. This explosion is the same one that appears in the season's final show -- 6, Deadly Tickets -- filmed mostly from a different angle.

Savage tells one of the mob bosses that McGarrett is "being guarded by a force roughly the equivalent of a brigade of the Coldstream Guards [a regiment of the British army]," but the subtitles in the DVD set use the word "Coast" instead of "Coldstream.

There is some short, unidentified member of Five-O who accompanies the team when they first go to Marni's gallery, and who also "books" her at the end of the show, along with some policewoman.

Ben isn't in this show, his duties are taken over by Doug Mossman. A Bernie's Cab has the phone number There are stock shots of McGarrett's car taking a sharp turn with smoking tires, and Chin Ho interviewing an elderly Asian couple. Savage lives in a fancy waterfront house at 11 Carlisle Street not a current real address.

McGarrett tells Marni he gets up at 5 a. He doesn't go jogging on the day he gets a haircut is this every week? Con artists Jeffrey Bowman Cameron Mitchell and Stash Frank Gorshin construct an exact duplicate of the Five-O office and then shake down local businessmen for money with a cast of characters who look similar to the Five-O crew.

Ching is Chin Ho and Ralph P. Danny's look-alike is played by James MacArthur, except in the final scene where he is played by Lowell Larson, a University of Hawaii engineering student thanks to Karen Rhodes for this tip. When I asked MacArthur at Mahalo Con if his double's voice was dubbed, he said it was, but couldn't recall who did it.

Keeping A Gun On The Nightstand

MacArthur admitted that he does a "mean imitation of Mickey Mouse," though. The first victim of the scam, building contractor Herman Walker John N. Stalkerwears what looks like a hearing aid.

When he is shot at, he rushes into his house and holds the telephone very strangely against his chest like a defibrillator. The bogus Danno, when interviewing Walker in a squeaky, obviously dubbed voice, refers to Walker's hometown of Seattle as a "nice city Mossman's car, a yellow Mercedes convertible license number 2F looks like the one driven by William Windom in Con man Mitchell, who has been very careful about just everything, at the end stumbles into a pile of luggage at the airport.

Back at the real Five-O office, the real Five-O characters grill him in the bogus crew's voices. Mitchell finally gives up, and tells McGarrett: Jimmy Borges appears briefly as a reporter.

The score by Bruce Broughton is interesting. At the beginning when Bowman and Stash lock the guard Charlie Terry Plunkett in the closet, why doesn't Charlie just use his walkie-talkie to alert the cops? On the season seven DVDs, the opening theme for this episode is from an earlier season, not seven.

The problem in Ruth Ellis' case is that so many others were reprieved for no apparently more obvious or deserving reasons. Do so with little or no sound. Starting in the British police began adding a requirement to Firearms Certificates that the guns be stored securely. Maybe Grey Line didn't want to provide buses for fear of negative publicity?

The list of raids to be carried out in the next 72 hours that Bowman and Stash steal from McGarrett's office has many addresses listed -- all in Los Angeles. The cover letter for this list has a date of 18 June The second page has a reference to "Stock Animation," among other things.

One of the places shown that the cops raid in Honolulu is the Hula Massage Parlor. Although Walker says he can recall details, how can he remember exactly where he was taken on his trip to the bogus Five-O office? There are stock shots of the HPD computer. The bogus Five-O office has a Craftsman lock.

At the end, McGarrett gets to the airport quickly before Bowman can take a plane to the mainland. Among his final words, McGarrett says "Book them all. Tanreferred to by Wo as "a foolish dove. There is an interesting tracking shot at the beginning of the show as McGarrett walks past members of Five-O, cops, and various government big shots, including Jonathan Kaye, who is on hand for high-level talks with the Chinese minister.

Seth Sakai plays Rikoto, the bike shop owner who designs a bike with a gun in its seat based on plans supplied by Wo. The speed with which the aerialist Rinaldo brothers Richard Yniguez and Corey Rand master the use of this weapon is amazing.

Wo has the two brothers under his thumb, threatening their relatives back in Cuba. Danno later grills the brothers in a pretty brutal way, pointing out that they have an "H-1 immigration permit.

James Hong plays the slimy translator Soong Chien who is in cahoots with Wo, and Robert Nelson plays Wo's main man, identified in the credits as "Chong", rather than the usual "Assassin 1. There is music editing in the DVD release of this episode. The 2 versions sync up again with the same music as the circus act continues, then they have more instrumental music replacement on the DVD in the final part of the circus act right before the normal dramatic score kicks in with Wo Fat pointing out the Reynaldos and their gun on the high wire.

The waiter who attempts to strangle Chin Ho during the practice security run at the beginning of the show is stunt man Chuck Couch. There is a continuity blunder at the beginning. But in the next scene, when the plane is showing taxiing, "United" is in upper and lower case.

And, as the dignitaries disembark, the letters read "United. I like the way McGarrett cuts off Chien when he starts to translate some response of the minister, saying "I know what he said.

According to a poster, the "International 3-Ring Circus" is presented by E. Fernandez and Ralph Yempuku, two real promoters who brought such entertainment to Hawaii in the s.

Other members of the Five-O stock troup who appear are Joe Geremia as Mitch Allen, circus foreman, Luella Costello as Janet Wong, who tries to give a bouquet containing a bomb to the minister at the beginning of the show, Bernard Ching as Chin Ho's "aide" during the security run, Hans Strasser as circus lion tamer Zoltan, and Mitch Mitchell as the U.

Jonathan Kaye describes Ling as a "dictator," but wouldn't this expression be reserved for the premier or leader of China, not the foreign minister?

The "bookem" at the end is "Book them [Chong and Chien] both, conspiracy to assassinate. As Five-O investigates, they encounter an old college friend of his, Ramon Borelle, played by the well-known black actor Ossie Davis.

Borelle's name pronounced "Borelli" sounds Italian. I seriously don't understand why Borelle insinuates himself into the story, since he was merely Matsukata's friend and is currently a university professor with an "international reputation" in banking matters.

Admittedly Borelle provides some information about Matsukata's past, though nothing that Shibata probably doesn't know as well. Borelle's presence should make McGarrett very suspicious, especially since he doesn't give any details about why he is there. At this point, we and Shibata don't know that Borelle is the bad guy.

Later he kidnaps Shibata's wife Helen Marika Yamato in order to get Shibata to give him codes that are used for transferring money, so Borelle can siphon funds to his "Afro-American Trading Company.

There is a "gimmick" as revealed by Che Fong, where a microphone was planted under the safe in the bank by Borelle's henchman so they could open the safe and get the codes. Matsukata discovered this, which is one of the reason he was killed in a manner suggesting suicide. This microphone supposedly allows someone listening to figure out the safe's combination.

I couldn't see how this is done, because when Danno tries listening in, the clicking noises from turning the safe's dial come a mile a minute.

McGarrett also has a brainstorm when he realizes that some phony wire transfers have incorrect dates. At the end of the show, McGarrett is in his office and although everyone else saves Shibata and his wife from being murdered, McGarrett's mug is the last thing we see!

A stock shot of an ambulance at the beginning comes from 13, King of the Hill. Lynne Ellen Hollinger plays Matsukata's secretary, who is in league with Borelle. Daniel Kamekona appears briefly as police officer Nick. While they are discussing the case, Danno, Chin and Ben all eat hot dogs. In the episodic promo for the show on the DVD, McGarrett mispronounces "hara-kiri" as "hara-kari" twice.

Shibata says the first code is "," but the subtitle reads " Fair mispronounces Matsukata's name as "Matsukatu. In Novemberthe remains of Peking Man, fossils over half a million years old discovered in the s in China, were sent to the United States for safekeeping.

These remains in real life vanished en route and remain unrecovered to this day. According to the show, they ended up in Hawaii just prior to Pearl Harbor.

State Department, to make a deal for the fossils. Vic Tayback plays Raymond Parmel, who was in the platoom of soldiers that escorted the remains back to Oahu and knows where they are located.

More recently, Parmel served time in San Quentin and told his roommate Herbert Southwood an uncredited actor the location of the bones.

When Southwood got out before Parmel, he contacted Burke one wonders how he knew that Burke was the person to get in touch with. Parmel, somehow realizing that he was double-crossed, broke out of prison, made his way to Hawaii and murdered Southwood before the deal could be finalized.

Five-O's search for the fossils in a military warehouse is fruitless, producing instead the body of a soldier named E. Crowe formerly in Parmel's outfit who died during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

McGarrett has the body in Crowe's grave exhumed, assuming it is Peking Man, but Parmel has switched the headstones with those of F. Hellera soldier whose decorations reveal he took part in the Korean War this does not make sense, considering the date of his death on the headstone.

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